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A year ago…the start of our greatest adventure

A year ago, my husband surprised me and agreed he was finally ready to have kids. A little backstory, when we got married, almost 9 years ago, we agreed that we didn’t want to have kids and would travel more, with at least one international vacation a year. We disappointed our parents that our siblings would have to produce grandchildren, not us. Fast forward to my 33rd birthday when my biological clock started ticking and I changed my mind. Mr F may have taken some convincing but now that I’m 35 weeks pregnant, we both couldn’t be happier. Mr F is already looking forward to teaching our little girl to swim in the Puget Sound!

A year ago, when Mr F said he was finally ready, I immediately stopped taking birth control on July 15th, starting taking the most highly recommended natural prenatal vitamins and asked my doctor for all the updates in vaccines, what medications/supplements were okay or not okay to take, and told my family. They were very surprised! Shockingly, when we started looking at houses, we immediately found the perfect house in a great neighborhood, down the street from a great elementary school, so we were able to close at the end of August!

While it took a few months of trying, we were very lucky. The first month after stopping birth control, my cycle was 35 days long and I got way too excited that I was pregnant. Two friends suggested reading Taking Charge of Your Fertility to have a better understanding of what was going on. I started timing my work trips around day 20 when I noticed a temperature rise. We went to Italy on a romantic vacation in September, hoping for an Italian surprise. In December, Mr F even joined me in San Diego for a conference and monitoring visit, since it made sense to stay there for the weekend. I’m so glad he did because by December 15th, I knew I was late. When my sisters and I went to the 5th Avenue production of Little Mermaid on December 15th, I didn’t eat the sushi, to be on the safe side. On Sunday, December 19th, 2016 I had my first positive pregnancy test! My sister, Janie texted me later that day, to ask if I had taken a pregnancy test yet. Of course, I told her the exciting news, then I called Katie, Mom, and Dad. I even double checked and got a second positive pregnancy test on the 21st at my primary care doctor’s office too!  It was the best Christmas so far!

In January, we started to nickname the baby “cabbage” after watching the OA. My grandmother, Tootie, started thinking of names in Tagalog and wanted us to call the baby “Ligaya” which means happy. She didn’t even both coming up with boy names. It’s like she already knew that we were having a girl even though we wouldn’t find out for another month. I started asking several work friends for advice with pregnancy and traveling up to 80%. Most people told me to wait until after year-end reviews in March, after my first trimester. At 9 weeks, we had our first ultrasound on January 16th and heard a strong heartbeat!  On February 6th, (when I was 13 weeks pregnant,) we went in for the nuchal translucency ultrasound and additional prenatal testing.  While everything looked great and no signs of Down’s Syndrome, I waited until 20 weeks to say anything on Facebook.  I announced my pregnancy with a picture of some of my first baby purchases, a Pickles n’ Roses jumper and “Are You Kitten Me?” Freshly Picked moccasins.

When we went to Paris March 4th-13th, and with all the croissants and delicious food, I started to show! (Can you tell in this photo? I’m about 16 weeks along, too.)   On March 20th, we finally got the results of the cell free DNA test and they were negative! It also told us that we’re having a girl!!! Mr F and I immediately agreed upon a name too.    At week 21, April 13th, we got a 3D ultrasound and it was amazing to see our baby’s face!  She was kicking and wiggling for the tech because I had a doughnut beforehand and the tech said the sugar made her dance! The tech kept saying, “thank you, baby”, when she did hold still for measurements and confirmation of all her organs, length of femur, nasal bone, and looking at the 4 chambers of her heart.  This was also the week that I really felt kicking on a daily basis, and Mr. F felt it, too. I wonder if the cats notice when they sleep next to my belly at night.  At this point, I started having some issues sleeping so I really enjoyed getting a Snoogle pregnancy pillow to help me sleep on my left side.

Around 28 weeks pregnant, the first weekend in June, we took a mini babymoon to Langley, Whidbey Island  and stayed in a relaxing AirBnB across the street from the Inn at Langley.  We had amazing food including the tasting menu at the Inn.  The service was phenomenal and almost every staff member told me about their favorite pregnancy memory, or their toddler! After the babymoon, I got my results back from the glucose test and it was elevated so I had to go back for 3 hour glucose tolerance test, which fortunately came back negative! In June, we also had maternity photos  with Erin Schedler, our wedding photographer,   with pictures on the roof of our house,  by the BUMP sign down the street, my family,  and on the beach, too! My first baby shower was in mid June hosted by my matron of honor, Mandy, and it was so sweet.  I especially loved the pink champagne cake and the chocolate party favors. Mandy gave us the changing pad and cover at the baby shower. We got the SNOO bassinet in early May, the changing table from Tirto in mid June, and the nursing chair mid July. I cashed in points through work for the Chicco KeyFit30 car seat, which arrived early April, and I have a month’s supply of Honest diapers in sizes 1-3, so we are ready!

This month, I’m weeks 32-35 along, and I’m really noticing my pelvis and it’s getting harder to sit for long periods of time. Since I travel so much for work, up and down the West Coast, I got a doctor’s note at 33 weeks to stop flying. I’m grateful that my work has found more administrative tasks for me to do at home.

We also recently met the neighbors behind our house and they have a three month old baby boy. Our babies will be so close in age and will be able to go to kindergarten together at the elementary school, half a block away! Mr F’s parents also came to visit from St. Louis, this month!  We spent nearly every day for a week swimming! This last weekend, my family threw me a baby shower at the family farm in Stanwood,  and the decorations were so adorable.  I really loved all the food,  especially the 6 different kinds of Gothberg Farms goat cheese with olives, dried cherries and mango! (My sister’s mother-in-law makes the most amazing cheese!)  I also wore my mom’s maternity dress that I remember her wearing with my youngest sister! My mother in law made our baby a lovely horse print, which we nicknamed the “Momtisse”,  for the baby’s nursery too! Everyone was so generous. I’m so thankful our baby will be so well loved.




I went to Victoria B.C. for my first business trip!

IMG_0149 After prepping and training for 6 months, my first business trip took me to Victoria, B.C.! My flight via seaplane took off from Lake Union, only a couple of miles from our house.  IMG_0151 I flew in the blue “Evening Magazine” de Havilland Otter and even got to ride in the cockpit! IMG_0155 (The pilot and I walked down the ramp to the plane together and I mentioned this was my first seaplane ride, so he suggested I ride up front!)IMG_0163 It was amazing to fly over my house, across the Puget Sound, and over the Olympic Peninsula. Mount Baker was visible in the distance and I saw an island, that I had never heard of, called Protection Island, West of Whidbey Island.  IMG_0191 IMG_0194 The Strait of Juan de Fuca was partly hidden in the clouds. (This is the body of water that separates the US from Canada.) IMG_0207 IMG_0214 We landed in Victoria’s Inner Harbour half an hour after takeoff and taxied to a dock near the Empress! IMG_0259 IMG_0261 I was excited to walk around, so I quickly checked into my hotel and was greeted by this lovely view from my room!IMG_0263 IMG_0264 My hotel was behind the grand and famous Empress, IMG_0266where my parents honeymooned. IMG_0268 For dinner, I went to a fun vegetarian restaurant called, Re-bar in Bastion Square that my co-worker had suggested! I was so full (from my butternut squash and black bean enchiladas) that I walked around the harbor for another hour watching the sun set on the Empress IMG_0314 and the Legislative buildings.  IMG_0330I also saw several cool totem poles and British Columbian art outside the Royal B.C. Museum. IMG_0350 My parents have Emily Carr prints in their house! IMG_0354 IMG_0355 It was so nice to arrive the night before my site visit, and have time to relax a little. I ended up going to bed pretty early, in anticipation, and enjoyed the rest of the sunset over the Sooke Hills from my room! IMG_0361 The next morning, as the sun was rising, IMG_0371I went for a quick run to see more of the downtown. I saw the Victoria Clipper and Blackball ferry docks, along Belleville Street and doubled back to Government Street towards the Upper Harbour. Victoria[Map from] I had a 7am teleconference so I ordered room service to meet me when I got back from my run! IMG_0375The rest of Thursday was spent at the site, where I learned alot and then the evening was spent running reports and writing memos. I did not take any other photos because I was too busy working. Friday was also jammed packed but the seaplane flight home was phenomenal. As a friend said, “a sunny day on Kenmore Air is like the best ever Disneyland ride!”IMG_0411 IMG_0439 IMG_0450 It was breathtaking to see the Dungeness Spit from the air. IMG_0459 I loved flying over Downtown Seattle and seeing Mount Rainier too.IMG_0488 I didn’t even mind that I was on the wrong side of the plane to see the Space Needle. It was only a 10 seater plane, so I could still see it pretty clearly! IMG_0504 Mr. F picked me up and made me a delicious Surf n’ Turf dinner to celebrate my return. IMG_0528He also made cheesy steamed kale with a cucumber, tomato, feta and eggplant salad! I’m also fortunate that I’ll return to Victoria for 3 more site visits in the next month!!

April Showers

It’s been much more chilly and rainy in Seattle this month. (At the end of the March, it was in the mid 60s and sunny. Recently, it’s been raining and in the low 50s.)

Fortunately, we’ve found lots of fun ways to stay dry. 539247_620510405492_1034132893_n Over the weekend, we celebrated my Uncle’s birthday with a tour of the Seattle Art Museum! 3674_620506413492_1631819475_n We had family photos with Blackburn Sound and Photo afterwards too! Photos by Blackburn Sound and Photo 8625951917_f05380ecbd 8625952047_e9e4e62b58 I love our photos! 8625952165_5c158b71fc 8627061968_21f67d84ef Click the hyperlink for more of our family photos taken by Blackburn Sound and Photo.539025_620510630042_1530084290_n72650_620516084112_1730612264_n We had birthday cake at the SAM Taste restaurant too. 551521_10100476924157220_249608645_n536904_620530185852_220686482_n In between the downpours, we snapped a quick picture with viaduct in the background.

534230_620534497212_735156282_nSaturday night, I met up with friends for a girls night and brought yummy, sweet cupcakes!

We’ve started going to yoga a few times a week and we’re really enjoying it. It reminds me of ballet  and the feeling of contentment afterwards is amazing.

On Tuesday night, we went to Agrodolce for dinner. 58949_620845054852_460679980_n549010_620852110712_1278566258_nWe loved the Southern Italian food and will totally go back soon. How amazing does the rhubarb gelato look?533329_620852275382_297907622_n   I may have eaten most of Rusty’s rice pudding fritters too. 564086_620852305322_1502112394_n 541808_620852415102_215689057_n There are tulips blooming in our neighborhood and some even match my rain jacket!155786_620953452622_2024123017_nThe kitties have also been great co-workers. They keep me company in my office and sometimes act as space heaters! 

We’re looking forward to our trip next weekend to Berkeley to visit our friend, Mohit. We’re also planning a trip to Walla Walla in June!

Brittney Lee and PecknPaw artists!

Do you like Disney art? Were you the kind of kid who watched Disney movies over and over again, like me? Did you ever secretly wish you could draw like a Disney artist? 
I’ve introduced Brittney Lee to you all before and she’s just phenomenal! (See previous blog posts featuring Brittney Lee here, here, here, and most recently here.) Aren’t you just a teasy bit jealous (or in awe) when you read how she got her dream job at DisneyBrittney Lee and a group of 19 other amazing artists from Disney’s visual development team made an independent art book that comes out August 7th!

Check out PecknPaw and the Black Mirror,  if you’re interested, I found some example pages and links to the artist websites!


All the featured artwork was found on the PecknPaw blog and Gallery Nucleus. If you’d like to order a copy of this neat art book, you can pre-order it on Gallery Nucleus! 

Love at "First Sight"

I just found new artwork by Brittney Lee. I love it. It reminds me a little of Roman Holiday and Audrey Hepburn. 

Princess Ann: At midnight, I’ll turn into a pumpkin and drive away in my glass slipper. Joe Bradley: And that will be the end of the fairy tale. 

I love people who make me laugh. I honestly think it’s the thing I like most, to laugh. It cures a multitude of ills. It’s probably the most important thing in a person.” Audrey Hepburn 
I also enjoy this Oxford Print too!