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Home and work trips to Spokane and Chicago

10645150_696568978502_6581666454337444190_nIt was so nice to be home in Seattle for the last weekend of Summer. Mr. F and I walked around our neighborhood and biked to Golden Gardens! 10538604_696569193072_7278083486212777369_nWe saw turtles in the ponds!10644516_696569123212_6472362746767942352_n We also had our last swim in the Sound for the season.10653538_696569223012_7456489904495297253_nThe air was in the 70s but the water felt extremely cold (approximately 55 degrees)! On Sunday, I flew to Spokane for work. I love taking the smaller planes10411113_696631433342_5579441703482036814_nbecause you can see so much more of Washington and 10675638_696662276532_1990306297766287827_n the walking on the tarmac at sunset is beautiful too. My co-worker and I went for a great morning run through the Washington State University Campus10639672_696760669352_4613058373407008385_n(where my sister went to Nursing School) and along the Spokane River!10386370_696760699292_8680542856359260743_n

On Wednesday, I flew to Chicago for work! 1381489_697073707022_3975724772140229502_nI loved staying in the Loop and seeing my good friend and cousin, Katy! My clinic was right on Michigan and my hotel was a quick walk away. After work, Katy, her husband, her new baby and I walked through one of my favorite Chicago past times,10606467_697161526032_411233782853414406_nthe Lurie Garden! 10665836_697161695692_5181979916818937712_n Little G totally kept giving me the face that said, “I’m pretty sure there’s a lot more to life than being really, really, ridiculously good looking.”10629613_697161655772_7071685290222168581_nHe was also born on my sister’s birthday! 10698499_697161580922_9007534550334073739_n Katy and G even indulged me and went to the Bean for a few photos!   1897819_697162089902_3367150650039262106_n

I flew home on Thursday morning from 70s and sunny, to temperatures in the upper 50s and glorious rain on my sunflowers in Seattle.10636199_697386290602_5341012573255450530_nFall has definitely arrived! Mr. F and I did enjoy a nice walk around our old neighborhood10689735_697386345492_3257473246906096347_n while it was briefly sunny yesterday afternoon.

Last night, we also celebrated my Dad’s birthday! 10689636_697300422682_1487823719965731223_n Happy Birthday, Dad!

My sister came for an impromptu visit!

My middle sister was in the Midwest for a long weekend and drove down from Milwaukee to visit for a night. It was such a nice, quick visit!She picked me up from work and we went for a walk in River North. We even got frozen yogurt. After dinner, Janie suggested we do an intense but quick workout of lunges and a short run. It was tiring! We did have a nice cool down by taking pictures on the bridge near my house. It was a great sister bonding time. 
The next morning, Janie took me to work in her cute red rental Fiat.Before she dropped me off at work in Park Ridge, we stopped one block away at my grandmother’s old high school!
Of all the suburbs in Chicago, I happen to work in the one that my grandmother grew up in! Thus, my sister and I had take lots of pictures documenting our visit to our grandmother’s high school! It was so wonderful to spend time with my sister!!! 

My favorite run in Chicago

It was in the upper 60s today, which was a dramatic and refreshing change from the 95 degree weather on Saturday, two days ago. We decided to run from River North to Lake Michigan and up to Diversey for lunch. We like to run along the North branch of the Chicago River to Halsted, past Alinea and take W Willow/Menomonee to Lincoln Park. 

Once in Lincoln Park, we run across Lake Shore Drive at Fullerton to get to the lake. Today was very windy and fun! There were ridiculous waves and white capes on Lake Michigan.
[Around Mile 3]
  I rarely take my camera running, but we were planning to go to the Lincoln Park Zoo after our run and lunch. Mr. F was a good sport and stopped a few times to capture our surroundings. 
[Approximately, Mile 4]
Sometimes, I took photos while running!
We did stop at the Diversey Harbor for a few quick pictures of Downtown Chicago! 
After over six miles of running, we had lunch at the Counter in Lincoln Park/Lakeview. We probably ate as many calories as we burned in the hour of running, but it was amazing. 
I love the sweet potato fries and Mr. F loves onion rings, so we frequently get the “Fifty-Fifty“. I had a burger with applewood bacon, onion rings, cheddar cheese and sweet BBQ sauce, with a pretzel bun. Mr. F had the burger with gruyere cheese, mushrooms, applewood bacon and chipotle mayo on a brioche bun. Apparently this is known as the unami burger. 
After all that wonderful food, we still had 3.5 miles to walk home and a trip to the zoo planned!We meandered through the North Pond Nature Sanctuary where we saw native plants and birds to the West entrance of the Lincoln Park Zoo. I was so excited to see the penguins, lions, tigers and bears! We even saw rhinos, beavers and otters.  AND it’s a free zoo! The snow leopard was a little sad because it wouldn’t stop pacing. 
After an hour at the zoo, we continued our walk through Lincoln Park back to our house. We did not expect to stumble upon the Lincoln Park Farm in the Zoo! We saw cute goats, cows, shetland ponies  and the biggest rabbit ever!! I think it must have been over 25 pounds. 
At the end of the park, our feet were getting a little tired so we quickly walked down Wells St, through Old Town. We did stop briefly at a pet store, Collar and Leashfor cat food and a look at their kittens and puppies for sale. Fortunately we resisted temptation to get a third pet!
How adorable are the Chiweenie puppy and the Siamese kitten?
How was your Labor Day?

Running in the Rain and Dreamy Dresses

I woke up and it was dreary outside. 
Since fog had covered all of downtown Chicago, 
I started a lazy Sunday morning by catching up on Grey’s Antomy and looking at dreamy 
 For example, how lovely is this peach dream? 
I wish I had an excuse to wear it!
Source: via Linda on Pinterest
I decided to get in a quick morning run before the thunderstorms hit, and we ran right into one! I went from this relaxed feeling: 

to this invigorated state in a few minutes:

Mr. F and I got back to the apartment completely soaked but loving it. This is what it looks like outside right now. 
Are you exhilarated by rain? I know I am. It must my Seattle upbringing! 🙂

Awesome Rock n’ Roll photos

It’s amazing that there are flattering photos of Mr. F and me at the finish line. We were two of the 17593 Finishers – 5033 M / 12560 F! Mr F totally commented at the start line, “so this is where all the beautiful people in Seattle hang out.”

Congrats to my best friend on completing the FULL marathon too!

This is my Saturday…ran a half marathon & went to a wedding

Yay, we completed our first half marathon and we feel pretty good the day after. We didn’t get any quality race photos unfortunately. The one picture taken at the finish line is not super clear [source] and I cropped Mr. F, because it’s not very flattering. After the race, we enjoyed a big burger and fries at The Counter then took a nap. Later that night we went to a family wedding at the Shilshole Bay Beach Club in Ballard. I love that venue because that’s where we got married! 
Lester and Dawn got married upstairs in the Elks Club. They had yummy Trophy Cupcakes too. I enjoyed the chocolate cupcakes with peanut butter frosting with a hint of salt. 
Amazingly enough, we had enough energy to dance to the awesome 90s hits but called it an early night after the Macrena played.