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Cats on the hot roof!

Every day in our new house is like a new discovery. In the last few days, we’ve let the cats on the roof, with supervision, and they’re so cautious and cute. 14362683_803822311962_4693677409695760545_o Tuesday, Lyra barely came up to the roof, while I was practicing yoga. Today, she was more adventurous! image Lulu also started realizing that this is one huge sunspot to lie in. image

Lily Thomas loves exploring new places. image She likes to check the perimeter 14372347_804199555962_4168767508608791681_o and scare me, by walking on the outside of the railing.

Hopefully, our kitties don’t miss us too much while we’re gone. My parents will check on them and my dad is making an awesome cat door into the garage closet to keep their food and litter contained, and away from the rest of the house!

While it’s still sunny like summer, and in the low 70s, it feels crisp, and more fall-like in Seattle. Our swim in the Sound today was brisk, but fortunately the wind wasn’t up. It may have been the last swim on the year, since we’re leaving for Italy tomorrow and when we return, the weather is likely to be colder and rainy.

Last night, a college friend of mine, took this awesome picture of Secret Beach, (our wedding beach, where we swim). I wish I had taken it, but I was biking back from happy hour in Ballard! 14352179_804055300052_8520016624036439993_o (Photo by Kirsten Rue)

Good bye for now, Seattle and ciao, Italia!

It’s my 9 year blog anniversary!

Wow, Facebook reminded me today that I started my blog 9 years ago! This was also a reminder to blog again, more consistently! 13781731_795487879232_5335226989507747335_n My summer has been filled with swimming, traveling, and spending time with family. We swim daily (when I’m not traveling for work) usually before work at 6am and after work around 5pm, at the beach where we got married. 13782277_795037392012_7205401646083701351_n

The last two weeks have been a big deal. We bought a house, my in-laws came to visit, 13934810_797357213072_3396477207083056595_n13962603_797375037352_2889578823968142161_n and Mr. F and I celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary!!   13879423_796614112252_3610660755778258583_n 13895406_796711222642_4474149117133207801_n  We will close on our new house, August 31st! I can’t wait to share more photos soon.

Between now and when we move at the end of the month, I’ll travel to St. Louis, San Diego, Pasadena, and Vancouver, B.C. for work!

Looking forward to the next week!

I’m home this week, but next Monday, I fly to Missoula, MT for work! I’ve never been to Montana! I’m very excited.

On Wednesday, I’ll meet Mr. F in the Sea-Tac airport and fly to Austin for 5 days for his sister’s white wedding! We’ve never been to Austin. We have costumes to be Lana and Archer, but we may not decide to dress up much since we’re attending the Bachelorette and Bachelor parties on Halloween. The Bachelorette party theme is Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed and Something Blue. Any ideas on how to dress for this theme? I’m thinking a blue dress…

Pretty Summer Photos and Pinterest Inspiration

It’s almost summer! I like the idea of having mermaid hair. I want my hair to look like this, 6bfc252017434e1a74aa8d0f1c9f6ec7 (1) and it is close. IMG_1566 IMG_1564 IMG_1565I’m dreaming of a summery dinner like this beauty.  46f0656db38b5d04846ecab8fe1ee780Mr. F has made some amazing summer dishes recently like this Humboldt Fog on a baguette with salted fresh cantaloupe, image and summer salad with zucchini, Parmesan Reggiano, grape tomatoes, and spring peas.image  There are also beautiful summer flowers at our local grocery store! image image

My parents are coming over for dinner tonight. Mr. F is making potatoes au gratin and brined pork chops with fresh rosemary and thyme!

Doesn’t this photo say “summer” to you?cbb08ac3f3fa1cedd536943ea1e8177c All of these photos were taken by me or can be found on my Pinterest boards

Top 11 moments of 2011

11. Guell Park in Barcelona 
10. Tapas at Quimet et Quimet in Barcelona 
9. Grabbing the last Cayuse at Wine Discount Center, also the last God Only Knows at Compass Wines
8. Moving to Chicago for Mr. F’s job and having him get a promotion in less than a year
7. Getting 4 interviews in Chicago, in February. 
6. Getting a job before moving to Chicago! 
5. Visiting FIGGINS in Walla Walla, Washington and tasting their inaugural 2008 Red Blend in their vineyard!

4. Swimming in Lake Michigan, this summer, in 70-90 degree weather! 
3. Vacationing with our friends in Cabo. 
2. Visiting Montjuic in Barcelona. 
1. Our three year wedding anniversary! 

My 2011 in review

January: This time last year we were in Maui, on vacation! We celebrated New Year’s Eve at David Paul’s Island Grill and had the most amazing AhiThe day after New Year’s, we watched the sunrise from HaleakalaWe also planned a Cabo San Lucas trip with our college besties.
February:  We saw the Harry Potter exhibit,  celebrated my birthday Mr. F’s birthdaymy Mother’s birthday, my Grandfather’s birthday and my Uncle’s birthday! In the middle of the month, we flew from Seattle to Chicago to look for a new home!  I had four interviews in two days!
March: We went to Cabo with the soon to be Mr. and Mrs. Beav! We spent a lot of time in the infinity pooland an amazing time in the sun with lots of sunscreen!
We drove across the country from Seattle to Chicago! We stopped in Boise, ID, Boulder, CO and St. Louis, MO on the way! We love our new view. 
April: We discovered more of our neighborhood and the Loop area! The kitties love the new apartment too![Lyra on a rainy weekend.] 
We met my cousin’s cousin and her boyfriend for drinks at the Wit! They’ve really introduced us to Chicago  with block parties, new friends and El rides!We celebrated Easter in St. Louis.We went to the St. Louis Botanical Gardens.I also met a few Chicago bloggers in April at the Anthroholic Afternoon at Anthropologie
May: It was very rainy and full of thunderstorms in May, so it was hard to take (as many) pictures!
 Over Memorial Day weekend we rode the ferris wheel at Navy Pier!
The next day, we went to the Eastside Millenium Park Art Fest and later walked through Millennium Park. We loved the Lurie Gardens! We went to Barcelona for a conference and stayed for a few extra days!We loved all the Gaudi, cava, and walking everywhere!We also made it to the Taste of Chicago and had Rainbow cones!
July:We had a fabulous Fourth at the beach with friends and a swim in Lake Michigan!We also walked around Waverly Island and saw fairies!We had a fun summer BBQ at my cousin’s cousin’s house too! At the end of July, we drove to Crystal Lake, Michigan for a long weekend! We loved swimming every day!
August:Lily Thomas looked cute. We ran many loops through Lincoln Park.We explored more neighborhoods in Chicago on foot and by El.We also had our three year wedding anniversary! It was a very muggy month. We had dim sum in Chinatown with friends
 September: We had a foodie and an oyster filled month in both Chicago and Seattle! I took a few ballet classes and we got a lot of running in Our friends, Mr. and Mrs. Beav, surprised everyone and made it official at city hall. We went back to Seattle for a vacation and a reunion and it was strange. Everyone has moved on, grown up, began balding, in grad school, or got married and started having babies……None the less, we had an amazing time with Mr. and Mrs. Beav. Returning to Seattle also made us realize how much we love our new lives in Chicago! 
October: We had a wonderful first fall in Chicago. We ran more in Lincoln Park and we went to the Chicago Botanic Garden and hosted a fun Harry Potter Halloween Party!
November: I went to Tampa for a conference. We celebrated Thanksgiving in St. Louis with Mr. F’s familyMr. F also got a promotion and we celebrated at graham elliott. We can’t wait to go back there!
December: I did not realize how big of deal Christmas is, until I moved to Chicago. Christmas music plays everywhere starting the day after Christmas. Everyone has lights up. It’s pretty amazing. We really enjoyed the Christmas Mart in the Loop with friends, too. I loved see the Joffrey Ballet’s the Nutcracker. We had a wonderful time celebrating Christmas in St. Louis. We brought our kitties with us and so did Mr. F’s sister. There were four cats and a dog all under one roof and they seemed to get along pretty well! Mr. F’s sister just got engaged! I miss my family but I Skyped them during the opening of presents and it was just like I was there! 

Have a wonderful 2012!

Watch Nicki Minaj’s Super Bass sung by little Sophia Grace

Have you seen this YouTube sensation?
I know I’m behind the curve, but these little girls are so adorable singing “Super Bass” by Nicki Minaj! I didn’t even know the song very well, but little Sophia is so talented that I’m hooked!

Yesterday, these girls met their idol on Ellen!

I love it when Sophia first sees Nicki Minaj! The excitement is palpable!