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Recent Seattle restaurant reviews

My next reviews are in the Seattle Frelard, Ballard and Eastlake neighborhoods, where I mostly frequent, and get to via bike easily. (I also wrote this post prior to Mr. F making dinner…so I was hungry…)

Tarsen I Jane

13198454_783543750362_6424228620012600562_o We went less than a month ago within a week of their opening night. They had awesome presentation, tasty bites (literally), and a cool atmosphere. We love their Spanish wine selection. The chefs are present in the open kitchen and friendly. However, I wish I had been brave enough to tell them that their food is way too expensive for the amount they serve, and that they need more than 5 bites in each dish, especially when it’s deemed an entree. Hopefully, the quantity to price point won’t put them under too quickly. They really pushed the tasting menu as the best deal, which we declined since we wanted little to no grain and the main entree was their paella. Overall, I’d go back if they increased their portions.

(This is right next to Frelard Pizza on NW Leary, which is loud and very child friendly. I prefer Ballard Pizza Company, which is the same restaurant group, but this space is more intimate and the pizza is better cooked. They also have a new location in South Lake Union.)

Marine Hardware

13340111_786261314342_8284043810648416068_o This is a perfect date night spot. Marine Hardware shares the building with the Walrus & Carpenter, Barnacle, and Staple & Fancy. This new Ethan Stowell concept was a small space but it worked. They had cool 90s hits playing and every course of the tasting menu was tailored to our preferences. We loved their steak tartare almost as much as the Walrus & Carpenter’s next door. As I mentioned on my Instagram, I’m still drooling over the classic preparation with celery puree. I can’t wait to go back soon and try more of their dishes! 13308618_786339362932_7153069358778640991_o

Sushi Kappo Temura

13391545_786718044052_3708864163352142685_o The healthy Japanese brunch options are our favorite for chill Saturday and Sunday mornings. Mr F loves their sashimi and I love the non-rice fish selections too. We enjoy going here for dinner or brunch, but sometimes forget to go, since it’s not within easy walking distance of our house. It’s also a large restaurant and centrally located.

My most loved restaurant still remains, La Isla. We’re there almost every week. Mr. F and I enjoy getting the camerones during happy hour and I also like getting the pina colada. 13147761_782742580912_1018508227466323576_o My absolute favorite meal is the pernil pastleon, which is basically a healthier lasagna with plantains and Ma’s Lil’ peppers. We usually ask for the en Fuego sauce to accompany the garlic sauce too! It’s a perfect compliment to the cheese and pork.   11225414_755721815742_595450579947374705_o If I could only have one meal for the rest of my life, it would be the pernil pastelon!

Flying through the end of April into May!

At the end of April, I flew from Seattle image to April Falls for work where it was still winter. For example, tulips were nearly gone in Seattle but just starting in Idaho Falls.image Idaho Falls was gorgeous and I had a hotel overlooking the falls too. It reminded me of Oregon Trail but fortunately, I didn’t have to ford the river!  image I also enjoyed flying over the Tetons on home. image Seattle has been surprising me with it’s nearly 80 degree weather! We went paddle boarding at the end of April on the Puget Sound. image image     It was amazing to go into the Ballard Locks!  IMGP1810IMGP1816IMGP1812IMGP1856IMGP1840My sister and her boyfriend joined us for their first time paddleboarding too! It was a blast. IMGP1841imageSeattle has also been so beautiful with gorgeous blossoms image and even roses! imageimageOn grey days, we’ve caught up on Game of Thrones with our good friend, Mohit with fantastic Washington wine! imageEven the rain doesn’t keep us from barbequing and enjoying the warmer weather. imageWe also took our kitties to the groomers and they got their spring haircuts. imageIt took Lily a little while to get used to her shorter hair cut imagebutimageLyra loves it.imageimageFor Mother’s Day, we went to Little Water Cantina in Eastlake. We love their patio and fun Mexican fare. imageEarlier this week, Mr. F and I enjoyed an amazing downtown dinner at Aragona! We had delicious lamb chops  imageimageand halibut with beautiful presentation. imageimageThat night I flew to Spokane for work and a day later, Missoula, Montana! imageimage I always love flying back into Seattle especially at sunset. imageimage

The month of April is almost gone!

Here are a few quick things that have occurred this month…image imagethe evolution of our garden… image a few fun wine tastings…imageimage lunch with my sissy, when my work took me to a nearby clinic… image image happy hour with my other sissy…image watching Game of Thrones with the best Seattle view…image traveling to Missoula, MT for work, where I rode the Cougar plane image and got to see my college, buddy, Bryce….image imagelots of yoga and Mr. F made a few more amazing meals, including this black cod with pea purée, cherry tomatoes, cotija and cabbage slaw, image imagelong walks on the beach, and over 8 mile walk on Easter…image  goose eggs from my Mom on Easter…image another trip to Fargo, but this time with warm weather….image a less than 12 hour work trip to Victoria via seaplane…  image just enough time for a full day of work and poutineimage before flying out again! image imageimage image I love Seattle in the spring!

Tomorrow, I fly to Idaho Falls, ID for work then Penticton, BC and Boise, ID the following week. I’m also looking forward to returning to Spokane, WA and Missoula later in May!

Spring has sprung in Seattle but not in the Midwest yet

Last week, I left Seattle while it was in the 60s and sunny. image imageFargo and Minneapolis were fortunately sunny but between 10-38 degrees. The snow was melting and nothing was blooming yet.image image Meanwhile, Seattle has flowering trees and blossoms everywhere! It was so nice to come back to Spring in Seattle!image image image imageSeattle has been so sunny and pretty this week! Over the weekend, it was so nice that we went up to Mohit’s rooftop downtown!  Lake Union and the Space Needle were stunning, of course. In the next month, work will take me to Tacoma, St Louis, Seattle, Missoula, back to Fargo and then Idaho Falls. This month will be busy but I’m excited to stay with my inlaws in STL and my college buddy in Missoula! When I return to Fargo in 3 weeks maybe the plants will be starting to bloom!

A week in pictures

image image Last Tuesday, we took our cousins to see the the Fremont Troll!image We also took them to the Book Bindery, and it was awesome. image Last Wednesday, I met my best friend since middle school at the Sea-Tac airport and it was wonderful to catch up. image I flew to St. Louis and she flew to Minneapolis. image Later that night, I had delicious ribs with my in-laws before driving to Jefferson City, MO for work. image Before flying back to Seattle, I saw my cousin, Jessie, who’s in DO school. image image On Sunday night, Mr. F made a stunningly delicious porcetta for dinner with my grandparents! image Last night, we went to RN 74 downtown and enjoyed Seattle’s restaurant week. image Today, my Uncle and I went to Westward (on Lake Union) for lunch. image We had several small platters, like the tasty gravlax, and the sun came out! image image

My last trip to Victoria

IMG_0793 It seems bittersweet but I will no longer travel to Victoria for work. I flew out on a foggy morning two weeks ago, and thank goodness, there were no delays. IMG_0802I really enjoy spotting my parents house from the seaplane! IMG_0806 I arrived in Victoria and immediately went to the clinic that I was monitoring at, so I didn’t get to appreciate my hotel room view much. I had a balcony this time with a slight view of the Strait of Juan de Fuca, but mostly of the Empress. IMG_0861IMG_0863A coworker and I went to a local seafood restaurant where I had Canadian oysters. I think I prefer the Washington coast oysters. IMG_0866After dinner, I went for a walk along Douglas St and Dallas Road, which goes along the Strait of Juan de Fuca. It was a gorgeous path especially at sunset. The Olympic Mountains were so majestic and the water was wonderful to watch too.IMG_0870 I took an hour long walk and wished I had more time to explore the beaches! IMG_0877 IMG_0872IMG_0893I did explore more of the totem poles outside IMG_0914 IMG_0916my hotel and in the Victoria Conference Center across the street. IMG_0931 IMG_0932 It was beautiful to view the Legislative buildings of Victoria from my balcony at night too! IMG_0934 After less than 48 hours in Victoria, I flew back to Seattle. IMG_0937 I love that amazing and only 35 minute flight. IMG_0982 IMG_1015

I’m traveling for work to Victoria, B.C.

I’m very excited that my work is progressing from exclusively at home, auditing, to in the field work! I get to go to Victoria B.C. next week and I’m traveling via seaplane!!!! c2b121e5cce3542b714af9c005b59097I’ll take off from Lake Union in Seattle and land in Victoria’s Inner Harbor!  0e0dfc094ca5ddaacafd99e58628bc38 I’m looking forward to the hour long flight. I plan on taking tons of pictures and hopefully I’ll see whales as we fly over the San Juan Islands! 55cabb9563b048ec8f81487574fe925f [All photos from the Kenmore Air Pinterest Board and my Seattle Pinterest Board!] I won’t have time for sight-seeing but I’m super excited that I can walk from the landing to my hotel and to the clinic! I will also go back to Victoria several more times this month. Yippee!