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A taste of white Christmas in Fargo, ND and in Seattle!

I haven’t made time to blog recently, since work has taken me to Fargo, ND, Spokane and Tacoma, WA in the last two weeks! Earlier this month in Fargo, it was below zero and closer to -10 degrees Fahrenheit with the wind chill!image Fortunately, I dressed appropriately with many wool layers from Ibex, Patagonia and Smart Wool. It was pretty to see the snow from indoors. image The sunsets are amazing in Fargo. image Since Fargo, I’ve been writing lots of reports, but we did make time for….. image the Hobbit. It was awesome! We saw it in 3D too.

Almost all the Christmas presents are wrapped and I’ve updated my Christmas List on Pinterest. Check it out! 8e6e367d6668c43e8a391a6e03e0380a ca9468d7070c7e4589aa1922c4dfff68

Yesterday, Seattle woke up to a couple of inches of snow! This is pretty unusual and a nice treat. image Our backyard looked like a winter wonderland. imageLuckily it all melted before my sisters, mom and my grandmother, Tootie went to the Nutcracker at the Pacific Northwest Ballet last night! It was a wonderful Christmas tradition to renew.image It’s been awhile since we’ve all been together too. image My sister, Katie and I, posed with all the Nutcracker statues after the ballet too. imageMy favorite was the Rat King. image Some of our other favorite family traditions include a White Elephant Christmas Exchange at my grandmother’s house, opening presents Christmas morning at my parents house and dinner at the Marriott with most of my extended maternal family! What are your favorite family traditions?

Birthday Weekend in Boise

Mr. F and I celebrated our birthdays and our friend’s birthday in Boise and McCall. After work last Friday, we flew to Idaho. On Saturday, we drove from Boise to McCall.It was a bright and brilliantly blue day. Shorty (the black lab, corgi mix) and Jax (the Pomeranian, corgi mix) were super excited to go too. Shorty was less excited when he found out he had to be in the back with all the luggage.Jax was the lucky one and wanted to sit on the driver’s lap.We saw lots of gorgeous fields, cows, and the distant Sawtooth mountains, driving through Boise and its suburbs.We left Boise in the late afternoonand arrived in Cascade around sunset. It was a gorgeous drive to our friend’s family cabin. We made dinner when we arrived and Shorty helped pick up the scraps.Chef Mr. F made egg noodles with cilantro sauce, peppers, tomatos, avocado and scallops.
Sunday morning, we woke up to another beautiful sunny day! We played with the puppies on the frozen lake. Shorty and Jax had so much fun racing back and forth on the snow.Yes, I had fun being a dork too.We did a little shopping in McCall, Sunday. I found some fun Patagonia button up shirts for Mr. F and a Lole tunic for me at a place called “Mountain Monkey Business”! 
Source: via Emily on Pinterest

On President’s Day, it was snowing and several inches accumulated overnight and that morning. The puppies really enjoyed us throwing snowballs to them!Jax loved eating the snow as it flew in his face!Doesn’t he remind you of a little fox?Mr. F had fun with the icicles, and pretended to be a unicorn.Our drive back to Boise was pretty snowy. It was like driving through a winter wonderland! We even saw a giant muskie statue at the gas station.Jax had fun posing for pictures andhe danced along to a few songs too.On that last night in Boise, we went to Cosmic Pizza for some of the best pizza ever. We had the Galatic Fair with mini corn dogs, the amazing Mac and Cheese pizza,and last but not least the Pesto Margarita pizza! Happy Birthday us!

It’s snowing in Chicago, heavily!

It started snowing at 10 am this morning and nearly an inch of snow per hour has fallen since then. My carpool buddy and I were lucky enough to leave work at 1pm to avoid terrible commute traffic. This is the first big snow of the season so traffic apparently gets pretty crazy.
This is my beautiful, snow covered walk home.

 It’s normally only 5 blocks from where I’m dropped off, but I took a little detour to pick up some things for a friend who just got engaged!!!!First, I went to Paper Source, where I found Christmas cards and ornaments for 50% off. I also purchased some lovely vintage Valentine cards and some bride-to-be sticky notes. I may have also purchased a few bridal magazines.Four blocks from my house, I sent a text of this Jenny Yoo window display to my newly engaged friend and asked her if she’d like to visit this store soon! And then the real beauty hit me:My street is majestic in white. I couldn’t stop taking pictures, even with the wind blowing snow in my face.The kitties were so happy that I got home early. They’re both curled up on either side of me, as I blog.

This is the view from my window.

In an hour, I’m going to meet the bride-to-be at J.Crew to look at dresses and then have dinner. Mr. F gets back from his business trip later this evening too! I hope O’Hare doesn’t delay him with all this snow. Fortunately, his flight is on time soooooo far! 
Happy January everyone!