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My Paris Prep and Packing List!

I’m so excited. My work is sending me to Paris for a week long conference, NEXT WEEK! I’ve never been to Paris, or France, and Mr. F gets to join me, thanks to all the frequent flyer miles I’ve accrued in the last few years!

We’re staying in a lovely Art Deco hotel within walking distance of the Louvre and the Arc de Triomphe.   I’m also taking all restaurant and site-seeing suggestions, at this point! I’m really excited to check out all the restaurants that Eater suggestions too. (

This next week, I’m working on basic French phrases and my packing list. I’m hoping to learn phrases that help me order and get around easily. I generally travel pretty minimalist but I’m also going to pack a few more stylish things than normal.

So far I have the following things in mind,

*3 pairs of shoes, flipflops for the hotel, comfortable walking shoes,  or  and black ballet flats

*3-4 work dresses, like this one 

*1-2 dress for nights out

*dress pants

*2 work shirts/tunics

*black leggings



*7 pairs of socks

I’m hoping during the evenings and the weekend after the conference that Mr. F and I can check out the Louvre (especially if it’s raining), Arc de Triomphe, the Eiffel Tower, the catacombs, and generally enjoy walking around town eating croissants and drinking cappuccinos.

Any other suggestions? Along with the photos on this post, I’m gathering ideas on my Pinterest Board, Paris Prep!

We’re going to Maui after our birthdays!!!


We bought plane tickets for Maui! They were less than $400 each and we’re going right after Mr. F’s birthday! I can’t wait for a vacation in 82 degrees. I hope we see whales! The last time we were in there was New Year’s Eve 2010.168758_532814094602_2478308_n167854_532816030722_1485996_nWe’re looking forward to all our favorite restaurants like Mala Tavern, 162781_532816794192_7129243_n 169075_532816819142_186687_n 164739_532816839102_7572944_n 168669_532817073632_2804116_n  Lahaina Grill and possibly Mama’s Fish House. We’re also excited about Star Noodle. 

In additon to all the amazing island food, I’m really excited about snorkeling and seeing turtles!

I’m looking into vacation rentals and other ideas now. Please feel free to send me suggestions!

Help me with Bridal Shower Game ideas!

While watching the biggest game of the year, (Go Seahawks!), I’m also researching other types of games.

I am hosting my first ever bridal shower in two weeks and I need ideas for non-traditional games. The bride has requested nothing too cheesy….

Here are the games I’ve thought of so far, from my internet perusal.

The Soundtrack of Life

Give each guest two small slips of paper and ask them to write down the slow song and dance song they most want to hear played at the wedding. Announce after they’ve been turned in that these song titles you’re about to read all describe the bride and groom’s life together. You can either read them all on the fly or review them before you read them aloud while the guests are distracted with another activity. If you review them ahead of time you can choose only the best songs to read aloud or break them into categories, such as “In The Bedroom” or “Things the Groom Will Say to the Bride.” The bride can choose the song titles she found funniest or most relevant and the guests who submitted them would win the game.

How Old Are You? Game

Assemble a dozen or so photographs of the bride, showing her at different ages. Mix them up so they’re not in order. Give pencils and paper to everyone, pass the photos around or display them someplace where everyone can see, and have guests write down their guess as to how old the bride was in the picture (she has braces, so that must have been in junior high). A prize goes to the person who gets the most ages right.

Guess the cake: guests are blindfolded and try a variety of cakes/cupcakes. The person to guess the most correct flavors wins.

What are some of your favorite bridal shower games?

I’m also really looking forward to the bachelor/bachelorette party! We have a private room for the evening, at Portalis, a wine bar in Ballard with amazing food! We’ll also go dancing down the street after dinner!

April Showers

It’s been much more chilly and rainy in Seattle this month. (At the end of the March, it was in the mid 60s and sunny. Recently, it’s been raining and in the low 50s.)

Fortunately, we’ve found lots of fun ways to stay dry. 539247_620510405492_1034132893_n Over the weekend, we celebrated my Uncle’s birthday with a tour of the Seattle Art Museum! 3674_620506413492_1631819475_n We had family photos with Blackburn Sound and Photo afterwards too! Photos by Blackburn Sound and Photo 8625951917_f05380ecbd 8625952047_e9e4e62b58 I love our photos! 8625952165_5c158b71fc 8627061968_21f67d84ef Click the hyperlink for more of our family photos taken by Blackburn Sound and Photo.539025_620510630042_1530084290_n72650_620516084112_1730612264_n We had birthday cake at the SAM Taste restaurant too. 551521_10100476924157220_249608645_n536904_620530185852_220686482_n In between the downpours, we snapped a quick picture with viaduct in the background.

534230_620534497212_735156282_nSaturday night, I met up with friends for a girls night and brought yummy, sweet cupcakes!

We’ve started going to yoga a few times a week and we’re really enjoying it. It reminds me of ballet  and the feeling of contentment afterwards is amazing.

On Tuesday night, we went to Agrodolce for dinner. 58949_620845054852_460679980_n549010_620852110712_1278566258_nWe loved the Southern Italian food and will totally go back soon. How amazing does the rhubarb gelato look?533329_620852275382_297907622_n   I may have eaten most of Rusty’s rice pudding fritters too. 564086_620852305322_1502112394_n 541808_620852415102_215689057_n There are tulips blooming in our neighborhood and some even match my rain jacket!155786_620953452622_2024123017_nThe kitties have also been great co-workers. They keep me company in my office and sometimes act as space heaters! 

We’re looking forward to our trip next weekend to Berkeley to visit our friend, Mohit. We’re also planning a trip to Walla Walla in June!

We’re going to Friday Harbor on San Juan Island!

I’m so excited. We’re going to spend a three day weekend on San Juan Island. It’s about 3 hours away from Seattle including a lovely ferry ride! It’s also the beginning of the whale watching season. I hope we see Orcas!

Mr. F and I went to San Juan Island when we were 19 and can’t wait to go back. The British and American Camps are great parks to hike around and last time we saw otters!

My family went to Orcas Island for Father’s Day in 2010. June 2010 Ferry It is the island next to San Juan Island and it was amazing. sisters june 2010I love the ferry ride from Anacortes Anacortes June 2010through the islands. ferry june 2010It’s suppose to be sunny and almost 60 when we go! I can’t wait!

Are you thinking of Christmas cards yet?

Halloween is here and November starts on Monday. I’m in the mood to order Christmas cards. By the way, Shutterfly has a great deal for bloggers. If you post about your favorite card designs, you can get a coupon for 50 free holiday cards! (Just go to I’m psyched. I’ve used Shutterfly to make photo calendars, albums, and stationary. My favorite project with Shutterfly was making my wedding album!! 

I love Christmas cards that feature lots of photos, so we can include our kitties and pictures throughout the year. The Picture Tree Christmas 4 x6 photo card could do the trick!

The Top Ten Moments card would be a great way to update our friends and family about our year…
I adore the Christmas tree design on Shimmering Snowflake Tree card! All the stars make me smile, perhaps this is the winner!
Last year, we choose the Seasonal Chic Holiday 5×7 folded card. 
But we also considered these two card designs!  We also had a few of these cuties. 
I’m also considering getting holiday address labels, like the Gorgeous Gift Tag!
There’s also the year-round Colorful Keys option! 
How cute is the Clever Rudolph Gift Tag?
Although the Wine Cheers tag seems better suited for Mr. F and me!
When do you start getting ready for the winter holidays? Do you wait until after Halloween, until after Thanksgiving, or until the last minute?


CD for my Granny

I’m going to Appleton, Wisconsin to celebrate my Granny’s birthday this week! I’ve had fun making her an awesome photo book from Kodak Gallery with recent pictures of her 16 grandchildren and three great-grandkids! My mom requested I make her a birthday music cd too. Unfortunately, there are not a lot of different versions of the song Happy Birthday on iTunes…. I am now trying to guess what genres of music she might enjoy or dislike… 
Here’s my list of songs so far:
Unforgettable by Nat “King” Cole
‘S Wonderful by Audrey Hepburn & Fred Astaire from Funny Face (Original Film Soundtrack)
Over The Rainbow by Judy Garland
Emily by Bill Evans
Debussy: Claire de Lune
A Bushel and a Peck by Doris Day
Hello Dolly by Louis Armstrong
Meet Me In St. Louis by Judy Garland [Because her cat’s name is Louie!]
You’re Still You by Josh Groban
Don’t Rain On My Parade (Glee Cast Version)
Birthday by The Beatles
Today Was a Fairytale by Taylor Swift
Please Please let me know if you have any Grandmother appropriate song suggestions! I would love to add a few more songs to this CD before I leave on Thursday!!!