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I’m frustrated. I wish people listened more. I hate being underestimated and underutilized. I have specialized and relevant knowledge that is going unnoticed.

I’m feeling rather down because I expected more change. However I will try and focus on this quote:

“It is okay of airing out your frustration, just don’t dwell on them. Find out the cause and find a solution of getting rid of it. If you can’t have the solution much as well accept it.”
― Ann Marie Aguilar

Although the Calvin & Hobbes author makes me feel better too.

“At school, new ideas are thrust at you every day. Out in the world, you’ll have to find your inner motivation to seek for new ideas on your own.”
― Bill Watterson

What I’ve learned

Day 23, Thursday: Things you’ve learned that school won’t teach you

Okay, the blog every day in May challenge is getting very hard. I’m tired so perhaps this is not my best effort.

School did not teach me how to be social. I know it’s part of my personality, but in the last few years, I’ve realized how much I enjoy talking to people, especially if it is a topic that I’m passionate about, like a favorite book, or my job! In my last job, I loved giving presentations. I found I enjoyed them because I wanted to help my coworkers and improve our oncology research. In college, I used to get nervous and speak too quickly when I presented, now I’ve found the more interested I am in the topic, the more calmly I present.

I’m not sure if this advice would work for everyone, but find something you love and talking about it will be easy!

I’m sorry

Day 13, Monday: Issue a public apology. This can be as funny or as serious or as creative as you want it to be.

I’m sorry for the times I was a mean girl. There were a few boys that I lead on in high school and college. There were several girls that I wasn’t nice to growing up. There’s one girl in particular that I didn’t communicate with about a party and I still feel terrible. I wish I had been a bigger person. I don’t know why I ignored your feelings…..

I was being selfish. I’m sorry.

As Kurt Cobain once sang, “What else should I be? All apologies”. Fortunately, I’m not all apologies and full of regret. I just tend to think about events for a long time after they occur. Overall, life is good But there are a few times that I could have been nicer.

Oh and I almost forgot to say, I’m sorry to my husband. I forget to say that sometimes. “I tried so hard to act nice like a lady
You taught me that it was good to be crazy

Every now and then the stars align
boy and girl meet by the great design
Could it be that you and me are the lucky ones
Everybody told me love was blind
Then I saw your face and you blew my mind
Finally you and me are the lucky ones, this time”

(Lana del Ray)

Day 10-Yikes

BlogEverdayDay 10, Friday: Most embarrassing moment (s). Spill.

When I was in high school, I had a mortifying “girl” moment. The short version is my friend had to tell me that I had “stained” my pants. A teacher had told her, in order to spare me further embarrassment by telling me directly. Of course I did not have extra pants at school and my friend had a pair of pants that were not my size, so I ended up driving home to change my pants. Thankfully the teacher who had noticed had a daughter my age and had thoughtfully told my friend before anyone else noticed!!!

In the same year, the same teacher asked me about my car in the school parking  lot when they noticed something odd in the back of my car… I drove the family Volvo and the weekend before my mom had picked up some random trash that someone had thrown if front of our yard, but I looked suspicious because there were a bunch of dirty beer cans in my backseat at school!! Fortunately, I was good student and the teacher understood that I wasn’t the person who put them in the car. They recommended I remove the trash and beer cans before a cop noticed and I get in bigger trouble!

February in Seattle

Wow, we’ve really enjoyed being back in Seattle. February has been surprisingly warm and SUNNY! Of course, I’m biased because this is also my birthday month. My mom and my husband also have birthdays in February too, so it’s been a great month of celebrating, going out to eat, and indulging in our favorite foods. The kitties have really loved us working from home too.379329_614455649272_640359797_n For my birthday, we had pink sparkling wine and assorted lovely foods at the Book Bindery. One of my favorites was the peanut butter mousse for my birthday cake! 69661_614514531272_1028716136_nLater in the week, we went to Il Fornaio with my grandparents 857528_614670423862_87399382_oand had Italian food from the region of Umbria. It was super exciting because I studied ballet in Perguia for 6 weeks when I was in college. Thus, it was a treat to have Umbrian food again!

Last weekend, we drove to Stanwood to visit the family farm. On our way there, we stopped at Target! I got to try on a few Prabal Gurung dresses too! 65987_614718652212_1714942066_nWhile they are really cute, they were too tight and looked odd on me. At the farm, we fed the horses, but it was pouring off and on all day. 574446_614761925492_127265779_n 535506_614740772882_1103033357_nFortunately, we were able to ride Classy between rain breaks at the farm.  267846_614753138102_177893614_n Later in the evening, we had awesome Korean fusion food at Revel, down the street from our new house. We love eating Asian food, especially dumplings! 45728_614810647852_1057516935_nOn Sunday, we got brunch in Ballard, wandered through the farmers market and went furniture shopping!379182_614912144452_1760448521_n Mr. F and I both had Monday off so we spent time with my Grandparents and Aunt too. 261239_614952069442_1812836923_nThis week was so nice that we went for a run during lunch around Lake Union on Tuesday!  156405_615016465392_856123212_n 267946_615022807682_887137025_nIn order to get back to work in time, we got a Car2go to drive home! It’s a pretty neat carsharing service in several major cities around the country and they utilize Smart Cars!   554259_615160950842_1289011543_n The rest of the week was filled with work. I was recently assigned a new project that is ramping up pretty intensely. Yesterday, I had four teleconferences back to back starting at 7am. Mr. F made pho for lunch though and it was pretty amazing!!574726_615314228672_1271051659_n He made it with Thai basil, eggs, udon noodles, mushrooms, serrano peppers, cilantro, fish sauce, garlic and green onions.5709_615320865372_1566536498_nLily and 559701_615324538012_782048975_n Lyra were also great study partners yesterday. 267968_615371364172_1590229426_nWe went out to dinner with my Grandparents, sister, and Uncle Tom last night to celebrate Mr. F’s upcoming 30th birthday! This next week, we’ll go to Canlis for his birthday and my best friend since Middle School, is visiting Seattle!