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Our last morning in Paris

On Monday, we had a last lovely breakfast at our amazing five star hotel,  with one last cappuccino and helping of crepes, before climbing to the top of the Arc de Triomphe for a view of Paris. The 284 stairs were windy and since we were under a time crunch to get to the airport before noon,  we nearly ran up the stairs. Fortunately, we went when it opened so there were not too many tourists on the stairs, yet! While catching our breath, we enjoyed taking a few last photos with the Eiffel Tower.   I’m so glad it was a sunny morning! Plus, it was much easier going down the 284 steps!  Spring has definitely arrived in Paris and as our taxi pulled away from the hotel, we saw cherry blossoms on nearly every street.

 While waiting in security, Mr F and I noticed that the Charles de Gaulle airport ceiling looks like a wine barrel, or that it’s made with reclaimed wood. We didn’t spend much time in the airport and went straight to our gate. We were fortunate to have a direct flight from Paris to Seattle. It was 10 hours of movie time along with a little napping, reading and eating!

I can’t believe we’re already home. Customs was a breeze since we have Global Entry so it was like any other US flight with maybe a little extra walking. We also haven’t had to deal with any jet lag after our trip since we got in at 5pm and basically went to sleep early after checking on the kitties.

Lily and Lyra are also so happy we’re home.


Cats on the hot roof!

Every day in our new house is like a new discovery. In the last few days, we’ve let the cats on the roof, with supervision, and they’re so cautious and cute. 14362683_803822311962_4693677409695760545_o Tuesday, Lyra barely came up to the roof, while I was practicing yoga. Today, she was more adventurous! image Lulu also started realizing that this is one huge sunspot to lie in. image

Lily Thomas loves exploring new places. image She likes to check the perimeter 14372347_804199555962_4168767508608791681_o and scare me, by walking on the outside of the railing.

Hopefully, our kitties don’t miss us too much while we’re gone. My parents will check on them and my dad is making an awesome cat door into the garage closet to keep their food and litter contained, and away from the rest of the house!

While it’s still sunny like summer, and in the low 70s, it feels crisp, and more fall-like in Seattle. Our swim in the Sound today was brisk, but fortunately the wind wasn’t up. It may have been the last swim on the year, since we’re leaving for Italy tomorrow and when we return, the weather is likely to be colder and rainy.

Last night, a college friend of mine, took this awesome picture of Secret Beach, (our wedding beach, where we swim). I wish I had taken it, but I was biking back from happy hour in Ballard! 14352179_804055300052_8520016624036439993_o (Photo by Kirsten Rue)

Good bye for now, Seattle and ciao, Italia!

Our new house and neighborhood!

I’ve been meaning to post our exciting news for more than a week now! We closed on our new house, August 31st and officially moved in the next day! Our wonderful real estate broker, Jeff Stegelman, gave us a fantastic welcome home present when we got our keys too. 14192779_801614616202_7604192074068755785_n Of course, we were so excited that we started moving immediately!  14114851_801231484002_8661578154322334531_o  By the end of the day, we had all our paintings, fragile boxes, and our cats. Luckily, our new mattress had arrived, so we didn’t have to sleep on the floor. 14212111_801700618852_666590438002579445_n On September 1st, the movers brought our heavy furniture and the remainder of our boxes. 14141855_801716641742_2176219268717903231_n Our adventurous kitty, Lily, has enjoyed finding new hiding spots and checking out all the rooms and sun spots. 14264078_803160094052_3422694360935904502_n 14183797_802566832952_3319162069535543274_n Lyra is a little more cautious but loves looking out the windows. 14317502_803160089062_4097689655652241671_n We unpacked all our boxes within a few days of moving in and our house is really coming together! We’ve really enjoyed our new rooftop. 14233266_802578843882_6919173865163836833_n We just got a new hammock for two, as well! 14322391_803160143952_6465231377998772023_n Lily even tested it out with us! 14264971_803160138962_8397450657141136394_n

Some of our other favorite features are the quiet neighborhood, fantastic water views, 14264187_803295682332_2636525481731716283_n  and the amazing kitchen. 14225405_802626538302_5066006294840173706_n Mr. F made my favorite the other night, grilled lamb, salad with creamy Moroccan preserved lemon vinaigrette and Charles Smith Wine, the boy! 14231305_803354579302_3038526232319987640_o We’re looking forward to getting to know our neighborhood more and enjoying the sunsets from our roof. We’ve definitely become homebodies and love spending all our time at home now, especially since the weather trend is more fall-like. We went swimming in the Sound today and it was fierce. It was a clear day and almost 70 degrees, but it was breezy and the water felt a lot colder than a few weeks ago. Even when we went on Saturday, the season has already changed and it was harder to warm up on the beach. image Luckily, we also enjoy long walks around the North Beach/Blue Ridge neighborhood, and we walked all the way to Carkeek Park and back over the weekend (almost 9 miles). There’s a neat trailhead through Blue Ridge to this amazing park. I highly recommend, to everyone in Seattle, to discover new trails through Carkeek! image It’s phenomenal to experience the Seattle on a sunny day, especially on the Sound! image

Seattle in the summer is magical

In July, I traveled to Hawaii, Idaho Falls, St. Louis and Pittsburgh with nearly two weeks at home without travel. The day I got back from Hawaii, my college buddy, Beav was visiting so we meet Andrea at the Ballard Seafood Fest to see our favorite band, Vaudeville Etiquetteimageimage image image They are an awesome band to watch live and they hand out kazoos to join in the last song! imageimageThe flowers are popping in our neighborhood. We’ve been spending lots of time swimming in the Sound and sunning on our wedding beach. imageWe been to a lot of great restaurants too, including Bourbon and Bones for BBQ with our good friend, Beav! imageWhen I was flying through Salt Lake City to Idaho Falls I saw image the fires in Eastern Washington from the plane. Fortunately, Andrea’s husband is fighting them and they’re under control now. imageThe kitties loved me being home more in July and Lily was a frequent lap warmer.image One of my favorite views of Seattle is coming home from a work trip and seeing the mountains. image image La  Isla is another favorite Ballard restaurant especially the empanadillas at happy hour. Pono Ranch is another new favorite because they have a huge patio and fish tacos!image imageimageOf course, there’s also Little Woody’s for delicious burgers. There are two new burger places that opened this month that I’ll have to post about next.

In August, I’ve had work trips in Seattle, Fargo, Spokane and next week, I’ll return to Boise and St Louis. I’m looking forward to seeing Beav again and my in-laws! imageSeptember will be a travel heavy month too, with trips to Idaho Falls, Boise, Missoula, Chicago, Honolulu, Spokane, Chicago again but I’ll have the last week of September free!!!

Flying through the end of April into May!

At the end of April, I flew from Seattle image to April Falls for work where it was still winter. For example, tulips were nearly gone in Seattle but just starting in Idaho Falls.image Idaho Falls was gorgeous and I had a hotel overlooking the falls too. It reminded me of Oregon Trail but fortunately, I didn’t have to ford the river!  image I also enjoyed flying over the Tetons on home. image Seattle has been surprising me with it’s nearly 80 degree weather! We went paddle boarding at the end of April on the Puget Sound. image image     It was amazing to go into the Ballard Locks!  IMGP1810IMGP1816IMGP1812IMGP1856IMGP1840My sister and her boyfriend joined us for their first time paddleboarding too! It was a blast. IMGP1841imageSeattle has also been so beautiful with gorgeous blossoms image and even roses! imageimageOn grey days, we’ve caught up on Game of Thrones with our good friend, Mohit with fantastic Washington wine! imageEven the rain doesn’t keep us from barbequing and enjoying the warmer weather. imageWe also took our kitties to the groomers and they got their spring haircuts. imageIt took Lily a little while to get used to her shorter hair cut imagebutimageLyra loves it.imageimageFor Mother’s Day, we went to Little Water Cantina in Eastlake. We love their patio and fun Mexican fare. imageEarlier this week, Mr. F and I enjoyed an amazing downtown dinner at Aragona! We had delicious lamb chops  imageimageand halibut with beautiful presentation. imageimageThat night I flew to Spokane for work and a day later, Missoula, Montana! imageimage I always love flying back into Seattle especially at sunset. imageimage

The month of April is almost gone!

Here are a few quick things that have occurred this month…image imagethe evolution of our garden… image a few fun wine tastings…imageimage lunch with my sissy, when my work took me to a nearby clinic… image image happy hour with my other sissy…image watching Game of Thrones with the best Seattle view…image traveling to Missoula, MT for work, where I rode the Cougar plane image and got to see my college, buddy, Bryce….image imagelots of yoga and Mr. F made a few more amazing meals, including this black cod with pea purée, cherry tomatoes, cotija and cabbage slaw, image imagelong walks on the beach, and over 8 mile walk on Easter…image  goose eggs from my Mom on Easter…image another trip to Fargo, but this time with warm weather….image a less than 12 hour work trip to Victoria via seaplane…  image just enough time for a full day of work and poutineimage before flying out again! image imageimage image I love Seattle in the spring!

Tomorrow, I fly to Idaho Falls, ID for work then Penticton, BC and Boise, ID the following week. I’m also looking forward to returning to Spokane, WA and Missoula later in May!

We’re thinking about putting up the Christmas tree…

Is it too early to put up the Christmas tree? We, Fettbots, love Christmas, especially the cats. When Lyra was a kitten she would climb and nest in the tree. This is one of the main reasons we have a fake tree. This was the Christmas tree, last year in our Chicago apartment, lyra2012and the following pictures are from in our old Seattle condo in 2010,  lilylyra2010

December 2009,lilylyra2009 also 2008 when we got Lily as a wedding present,  lilylyra2008 and 2007 when Lyra first figured out how to climb.lyra in the tree 2007She also eats anything green, which is another main reason not to have a real tree.

I just finished our holiday cards Screen Shot 2013-11-17 at 10.36.58 AM and we’re thinking about putting up the Christmas tree later today. Here are some of the options for our cards: Screen Shot 2013-11-17 at 10.37.33 AM  Screen Shot 2013-11-17 at 10.36.29 AMIt’s a lazy Sunday at our house. I’m flying to Fargo, North Dakota tomorrow for work again and will be back in Seattle, late Thursday night. I can’t believe it’s less than two weeks until Thanksgiving and less than 6 weeks until Christmas! This year, my sister is hosting Thanksgiving. We’ll also stay in Seattle for Christmas with my family. We’re also thinking of going to Hawaii sometime in the New Year, perhaps for our birthdays!!