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#yogagirlchallenge To do list of your life

I love lists, planning and can be rather OCD about getting things done. (My professional life also centers around many, many lists.) As I’ve gotten older, I notice I get stressed out when things are poorly planned, or I’m not able to check things off lists in an efficient manner. I try and combat the stress by overplanning…..I may not always be on time but it’s usually because I’m trying to do too many things beforehand.

The #yogagirlchallenge has awesome daily recommendations like yoga every day, find true forgiveness, give up a bad habit, practice a random act of kindness however, an ultimate to do list for life really motivates me!

To read: Emperor of Maladies

More Hemingway, like a Moveable Feast

the next Brilliance Saga book

the next Name of the Wind book

the next Brandon Sanderson books continuing the Mistborn series and after Words of Radiance (the Stormlight series)

the Outlander series

The Signature of All Things by Elizabeth Gilbert the Signature of All Things

A book, a whale and a walrus by Renee EricksonA Boat, A Whale & A Walrus

To travel: Southern France and the Loire Valley, Provence, Champagne

see more of Italy like Alto Adige, Sicily, Naples,

see the Talbot castle in Dublin (I think it’s called the Malahide),

Bali, Japan, the Big Island of Hawaii, Costa Rica, the Mendoza region of Argentina, the Galapagos Sub-category-Restaurants: in Chicago, Next, the Aviary, the Purple Pig

To revisit: Barcelona,254282_548060515652_7847587_n (1) (Mr F and I were there in Spring 2011)

Florence, Florence summer 2004(I spent a summer aboard taking ballet classes and touring museums on the weekends)

Perugia,Perugia summer 2004(my homebase during my summer aboard in 2004)

Prague,prague (Mr. F and I were there in the fall of 2010 to visit his great aunt with his parents)

the British Virgin Isles (because I was under 2 when I was last in the Caribbean)

Sub-category-Restaurants: in Chicago, Alinea, the Girl and the Goat, Piccolo Sogno, Piece and Five Star Burgers

in Barcelona, Quimet y Quimet, quimetBacoa, Dim sum in Vancouver

Professional to dos: to become a Clinical Trial Manager or Line manager (3-5 year goal) eventually a Director of Clinical Operations (10-15 year goal)

To look into becoming a Medical Science Liasion (however, do not feel the need to get my PhD)

To run oncology trials as a monitor (totally do-able in the next 6 months)

To work for one of the top pharmaceutical companies before I turn 40 Monitor a medical device trial

Personal to dos: buy a house in the Upper Fremont neighborhood with a view of the mountains, either the Cascades or Olympics and within walking distance to our favorite yoga studio

to grow wild roses, lavender, and more sunflowers in our backyard

go snowshoeing more in the winter snowshoeing 2006



to have a healthy lifestyle which includes clean eating, less carbs and gluten, and lots of exercise, but not cutting out cake entirely

Our last full day in Prague

We tried to see all our favorite attractions in Prague on our last full day there. We re-visited the castle again. We got a better view of the Loreta in the sunshine and listened to the beautiful bells. We re-visited the Strahov Monastery to see where Mr. F’s maternal grandparents got married. This time we were able to view the inside!! 
 This is my favorite view of the castle, so I had to see it one more time….
I love this adorable cat themed store near the Loreta in Hradcany…
One last view picture from our hotel, Pachtuv Palace! 

We took the Metro a lot on our last day, including to and from Aunt Lida’s one more time.

This is a present from Aunt Lida!

Karlstejn Castle

Saturday, September 18th, we took the train to Karlstejn, 40 minutes away from Prague.
Of the several castles we saw in the Czech Republic, Karlstejn Castle was my favorite. We arrived at the Karlstejn train station mid morning and wound our way up the hill for 30-40 minutes. We could see the fairytale castle the whole time, so we bypassed the charming little shops until our way back down.

The view from the castle was majestic. We could see Czech countryside for miles!
We had a tour of the castle that included replicas of the crown jewels! It was said the crown of King Charles IV had a stone from Jesus’ crown. Unfortunately, we were not allowed to take photos inside but we got amazing view photos from the ramparts. 
We took the train back to Prague after a lovely lunch of svitcova and onion soup. 
Saturday evening, we met up with our Great Aunt Lida at a fun duck-themed pub. (Duck in Czech is husa!) I had the strangest but tastiest beer cocktail, called a Radler, which is Staroprammen and Sprite. 

 Much later that night, we took the metro back to our hotel at 11:30! With all the walking and touring each day, we never stayed up later than 10 pm. We were exhausted, but happy!

Vyšehrad on September 17th

We got lost looking for Vysehrad on the 17 tram on Friday, September 17th. Fortunately, we backtracked easily and found the “castle on the heights”. There were phenomenal views of the city from on top of the hill. Our favorite part was walking along the castle walls!
The ruins of the old fortifications overlook the Vltava River. 
 The tram from Vysehrad took us right by the Dancing House, so we took a quick photo opportunity. 
After lunch, we went for a boat ride down the Vltava!
 It was great to see the Charles Bridge from different angles. 
The statue detail of the Cechuv Bridge was my favorite part of the boat tour. 
We decided to wander around the trinket shops in Old Town after our boat trip. We didn’t find anything that we needed but I got my photo taken with the horses!
 September 17th was also the start of the Prague Wine Festival. It was a short walk from our hotel on Slovansky Island.
 We didn’t particularly care for the overly sweet Moravian wine, but we did find a new dessert wine….Hungarian Tokaj is AMAZING! 

I wish it was September 16th in Prague, again!

Since I’ve been back from Prague, I’ve been working long hours to catch up. To relax, I really enjoy going over my pictures again. To anyone traveling to Prague, I’d recommend visiting the Prague Castle a few times. St. Vitus Cathedral is remarkable inside and out. If you’re not too claustrophobic, I suggest climbing the 287 steps of the Bell Tower (in St. Vitus Cathedral). WARNING: it is a very steep set of stairs, so take breaks. We were extremely winded after climbing them, but the view is phenomenal. To see the top of the cathedral and all of the city of Prague is truly stunning. Here’s an example of the view!

The Observation Tower (also known as the fake Eiffel Tower) is a 15-20 minute walk from the castle, on Petrin Hill. The 299 stairs are easier to climb and even more picturesque. If you’re interested there is an elevator for an addition 50 crowns. Riding the Funicular Railway was quick and filled with neat views of Mala Strana. It seems like more than two weeks ago that we were wandering through the Jewish Quarter and going to dinner at a delicious and amazing brewery, U Fleku! 

St. Vitus Cathedral, Prague

It only rained for two days while we were in Prague, so we took advantage of it and visited St. Vitus Cathedral! According to many guidebooks and Wikipedia, St. Vitus is ‘located within Prague Castle and contains the tombs of many Bohemian kings and Holy Roman Emperors. It is an excellent example of Gothic architecture and is the biggest and most important church in the country.’ 
The stained glass windows were mesmerizing.

 We were so enchanted with the cathedral that we came back the next day to climb the Bell Tower!

We also stopped in St. George’s Basilica (Bazilika Sv. Jiří), the oldest church building within Prague Castle. The ceiling was amazing!

The Rain in Prague on September 14th

We wandered all around Lesser Tower (Mala Strana), on September 14th, appreciating the tiny, windy streets, and colorful houses!  I really enjoyed taking pictures of neat door frames and door knobs! In the afternoon, it started drizzling, so I brought along the hotel umbrella.

When it started pouring later, we ducked into a few museums and a pub! I ordered Kozel, a dark, smooth beer. One of the first phrases I learned, after “prosim” or “please/may I have?“, was pivo cerny, prosim.

It’s a must try while in Prague. It’s a favorite of the locals! Who knew I’d even like beer?