Welcome to my new and improved blog!

Thanks so much to Travis for helping me moving my blog from www.justafewofemilysfavoritethings.blogspot.com to www.fettbot.com!!! I’ve really missed  blogging!

This last month has been filled with fun family times and job interviews! I’ve had 3 interviews in the last week and I’m hoping to hear back next week.

My cousin Katy got married November 17th IMG_5515and I was a bridesmaid! It was amazing to get our hair and makeup done beforehand at the Blackstone hotel. My updo inspired by Pinterest My updo was inspired by a pin I found on PinterestMy hair, makeup and bridesmaid dress for Katy's wedding in November IMG_5616I loved the succulents and thistles in the bridesmaid bouquets. IMG_5739  Each of the bridesmaids had a different style and gorgeous Amsale dress.IMGP5009 The bride was stunning, of course, and had an amazing DIY wedding. There was a cool Polaroid photo station.IMGP5013 Mr. F and I had helped with making the placecards. IMGP5028 The bride also made the glitter table names. IMGP5034It was a super fun party with a lot of fun dancing! IMGP5031 Dancing the night away


For Thanksgiving, IMG_5272we went to St. Louis to celebrate with the in laws.  IMG_5337_2 I love my mother-in-law’s pies.IMG_5334We brought Lily and Lyra to St. Louis too, so they could play with Horatio. Image 11 We have an annual tradition of going for a long walk after Thanksgiving. IMG_5382 This year we walked around Kennedy Forest and it was a beautiful sunny day!IMG_5418 IMG_5421


In the next month, we should have a better idea of when we’re moving back to Seattle! We’ll also go to St. Louis for Christmas and see my grandmother in Appleton, WI before New Year’s!

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  1. Tracy Williams

    Love that you blog. You inspire me!! So happy I met you and had a chance to work with you. You are a special person and a pleasure to know.


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