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Christmas catch up

It’s amazing that it’s already 2016 and that it’s been a few weeks since Christmas. We just took the Christmas tree down yesterday and the cats were sad to lose their new hiding spot. image We celebrated Christmas day at my parents house, image along with my grandparents, Aunt, Uncle and cousin. Mr. F and I saw Star Wars the weekend after Christmas and it was as amazing as we hoped!  image I love how there were so many tie ins to the original episodes! image Later that weekend, we noticed that one of our favorite neighborhood restaurants, Revel, had an awesome Darth Vader painting on the wall too! image

I’m loving my new yoga pants that I got for Christmas from my sisters image and in laws. image Three days after Christmas, we left on vacation to Maui!!! I can’t wait to tell you more in my next posts!

Blogtember: ENFJ!

Monday, September 9: Take this short personality test and respond to your results. (at the end, find the detailed profile of your personality account – click “click to view” under “You” and “self awareness and personal growth.” You can even google your type and find more info on it!)

Screen Shot 2013-09-07 at 6.56.22 PMWOW, the last time I took this test I was an ENTJ but today I’m an ENFJ! My husband is a INTJ! I’ve always been fascinated with the Briggs-Myers test since my first week of college when our freshman year resident advisors had us take this personality questionnaire.

ENFJs are people-focused individuals. They live in the world of people possibilities. More so than any other type, they have excellent people skills. They understand and care about people, and have a special talent for bringing out the best in others. ENFJ’s main interest in life is giving love, support, and a good time to other people. They are focused on understanding, supporting, and encouraging others. They make things happen for people, and get their best personal satisfaction from this.
ENFJs like for things to be well-organized, and will work hard at maintaining structure and resolving ambiguity. They have a tendency to be fussy, especially with their home environments.
In the work place, ENFJs do well in positions where they deal with people. They are naturals for the social committee. Their uncanny ability to understand people and say just what needs to be said to make them happy makes them naturals for counseling. They enjoy being the center of attention, and do very well in situations where they can inspire and lead others, such as teaching.

ENFJ is one of the less common types in the population, especially for men. Among men, ENFJ is the second rarest type. ENFJs make up:

Screen Shot 2013-09-07 at 7.38.39 PM Screen Shot 2013-09-07 at 7.37.41 PM

At work, the ENFJ is motivated to organize others to implement positive change. ENFJs are enthusiastic problem-solvers, especially when they can put their strong intuition about people to good use.

ENFJs strive for cooperation and work best in a harmonious environment where they can support other people and encourage their growth. They often take on a mentor role, seeing their primary aim as helping other people become better at what they do.

ENFJs are often attracted to leadership roles; they naturally organize people to take advantage of their unique talents. They often have a strong vision in their work, and enjoy being able to use their creativity to develop innovative initiatives with a humanitarian focus. ENFJs appreciate teamwork, and they want to have the organizational resources to put their ideas into action.

The ideal work environment for an ENFJ is forward-thinking and people-centered, with a clear humanitarian mission and an emphasis on constructive action. The ideal job for an ENFJ allows them to develop and implement ideas that improve the circumstances and well-being of other people.

This is sooo Mr. F, “INTJs have a tremendous amount of ability to accomplish great things. They have insight into the Big Picture, and are driven to synthesize their concepts into solid plans of action. Their reasoning skills gives them the means to accomplish that. INTJs are most always highly competent people, and will not have a problem meeting their career or education goals. They have the capability to make great strides in these arenas. On a personal level, the INTJ who practices tolerances and puts effort into effectively communicating their insights to others has everything in his or her power to lead a rich and rewarding life.

Screen Shot 2013-09-07 at 8.25.36 PM

Screen Shot 2013-09-07 at 8.10.23 PM Screen Shot 2013-09-07 at 8.09.42 PM Screen Shot 2013-09-07 at 8.10.57 PM

 What’s your personality type?

Five Things About Me

I was inspired to blog when one of my favorite blogs Em=Me, now known as the Doctors Fleming, featured a five things list. It’s hard to limit it to only five things, but here I go.

1. I love taking photos. I take photos of everything. It helps that I live in a beautiful city with mountains, lots of trees, and water. It’s also spring so there’s lots blooming.Image 2 It also helps that my husband loves to cook and makes beautiful plate presentations.Image 3This is our lovely salmon dinner from the other night. 

Some people call me, “paparazzi”. I kind of like it. 

I’m not sure you can tell, but I have a really hard time writing blog posts without including photos. Now I just have to include pictures of my cats….Image This is Lily today, enjoying the sun while I work.

2. I really love meeting new and old friends, especially over a good meal. Since we’ve moved back to Seattle, it’s been fun catching up with old college buddies, family and previous co-workers. I caught up with my new co-worker, Nicole, over lunch today. Since I work from home, I really like to make lunch and dinner dates, especially with my husband.

3. I love being pampered. I’m not sure where this comes from, perhaps it’s after working at a dermatology clinic, I understand how important your skin really is and how it should be properly moisturized. If I could rationalize getting spa massages and facials all the time, plus getting a mani/pedi regularly, I would. Fortunately, only getting spa treatments every once and awhile makes it even more special.

4. I am a cat person. I adore my two cats, Lily Thomas and Lyra. If I’m not taking pictures of food or scenery, it’s of my kitties. Image 1 They love to sleep near me while I’m working during the day.

5. I hate saying no, because I want to do everything. I’m always curious about new things whether it happens to be a new food, city, book or clothes. I’m reading a new book called, “I Can Barely Take Care of Myself: Tales From a Happy Life Without Kids” by  and there’s a great quote that made me laugh. “Life is like a closet full of clothes-you can have it all, but it doesn’t mean that you should. I can wear four cardigan sweaters all at once with a pair of sweatpants over my jeans- but it doesn’t mean that I should.”

What are five things about you?

Afterthought, I’m pretty random. I just watched the Silver Linings Playbook and I LOVED it. Jennifer Lawrence is amazing and so is Bradley Cooper. Robert de Niro was charming too. It reminded me of Forrest Gump and One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest but happier. I highly recommend it, if you haven’t seen it already.

I’m reading the Hunger Games!

Wow, I am really enjoying reading “The Hunger Games” by Suzanne Collins. I know I’m late to jump on the bandwagon, but it’s my goal to finish the first book and perhaps even the trilogy,

Source: via Mori on Pinterest

before the movie comes out on March 23rd.

There are so many fun Hunger Games images on Pinterest, like the movie poster….

the Hunger Games inspired wedding…..

and I love this tablescape. I’ve pinned it for my cousin, Katy’s wedding. I love the magenta snapdragons and all the other strikingly colorful flowers.

Have you read the book, yet?

I finally saw the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (the Swedish version)!

Tonight, Mr. F was out of town so I FINALLY watched the Swedish version of “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”. [He’s not a fan of the trilogy like I am!] The movie took all of the best parts of the book and limited the boring parts, which made it even more amazing.

WARNING: I told my Mom that this was one of my favorite books and she read it, thinking she might enjoy it too. I should have warned her that this book would not be something she’d like, at all. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo is very graphic and disturbing and I initially put it down after the first 100 pages. I continued reading it only after a friend urged me to read more about Lisbeth’s story.  Now, I love the trilogy because of her childhood and who Lisbeth becomes.

Source: via Denise on Pinterest

Noomi Rapace is fascinating and intensely compelling, as Lisbeth Salander. I can’t wait to see her in the new Sherlock Holmes movie, where I’m sure she plays a completely different character. Lisbeth’s dragon tattoo is really intense and way bigger than I pictured when I read the book. It’s probably also because the British version of the book, (which was the version I read), has a smaller dragon tattoo too.

Source: via Jae on Pinterest

It’s amazing to watch Lisbeth’s transformation from a gothic, introverted creature to an intelligent, misunderstood and strange beauty. I didn’t really understand how beautiful she was when I read the book. She’s intriguing and powerful. I do think it’s interesting that the movie chose to have Lisbeth given Mikael the Wennerstrom information instead of Henrik Vanger.

I cannot wait to see the American version of “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” with Rooney Mara and Daniel Craig. Hopefully, my cousin Katy, will see it with me soon!

Our weekend foodie adventures

We went to brunch at Orange on Saturday!I love getting frushii and the pancake flights at Orange. We also had fresh pressed grapefruit juice! It was super foamy and delicious too. Bananas and Plantains were the special pancake flight this week! My favorite was the banana cupcake, featured in the lower right hand corner of the plate with pecans. 
They were all so delicious.The sunset on Saturday was pretty too. I absolutely love our view.Later Saturday night we went to the Farmhouse for dinner with Mr. F’s cousin and Sammy.

We had cheese curds, mussels with sopressata, delicious grass-fed burgers, and fig bread pudding. There’s a huge local beer selection too. We had an amazing experience and can’t wait to go back!

After dinner, we had our friends come over to play Rockband! We had a great time singing the night away.  Today, we were lazy and read all day. Mr. F made a delicious scramble with sopressata and green onions for brunch. We also got delicious Thai takeout for dinner! Now we’re watching Footloose!

It makes me want to dance more!

Source: via Emily on Pinterest

We did interrupt the movie when we got a call from the in-laws and another call from a friend. We just heard the most exciting news! I promise to share it in the next few days, but I’m soo happy!!

The Eve of the Eve of New Year’s Eve

Work was annoying (to say the least) today, so to get my mind off of it, Mr. F took me out to dinner at Erie CafeSource: via Emily on Pinterest
I had an delectable breaded veal pork chop and we got tiramisu for dessert! 

Now we’re watching the awesome movie, Colombiana. Luc Besson wrote the screenplay.

Source: via Emily on Pinterest

Mr. F and I love “Leon: The Professional“, Source: via Karen on Pinterest

The Fifth Element” Source: via Heather on Pinterest

and “La Femme Nikita“, also written by Luc Besson.

I’m really looking forward to a long weekend and sleeping in! What are you doing for New Year’s Eve?