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My less than 30 hours in NYC!

Last week, when I was in New York City, it was sunny, around 40 degrees and now it’s 20 degrees colder with several inches of snow!

My first order of business when I arrived in New York City (after checking into my hotel) was going to the MoMA. I was lucky that the Hilton Midtown was across the street from the museum, so I was able to catch the last viewing of the Matisse exhibit for the day. Admission was also half off since the museum was only open another hour.  10390376_715946974842_217226768375760163_n Photos are not allowed but I snuck two of some of my favorite pieces, the Swimming Pool and10944935_715944629542_763894378902133763_n the Parakeet and the Mermaid10341963_716461508712_3031427850729619656_n Here’s the full version (not taken by me). tumblr_mijmxo5bW71s65wtxo1_500 It was found on tumblr. After the Matisse exhibit, I had just enough time to quickly walk through the main exhibits and even see a few pieces I recognized like the Andrew Wyeth.  10361972_715947079632_2550683230632992641_n 10383082_715946999792_3093841456895237848_n The gift stores were full of fun stuff and I picked up a few magnets of my favorite pieces including the Horse, the Rider and the Clown!  CRI_109616

Mr. F’s cousin Bethany, just moved to New York and we met up for a fantastic dinner the night I arrived in town. 10155938_716048206972_673747613635060677_n My friend Mohit had suggested Gotham Bar and Grill 10930517_716048192002_1009989143483989242_n and we loved it. Of course, we made sure to get the famous chocolate cake and the tuna tartare was absolutely delicious too. The cocktails were phenomenal too.

10933800_716048496392_7444697114012904956_nAfter my Thursday morning meetings, I met Bethany in her neighborhood and we took the subway to Chelsea Market and the High Line.10941018_716048631122_7689257121443882195_n We grabbed an iced tea in the market and wandered back into the sun. 10373957_716048930522_4793012681952195641_n It was a gorgeous day to walk along the High Line. 10940609_716048975432_7299807679003604906_n10931542_716049165052_4051182685837563237_n For a late lunch, early dinner, we went to the Spotted Pig10896837_716049654072_1752301784200339595_n This was our favorite suggestion of Mohit’s. 268542_716049424532_119392837978244809_n The interior was as charming as the exterior with adorable pig decorations and tiny tables. 10931237_716049444492_4546101551063709452_n10422418_716049524332_1909354474384181145_nWe loved our cocktails,10428657_716049459462_353576927942619566_nthe deviled eggs, 10584037_716049564252_4622421064092975651_n and the huge burger with Roquefort cheese and shoestring fries. 10544419_716049584212_7010878477925346287_n We demolished it together after our long walk! 10942639_716050028322_3259444329423928195_n There was a beautiful sunset as I left Manhattan as a perfect ending to a great work trip.

August for the Fettbots = travel, eating, swimming and reading

When I haven’t been traveling, Mr. F and I have been working from home during the day, biking to our wedding beach, swimming in the Sound imagethen reading on the beach to dry off and warm up from the 55-60 degree water. imageI’ve read so many great books in the last month, thanks to our good friend Mohit’s suggestions. I loved reading the Brilliance saga by Marcus Sakey which reminds me of X-Men and Atlas Shrugged in the best possible way. I tore through the first two books on the plane and beach within 2-3 days. I read the Breach trilogy by Patrick Lee next and finished that within 10 days. It’s also sci-fi and awesome. I think I’ve read more than 10 books in the last month including the Fifty Shades of Grey Trilogy. On a more serious note, I’ve started reading Wheat Belly and the Emperor of Maladies but they are not beach reading so it’s taking me longer to finish them.image I actually tried to be gluten-free since I was inspired by Wheat Belly. I do not like fad diets but I think the science regarding today’s genetic modified wheat and the rise of diabetes, inflammatory responses, etc. is fascinating. However, I really love humbaos, crossiants, pretzel buns, cupcakes, and many other forms of gluten. I only survived 2 weeks without gluten before succumbing to pressure and eating something totally worth it and deliciously bready. I don’t even like rice that much, except in sushi. image(This is taken at my favorite sushi place, Billy Beach in Ballard). At this point, I would like to eat healthier but I will settle for everything in moderation. Or lots of swimming…. We’ve been swimming 3-4 times a week and going to yoga 3-5 times a week too!image

We celebrated our 6 year wedding anniversary in Lummi Island, August 1st-3rd. imageThe tiny 25 car ferry is the first part of the awesome getaway.image It takes about 15 minutes from Bellingham to the island.imageWe stayed at the amazing Willows Inn on Legoe Bay, imagewhere our windows faced the reef netting salmon boats image and a zen garden on the other side! We had out of this world local food too!  image imageimageimageWe stopped by the farm for a fun family BBQ in Stanwood on the way homeimage from our anniversary trip.  image Mom had horse and imagecaboose cookies waiting for us too! image

The Fremont-Ballard neighborhoods (Frelard) have been graced with two new awesome burger restaurants. Mr. F and I checked out Giddy Up, Burgers and Greens when I got back from Spokane on Wednesday and it was awesome. It’s a cowboy themed, fast food, vintage styled restaurant. They have a cool patio with a lofted roof and a great beer selection. I really enjoyed the grass-fed beef burger while listening to Take Five. On Friday, we went to 8 oz Burger which also just opened in Ballard, this week, for comparison. imageThey have more gourmet burgers with cool ingredients like peanut butter, bacon, gruyere cheese and argula. It also has a huge beer selection. I think poor Pono Ranch and Little Woody’s are going to suffer from this competition.

My best friend from college just had her baby shower earlier this month! imageMandy is due in October. My best friend since Middle School, Andrea, is due TOMORROW!!! I’m excited to be an Auntie very soon!imageimage Also, the first sunflowers are starting to bloomimage in my backyard!!! The neighborhood has been bursting with sunflowers for the last month and it’s been gorgeous in summer imageeven in the rain,image which there has been very little this summer! We’ve had a lot of fun this monthimage with new restaurants, good books, friends, wine and even a few amazing home-cooked meals.  image

Lincoln Park Zoo and the baby zebra

We went to the Lincoln Park Zoo this weekend! Mr. F and I got brunch in Lincoln Park and then walked through the zoo to see the baby zebra! The little boy was born this summer on August 23rd.Source: via Emily on Pinterest
The colt’s name is Kito, which is Swahili for “jewel”. The mama zebra’s name is Adia and the dad zebra’s name is Clayton.We had so much fun watching it run around the pen.Kito was so cute with brown and white stripes. He even had a fuzzy mohawk along his spine!Kito reminded me of our baby horse, Zoe, so gangly and uncoordinated. He was all legs.When we walked by the warthogs, Mr. F proudly annouced this was a poop colored Pumba. The child next to him, instantly, goes, “Daddy, daddy, it’s a poop Pumba.” Now he knows that children repeat everything you say, whether you mean it our not!Surprisingly, Sunday was warm at nearly 70 degrees! 
It was super blustery too.
Shockingly, it dropped 30 degrees by Monday morning and even snowed lightly. Fortunately, the weather is warming up again and should be sunny and about 50 degrees for Katy’s wedding this weekend!

Groupon Riding Lessons at Bell Acres

My cousin, Katy, and I got a Groupon for riding lessons and we finally redeemed them last weekend and this weekend.We drove out to Homer Glen where the Bell Acres kitties  greeted us as soon as we got out of our car!

For our first lesson, we had horses named Trotsky and John John. We also saw a cute hackney pony too!We had our second lesson last Sunday and we rode two different horses, Reba and Maggie.Today, we had our third and final lesson. The cute orange cat greeted us again. However, our lessons were a lot harder today. I have never ridden saddleseat before and it was really difficult! I wasn’t used to the double reins or holding my arms at a higher angle, even the bits look completely different than the basic snaffles I’m used to!  Katy and I are looking for riding lessons at a Hunter/Jumper or Western barn next!

Vyšehrad on September 17th

We got lost looking for Vysehrad on the 17 tram on Friday, September 17th. Fortunately, we backtracked easily and found the “castle on the heights”. There were phenomenal views of the city from on top of the hill. Our favorite part was walking along the castle walls!
The ruins of the old fortifications overlook the Vltava River. 
 The tram from Vysehrad took us right by the Dancing House, so we took a quick photo opportunity. 
After lunch, we went for a boat ride down the Vltava!
 It was great to see the Charles Bridge from different angles. 
The statue detail of the Cechuv Bridge was my favorite part of the boat tour. 
We decided to wander around the trinket shops in Old Town after our boat trip. We didn’t find anything that we needed but I got my photo taken with the horses!
 September 17th was also the start of the Prague Wine Festival. It was a short walk from our hotel on Slovansky Island.
 We didn’t particularly care for the overly sweet Moravian wine, but we did find a new dessert wine….Hungarian Tokaj is AMAZING!