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Happy Anniversary to the Fettbots

I’m back on the blog and in the city. Mr. F and I had a fantastic week of food for our anniversary!

This time a week ago, I had some flex time at work so we went paddle boarding mid-day! 11781630_744953989552_3144658921567849893_n It was the perfect weather and very little wind. We went to dinner at Joule where we had wonderfully seared octopus! 10955321_744954548432_2648654508483333812_n  Last friday, we checked out our favorite pizza spot, Delancey, with our friend, Kelly! 11782483_10102948382804048_3493444789919014028_o Mr. F and I haven’t been eating many simple carbs recently so the pizza was a big deal and an awesome treat. The white pie with ricotta, Zoe’s sausage and padrons may have been the best pizza I’ve ever had! 11105204_745119393082_7480890961241033014_o As if these meals weren’t spectacular enough, we went to Art of the Table for our anniversary dinner. It’s also in our neighborhood and very walkable. 11779953_745189218152_7017799219283008336_o On Saturdays, they have an amazing tasting menu and we loved every course, especially the duck foie gras with a poached peach, the Lummi island spot prawns, wild king salmon with eggplant and not to mention the lemon curd donut.

On Sunday, Mr. F made a picnic lunch and we took the ferry to Lopez Island. 11846735_745415429822_1145407087689804980_n We had fun swimming in the Pacific Ocean,11800277_745281892432_2870789443803870951_n (1)hiking,11794470_745663946792_1639333162658848791_obiking, and drinking great wine we brought with us in celebration.11802755_745663896892_4909764269445901459_o 11846756_745736172052_4541709067138893763_n  Today, we plan on paddleboarding, swimming and going wine tasting for our staycation!

Happy 7th wedding anniversary, Mr. Fettbot! 11846603_745223599252_8233005214982167103_n

Pinterest wedding ideas for my little sister

10885600_10152470735266020_7818462084792515861_n Back in October, at my cousin Kiki’s wedding, TK told me he was going to propose to KT! He popped the question on a ferry boat, the week before Thanksgiving.

Now that my youngest sister is engaged, I really have to hold myself back from wanting to help plan, and overwhelming her with ideas. I’m a Type A planner and for the last several years, I have made several wedding pinboards with my sisters in mind. I love weddings and planning sooo much!!!

If KT and TK decide to get married in Seattle, I think they would love to have the ceremony on the water, like Golden Gardens, Daybreak Star or perhaps Rosario on Orcas: 75b78d04e99e9d230b47efdc22157081

Or in downtown Seattle, at Pike Place Market a1733997343e329e406140fea064e1eb or Sodo Park:e93b4889fe55d2b97e16b9ae806ad4df

Or perhaps on one of the family farms:

I think a sailing theme would be great for KT and TK: 27ad5c33990e8fb13e4ca0a0d94d4c6f

Obviously, I’m not the one getting married but I still can’t help being so excited for my little sis!

Just for fun, here’s my pinboard of Favorite Wedding Photos that all couple should try to have:


Keep checking the pinboards because I keep finding new cool pictures to add! All photos can be found on my Pinterest boards with their original links.

Hang Loose….Honolulu work trip!

Don’t worry sweet baby!
Don’t you ever worry ’bout a thing.
Put them worries on the shelf ‘n’ learn to love yourself
Don’t be your own worst enemy.

Hang loose, hang loose
Let the ocean worry ’bout bein’ blue.
Hang loose, hang loose.
Go with the tide and I’ma take care of you.

Come with me sweet darlin’.
I got a seat ya ticket for the plane. 10665303_696269034592_3948575673374254678_nWe gonna fly to Waikiki,   10403591_695695733492_5093608330006180819_n10710524_695861506282_5380236290477644315_nAnd we’ll let the sun melt our cares away. 10342773_695939984012_4192581670073783281_n 10696369_696073321802_3316561140908480074_n

I was lucky enough this week to return to Honolulu for work. IMG_5558 My colleague and I had a blast co-monitoring together in addition to swimming, eating fresh Hawaiian fruit,IMG_5594IMG_5596 smelling and buying soaps made in Hawaii, IMG_5553going to amazing restaurants with local and organic food, 10616439_695861665962_9216855119992588387_n 10592830_695861685922_7591999704266154430_nand going to Power Yoga! This vinyasa class was awesome, challenging, and very sweaty. 10703817_695957004902_8101006569959175561_n 

My favorite restaurant from this trip, and the last time I was in Honolulu, is Town.10612833_696017159352_6201513992566016640_nMy co-worker, once saw, Jack Johnson and his family here too!10609514_696017179312_1357789953203834334_nWe loved the ahi tartare on risotto cakes, local greens and fresh fish! 1013295_696017224222_7328715951555874534_nOur last night in Honolulu, we went to Goofy’s for dinner. 10614164_696146889372_3402169976643276398_nAfter more awesome fresh, local and organic food and ginger creme brulee, 10710875_696146999152_4742436414146267656_n we went for a gorgeous walk along the marina at sunset!10629485_696147069012_7536757584013723285_o

Hang loose, hang loose.
Let the ocean worry ’bout bein’ blue.
Hang loose, hang loose.
Go with the tide and I’ma take care of you.Alright, we gon’ be alright.
Alright, you’re gon’ be alright!

Hang loose.
Hang loose!
Hang loose.
Hang loose.

(Lyrics from Hang Loose by Alabama Shakes)
10620771_696154089942_788676385656502686_nEven the Honolulu airport is zen!10624853_696269054552_3988029720058606879_n
My next month include trips to Spokane, Chicago, Tacoma, Missoula, Milwaukee for Kiki’s wedding, Penticton, B.C., Idaho Falls, Boise and Colorado Springs! I’m hoping after my next trip to Fargo in November my traveling slows down a little!


Congrats to new Mom, Andrea! Be Fearless #yogagirlchallenge day 13

Today’s #yogagirlchallenge is Be Fearless.

I think this an appropriate post to dedicate to my fearless best friend since middle school, Andrea. She always knew that she wanted to be a pilot, since I met her when we were 10 and 11. She joined the air force when she graduated high school and is now a C-130 pilot!imageimage

She went into labor last night and had an 8lb 20inch baby before midnight. I hope I get more details soon!

Mr F and I are very happy for your family!c7f0c793c5503a7c442bf17bd2703a2d

image ea35e9b37f12378b47ec50bc4ea09bb9These quotes and their illustrations can be found on one of my Pinterest boards, called Good to Remember!

Our third day in Honolulu

image Can you believe this was our view? You didn’t even have to get out of bed to look at Diamond Head! For our second breakfast in Honolulu, we went to a cool local place downtown, called Goofy’s! I wish I could go back there for more tasty and healthy meals!image imageThey had locally sourced kale and taro root bread. It made being gluten free so easy and delicious! We also met one of Andrea’s family friends for breakfast too! I loved my kale eggs and avocado. IMG_0147 image IMG_0148 My work view was nothing short of spectacular again and as I reviewed charts I saw Lazers and Bytes racing! imageIMG_0150 image  imageI was able to leave work at 4pm so we could go snorkeling at Hanauma Bay in the late afternoon. The Mustang convertible or Andrea’s good luck got us a great parking spot and since we arrived close to 5pm we didn’t have to pay to get into the Nature Preserve!image image image We did have to watch a short video basically reminding us to “look and not touch” the wildlife. IMG_0153 IMG_0155 I was amazed how large the fish were and I even saw a Honu! However, I was horrified how many tourists did not follow common sense (or the video) and were stepping all over the coral!!!imageAt 6:30 they had everyone get out of the water (Andrea says the sharks come out at sunset)! We didn’t mind though because we were hungry and also thought this was a great place for first time snorkelers. We’ve been spoiled by other Hawaiian snorkeling spots!IMG_0157 IMG_0159 On our walk back up from snorkeling we saw a mongoose run by and more local cats!IMG_0160image I bet a mongoose would be great eating for a Hawaiian cat! IMG_0165 IMG_0166 IMG_0167 We decided to take several more pictures before the park closed at 7 and enjoyed our gorgeous drive back down Diamond Head before dinner. IMG_0170 IMG_0172imageimageI really enjoyed the convertible! You never need a towel!imageimageimageWe went to a local farm to table restaurant called Town! It was my favorite restaurant of the trip!imageOur salads were phenomenal with fresh ingredients like papaya, pineapple and organic local greens. Almost everything we are was from the island except the Pacific NW mussels that Andrea ordered!imageimageI loved the opa, farro and green onions!imageimageimageAfter dinner we went back to the hotel and wandered down Waikiki Beach. There were free cookie samples in our hotel too!

A few fun wedding photos from last weekend

imageimageAs the matron of honor, I did not get a chance to take many photos from my best friend, Andy Mac’s wedding. imageimageHowever, thanks to Facebook, I have found tons of great photos from friends. image I’m so glad someone captured the awesome wooden prop as the wedding guest book and of the cupcake tower from Cupcake Royale. image image I’m so glad someone got this photo of the Father-Daughter dance too!image  Check out more of Tom Bass’ photos!

An Amazing Sunny Sunday

IMG_5319 On Sunday, I had brunch with my old carpool buddy from Chicago! She was in Seattle for the weekend! On our way home, we got a call asking if we wanted to go sailing!  IMG_5320 Of course, we jumped at the chance. IMG_5321   We met my friend, Andy Mac and her dad at the Elliot Bay Marina. IMGP0035 We had a blast sailing around Elliot Bay on our way to Blake Island. IMGP0039 I even got to sail on my own! IMGP0019 When we arrived at Blake Island, we took a quick dip in the Puget Sound! IMGP0051 It was very clear and very cold. IMGP0054 It was probably around 50 degrees! 1000689_10200564699614790_1729905062_n1045185_10201545855995129_1675493741_n After our quick swim, we grilled steaks, had a fresh summer salad and delicious Macrina Vollkorn breadIMG_5471 It was a perfect summer evening with friends.IMG_5465  IMG_5474 We even got to watch the sunset as we motored back to Elliot Bay Marina! IMG_5447IMG_5477 It was in the upper 80s in town so we thrilled to be on the water, where it was nearly 20 degrees colder. IMG_5484 We even got a little cold in the wind, especially when the sun went down. IMG_5548 We put jackets on as we cruised around the bay, IMG_5486but as soon as we got close to shore, 935806_630198226022_854258579_n the temperatures rose again into the 80s! I love sailing with Andy Mac! We always have an awesome time.