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Lucky me!!

I’m so excited that I’ve won 3 giveaways this month! When two of the prizes arrived in the last few weeks, they totally made my day! image Thank you to Mason Cakes via Cardigans and Couture! I picked the delectable German Chocolate Cake, german_choc_revised_medium Carrot Cake and Red Velvet when I won the giveaway. They were very cute! I recommended them to a few friends who were looking for a rustic, or country themed wedding favor!

Today, I received a package with my fun summer prize from NYC Pretty! Thank you for sending me the sunscreen and glowing products from Arbonne! I’m fascinated by sun protection and I am always interested in trying new skin products, especially if they prevent skin cancer and wrinkles! image 6b6861190a0cfeadf0a85f96ab68f0fe (Photos not taken by me can be found on my Pinterest!)

I also won Zories sunglasses from the Mermaid Chronicles! They’ll be on their way soon.

I highly recommend reading these three lovely blogs! Cardigans and Couture is written by some of my favorite twins who regal their readers with fun fashion via Portland, OR and Washington D.C..  The C&C posts about the mini fashionista and their amazing travels are fun to read too! NYC Pretty inspires me with great workout clothes and the fabulous NYC! The Mermaid Chronicles makes me want to learn to surf! I also love reading about the Mermaid Chronicles’ sailing adventures with her two sisters, parents and husband.

I want to win a Voda swimsuit!!!

There’s a Voda swimsuit giveaway going on the Seattle Smiths blog!!!

Here are the details:

To enter:
1. Go to and leave a comment on the 
Push Up Envy suit you would choose if you win!

2. Blog about this giveaway for an addition entry 
and leave a separate comment!

VodaSwim is ALSO giving 10% off to  
 and her readers with THE COUPON CODE: Seattle

Contest will end Jun 16th, 10PM PST. 1 person will be chosen using to win a Voda Swim Envy Push Up Bikini of their choice!! Winner will have only 48 hours to confirm their win or a new person will be chosen. Good luck!*

Here are my favorites!



I’m crossing my fingers that I win. I’ll be in Barcelona when the winner is announced so I really, really, really hope I magically win and get emailed. Please wish me luck. 🙂

Are you thinking of Christmas cards yet?

Halloween is here and November starts on Monday. I’m in the mood to order Christmas cards. By the way, Shutterfly has a great deal for bloggers. If you post about your favorite card designs, you can get a coupon for 50 free holiday cards! (Just go to I’m psyched. I’ve used Shutterfly to make photo calendars, albums, and stationary. My favorite project with Shutterfly was making my wedding album!! 

I love Christmas cards that feature lots of photos, so we can include our kitties and pictures throughout the year. The Picture Tree Christmas 4 x6 photo card could do the trick!

The Top Ten Moments card would be a great way to update our friends and family about our year…
I adore the Christmas tree design on Shimmering Snowflake Tree card! All the stars make me smile, perhaps this is the winner!
Last year, we choose the Seasonal Chic Holiday 5×7 folded card. 
But we also considered these two card designs!  We also had a few of these cuties. 
I’m also considering getting holiday address labels, like the Gorgeous Gift Tag!
There’s also the year-round Colorful Keys option! 
How cute is the Clever Rudolph Gift Tag?
Although the Wine Cheers tag seems better suited for Mr. F and me!
When do you start getting ready for the winter holidays? Do you wait until after Halloween, until after Thanksgiving, or until the last minute?


STAR WARS costume (& giveaway on bun&borough)

Are you dressing up for Halloween? Have you been contemplating what to wear this weekend? Here’s what I’m considering: [source] vs  [source]
I’m watching STAR WARS and having a glass of the lovely Pirouette wine,  in anticipation for my Boba Fett costume tomorrow!!  Boba Fett first really appeared in my second favorite Star Wars movie, the Empire Strikes Back. You do see him super briefly in STAR WARS when you first see Jabba and the Millennium Falcon.  [source]
I found this awesome hoodie on Ecko’s website! I’m going to wear my grey hiking pants, silver 3 inch heels, and hopefully I’ll find something yellow to look like knee pads
By the way, if you’re interested in a new look, check out bun&borough’s giveaway You could possibly win an entire outfit from Land’s End Canvas, and THREE runner-ups can win a Trip Tote!! I really want to win this outfit.  Or this awesome work shirt![source]
Don’t underestimate the force!
(Yes, my husband is snickering and calling me a nerdy bird.)

Cute Xenotees giveaway on Olive Bites

The Olive Bites Blog is having a giveaway hosted by Xenotees! Here are my favorite items from the quirky, fun Etsy shop:
How cool is a shirt with the collective names of animals? Have you ever wondered what a group of giraffes are called? (A tower!) Or what you call multiple tigers? (A Streak!)

The French Pet Lobster 3/4 length tee and Nerval Lobster Tee are so awesome! Along the “leash”, it says in French:
« J’ai le goût des homards, qui sont tranquilles, sérieux, savent les secrets de la mer, n’aboient pas… »

“I have a liking for lobsters. They are peaceful, serious creatures. They know the secrets of the sea, they don’t bark…”

I also enjoy the XX chromosome t-shirt!

Here’s what you could win on if you enter the giveaway on Olive Bites

The Giant Fortune Scarf … ( Success is a Journey ) is perfect for the upcoming Fall! 

Thank you, Paris Pastry!

We’re leaving for Vashon soon, but I saw this lovely email in my inbox and had to share quickly. 

 “The lucky person who has won this heart-shaped springform pan is …


Please check out Danielle’s lovely blogs. She describes herself as “A girl with two blogs. My food blog is Paris Pastry. My fashion & furniture blog is French Mademoiselle.”

Happy, lucky Monday! I’ve won TWO giveaways!

Wow, today is super busy but I just had to post on my lunch break! I’ve won two giveaways!! My first email of the day was from the Rikrak Studio. I was the lucky #368 comment to win a $25 gift certificate from the Rikrak Studio sponsor of my choice! I choose Sara Thomas on Etsy and her amazing organic silver stackers!

“Created by fusing 100% recycled fine silver then hammering for strength and texture, these stacker rings are tumbled to a sparkly finish!”
If this wasn’t exciting enough,  I ALSO WON an Anthropologie Gift Card from Effortless Anthropologie!!!!
The Vagabond Dress has been in my cart for awhile and so has the Flamente Dress. I think they both could be fun for Prague!
I’m so thrilled! Thank you to the Rikrak Studio and to Effortless Anthropologie!!!