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Baby gear review: we love the Snoo

When I was pregnant, I cross referenced all baby registry items with countless girlfriends and close cousins, as well as Amazon, Consumer Reports and online reviews. However, I couldn’t find enough feedback on the Snoo. Prior to baby Mallary being born, my husband and I were a little concerned about getting enough sleep especially when we both have to go back to work, so we thought spending a little extra money for a crib promoted as the “Smart Sleeper” had to be worth something more. We also rationalized paying more for a crib that would be used for 6 months if we were happier parents especially since the majority of cribs out there were the same price and lower quality.

Fortunately, after the first night home and my milk supply crib came in, Mallary has been a wonderful sleeper. We have to attribute at least some of this to the Snoo. My husband and I regularly have white noise for us at night so listening to the crib’s gentle rain noise at the first level is perfect. In general, we think the 5 Ss of shushing, swaddling, swinging, (sucking, side position, not specifically applicable to the Snoo) have really helped her.IMG_1382

While we haven’t had another basis of comparison, it’s very nice that once our baby’s needs (food, diaper and comfort) have been met that we can rely on the Snoo over three quarters of the time to soothe her to sleep. When she is fussy, the Snoo progresses through more soothing noises and steadily more rocking motion, if the baby remains upset. She routinely loves the third or fourth stage that sounds like a submarine and quiets very quickly. However, if she isn’t asleep within 5 minutes, we know that she needs more comfort from her parents or another diaper change. Per Dr Harvey Karp, “In The Happiest Baby on the Block, I describe the motion to soothe crying as the “Jell-O head jiggle” because babies need a very fine, fast jiggle to calm. That motion actually activates the balance center of the brain where the reflex gets turned on.

The SNOO platform only moves ½ an inch – back and forth – which is enough to soothe most babies, imitating what it was like in mom’s belly. That amount of motion is perfectly safe and very different form baby “shaking.”’

We also really like the zippered swaddle sack that keeps her safe on her back. (It’s way easier than regular swaddle for a first time parent too!) She’s immediately comforted by the Velcro strap inside and the zippered swaddle before we even turn the rocking motion on! It really only takes 5 seconds like the website reports, too!

Our baby loves her hands that we sometimes leave the zipper a little undone for her to have them up next to her face. This usually happens if she stretches in her sleep: 

I highly recommend this robo crib to anyone, especially if you’re concerned about SIDS, swaddling, rocking, or your sleep!