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What I’ve been doing in the first two weeks of January…

Since Christmas, we’ve been trying to walk 10,000 steps a day. We were really great until I started traveling again.  It’s hard to walk for approximately 90 minutes a day. However, we’ve been walking to Ballard image and around Discovery Park imageenjoying the nice weather and getting more steps in! image  I’ve been on three work trips in the last two weeks to Penticton, B.C., imagespent the night at the Fairmont Hotel in the Vancouver airport when I missed a connection, then two visits to hospitals in Seattle and Tacoma. imageimage It’s wonderful to eat dinner with Mr. F every night. imageOverall, it’s been a nice change to stay in the Pacific Northwest while traveling for work. I wish all my work trips kept me in this region! Next week, I go to Fargo, ND and the last week of January, I go to Jefferson City, MO, then Idaho Falls, ID the first week of February!

Last weekend, I helped my best friend since middle school put together, close and address 175 invitations! We also went wedding dress shopping image and found the perfect dress and my potential bridesmaid dress at J. Crew!

Today, Mr. F and I went to a book signing for our college buddy’s new book, Badluck Wayimage image It was great to see him!imageWe also stopped at Cupcake Royale while we were on Queen Anne. I even hit 10,000 steps because we walked to lunch in Ballard! Today was awesome.


For perspective, on a lazy day I average 2,000-3,000 steps, when traveling/running airports I average around 6,000 steps, so I really have to work it to get 10,000 steps. Obviously, I’m not a runner. 😉

My favorite online shops

Wednesday, September 11: Share links to your favorite online shops, preferably with a few photos of your favorite items in each shop.

Oh geez, this is bad, because this post makes me want to shop. Fortunately, I do not need any clothes right now. I have tons of dresses for summer and fall! However, since I’m inclined to share my favorite online shops. For dressing up and work attire, I shop on, and!, and Prana are my favorite online stores for casual, yoga and outdoor gear too!

Anthropologie is my top favorite online store and I try not to shop on this site, too often. I am considering getting a new dress from my sister in law’s wedding, like the Jardim Lace DressJardim Lace Dress #anthropologie [I’m sure Mr. F will say this is too busy, or too distinctive and I’d like the price to be lower!]

Horsing around sweatshirtHow cute is this Horsing Around sweatshirt on J.Crew? Or this seahorse teeVintage cotton tee in sea horse I guess you all know what I want for Christmas! Sadly, all of J. Crew’s dresses look like empire waist types, which is not flattering on my short stature, so I will not be shopping for my next dress for a wedding or work function there….

Maybe I should finally use, Rent the Runway! I’ve been tempted to use this site to rent a dress but the prices are usually $50-$150 or more! This is a cute party dress…Issa Break His Heart Dressand I think this could be a possible black tie work event dress….Calvin Klein Collection Pick Up Line Sheath

I love wearing dresses, especially from Patagonia (the Rio’s Secret is a new style that I’m curious about)Patagonia Women's Rios Secret Dressor Horny Toad. I have the short-sleeve version of the Oolong dress from Horny Toad and I love it! 

By the way, the Clymb has Lole yoga gear and dresses on sale right now

I would love this Riley Woven shirt from Prana this fall! 

I also exclusively shop online now, because I hate waiting in line. Mr. F and I even get all our drugstore products on Do you have any favorite online shops?

Dreaming of summer clothes…

Wouldn’t it be nice if it were warmer? It snowed in Chicago this morning. It’s April 18th. My friends say, “Welcome to the Midwest!”
 If I was on a shopping spree, I’d love to buy these fun blue Ray Bans! A friend of mine wore a pair like this and they look so cool. 
I also enjoy these Dorothy Gale blue gingham shorts and 
the Delaney eyelet skirt from J.Crew.
Who doesn’t want to look as relaxed and as happy as this sidewalk stroll scene from Anthropologie?
Spring is just around the corner, I’m sure. But for now, I’ll stick to my layers, overcoats, scarves, and mittens!

Have you met J. Crew’s little sister? Madewell?

Have you heard of Madewell? I’ve been reading a few blurbs about the new store and was curious to read more. J. Crew opened a few stores under the brand name of Madewell (in LA, Dallas, and NYC). (If you are curious, check out their website: Here are some of my favorites, the high summer dress                               and the summer plaid tunic. Don’t these look like nice summer staples?Please let me know if you’ve been to a Maxwell store or own one of their pieces!! 

Adorable clothes I’ve recently seen on the web!

 I loved sailing as a teenager and I wish I made time for it as an adult. I guess I could pretend by wearing this cute boat tee!

I love Cole Haan ballet flats because of their Nike Air cushioning. I think these teal slippers are sweet and sassy!

If I won the lottery, some of the things I would do would go crazy at Anthropologie and J. Crew! It’s totally spring time in Seattle, how perfect is this Shadowed Vine scarf from Anthropologie? It would be so cute with the Chambray Cara dress from J. Crew!

Oooo la la…..

I’m so excited for my J.Crew brown paper package to arrive in the mail!

My husband’s making enchiladas for dinner and we’re watching Glee again, because it’s our FAVORITE new show. It’s also our go-to-feel-good show. When you need to decompress from a hard day, or week, this is the perfect show to watch. It’s an instant comedic and musical relaxant!
I also wanted to share that there’s a 30% off sale at J. Crew! It’s soo exciting! All the beautiful colors, materials, and ruffles are now more affordable!  I’ve been eye-ing these lovely items below. Are you planning on taking advantage of this sale?

 Petite stretch bootcut cord

 Okay, back to Glee now. Have a wonderful Saturday night!