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My first day in Paris!

I arrived in Paris at 9:30am this Sunday morning. I tried sleeping the entire flight but didn’t get any deep sleep. Fortunately customs were a breeze and my conference had a driver waiting for me outside of baggage claim. It took me less than 20 minutes to get off the place and into the car!

My hotel was super busy when I arrived and of course, the room was not ready. Fortunately I heard Americans talking about site monitoring in the lobby and I knew I had found my people. I met several directors and we walked to the arc du triomphe near our hotel. It was windy and rainy today so we walked back to the hotel quickly to see if the rooms were ready. My room was still not at noon, so I walked to the Repetto shoe store while also in search of lunch.

The Repetto store was gorgeous with their shoe displays, tutus, stained glass and merchandise. I did not see any sale signs and their ballet flats were even more expensive than online, however I’m glad I went to their boutique. I walked by the Vendome column and Laduree, but I wasn’t hungry enough for 5-10 euro macarons yet. It started pouring as I walked towards Jardin des Tuileries plus I was starving so I got an Uber back to the hotel.

The room still wasn’t ready so I went to a nearby market and got muffins, cheese and pistachios. I guess most places are closed on Sunday and the Pariseans don’t wake up early. Fortunately, my room was finally ready at 3pm, so I took a nap before Mr. F flew in.

The concierge recommended a close by French bistro called Les Oreilles et la Queue. I’m so glad we asked for this recommendation. Dinner was très magnifique!  We loved the steak frites and the lemon tart dessert was even more phenomenal!  We walked down the Avenue Franklin D. Roosevelt to get a better view of the Eiffel Tower lit up at night!  We’ll explore more tomorrow after a good night’s sleep before my conference starts at noon!

First weekend home in two weeks!

I’m back on my blog after two weeks of travel for work and play! The last week of August Mr. F and I flew to Milwaukee.11951098_748860805262_3133095971150194914_n We even got upgraded to first class on the way there! I had a work trip planned and my cousin Toby got married in Steven’s Point! 11891001_10101438276234950_220585036306728330_n It was wonderful to have a few days in Milwaukee to have dinner11951638_749266162922_7126319493112153813_o with my awesome Talbot cousins, meander along 11952973_749222225972_2740696984397313226_o the riverwalk and around the city,  11953310_749129731332_963405064344336743_o go to our favorite restaurant, Bavette, and11224025_749222345732_8982294926411412655_o even catch a waterskiing exhibition with my cousins in the park! 11942158_10101438914381100_51947815136281935_oWe were surprised that Milwaukee was colder than Seattle and even rained! We had brought tons of bug spray and sunscreen. 11895978_749253418462_3578484545626576330_n Fortunately, we indulged in plenty of comfort food to keep warm. I’m still dreaming of the biscuits, like the raspberry cream cheese ones at Benelux 11951607_749222056312_5336303381424748063_o plus cheese curds, and burgers in pretzel buns FullSizeRender (1) that we had at Cafe Hollander!  FullSizeRender

My cousin’s wedding reception was held on the Wisconsin River and the newlyweds arrived by boat!  11217956_749355997892_4335251733579863991_n 11950205_10101451275668980_5847731645561841864_o I loved their decorations, sunflowers, cupcakes 11960114_749355903082_889832569118193013_n and all the family photos from the evening. 11133644_10101451277430450_1313798983941517259_o We had photos with most of the girl cousins with Granny Kay. 11998815_750257241792_5212358242857433787_n Several photos with most of Granny Kay’s children with their families and 11900029_749458602272_4090790796245304183_n the cousins being silly! Aunt Kitchie is the oldest daughter and her grandson, Will was the life of the party. She’s pictured here 11951144_749356107672_3024449610181374973_n with her daughter, Sarah and her husband Bill! 11958287_10101451275943430_8441117044262430034_o My dad is the next oldest child, pictured with my mom and Janie. 11958108_10101451278328650_8822937188089627291_o Uncle Mike is the third child and he and Aunt Linda brought their beautiful hunting dogs. My cousin Jessie’s an OBGYN resident in Chicago! 11249097_10101451278478350_8779252885393999714_o Granny Kay loved see her family, especially her newest great-grandchild, Cora!  11705449_10101451276991330_7086056662117275728_o11224789_10101451279675950_3517860367943838329_o Uncle Joe and Aunt Mary Lou are some of Granny Kay’s youngest children. 11951707_10101451278633040_3493059429835523456_o  Toby and Virginia’s first dance song was played by my cousins Jason and Charlie. It was so romantic! 11958127_10101451277764780_3099864335315046167_o It was a fun night full of Talbot shenanigans 11958258_10101451280259780_1982540965875290139_o and lots of dancing! 11953071_749457843792_1429265052571225272_n11053862_10101451280070160_935775842210304844_o The parents of the groom looked so happy.

The morning after the wedding, we went to Aunt Mary and Uncle Larry’s Funny Farm for breakfast. 11053292_10101451281013270_5357930457647271084_o It was a nice way to see all the family again 11046287_10101451281751790_2903908515063154459_o before the flight home. Fortunately, I’ll see most of my Wisconsin 11954672_749512529202_5384607143170858556_n and Canadian cousins in two weeks for my sister’s wedding on Camano Island!!

Next I’ll post about this weekend and my grandmother’s 90th birthday celebration!

total Taylor Swift fangirl

Today, I gave myself one of the best holiday presents ever! image image image imageimage I am so excited that I’m going with my sisters and my fun co-worker friend in August 2015! I rarely go to concerts so this is a big deal!!! However I have been listening to this album on repeat and I love that Taylor Swift had artists like Imogen Heap and Jack Antonoff from fun co-write with her. Taylor Swift reminds me of my sister, Katie (who was also born in 1989) and my cousin, Kiki!

I can’t wait for August 2015!!!!

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Happy 3 week wedding anniversary to Kiki and Ryan!

jumping Kiki was such a gorgeous and happy bride! How cute is she jumping on the bed with her maid of honor and my sister? She also had super cute bridesmaids! bridesmaidsThey were all so nice and cute!download (5)The ceremony site was at the beautiful Lake Park on Lion’s Bridge and the weather was absolutely perfect.1911698_699730283222_8056299740257250488_nAll the Talbots were so happy to be there including my grandmother!  10376267_699730353082_5742520537533719574_n 1958403_699730477832_8342281216381478811_nThe bride’s brothers, my awesome cousins, played a few songs during the ceremony and made us all tear up. download (8) Yay for the #Werkbots!download (2) download (4) The bride’s parents, my Aunt and Uncle, danced back down the aisle they were so happy! My sisters and I got some great pictures too! download (9)Most of my dad’s family is in Wisconsindownload (6)and it was great to see all of them!  10325258_10101068877777420_1594598868985075021_nThe bridal party got on an adorable trolley to take pictures around Lake Michigan and downtown Milwaukee before going to the Reception site. download (3)My cousin, Kiki is amazing and Ryan is pretty cool (10)The Milwaukee Art Museum was a wonderful background. download (11)Kiki and her brothers are so hilarious. I’m so glad they’re my cousins!download (12)download (1)The Pritzlaff Building had cobblestone walk away where we had cocktails before the reception! downloadMy sisters were wandering around 10700507_10101077912297170_5352014483813776388_o (1) and took some hilarious pictures of Mr. F, me, and Chris!10702049_10152311287946020_7250435638590328890_nThe bride and groom looked so in love and happy all throughout the day! My dad and his sisters were so happy1464628_10101070790484340_737922976247338299_nto see each other too! As if the food and family wasn’t already fabulous, 10733902_10101077913834090_3113631849610610757_othen my cousins played with their band, Saturday Night Gravy. Yeah, they’re total studs. 10644747_10101077915725300_3965890773252086281_o My favorite part was when Kiki got up and sang with her brothers, including, Taylor Swift’s “You Belong to Me”! 10698616_10100647209932904_7105508187161171297_nAlmost every female at the wedding sang along with the bridedownload (13)and it was EPIC….just like the Werkbots!1016476_699832977422_2490282498148008056_nHappy 3 week wedding anniversary, Kiki and Ryan!

The Day before Kiki’s #Werkbot wedding

10474729_699597788742_635397156170368832_n  The day before Kiki’s wedding was filled with lots of exercise and pampering! My sisters and I went with our cousins and a few other friends to Polished for mani/pedis, or as Uncle Dave calls it “finger and toe things”! 10365897_699523253112_6625614690646846083_nAuntie Mary and Kiki got adorable little details like French tips, little hearts and shellac and I was happy to find a new favorite color that’s a brilliant cobalt or lapis lazuli blue. My toes are soo pretty!10672407_699504795102_7796098481135324070_n 10704104_699504690312_1404738865949159109_n10403332_699531032522_1208701226936951143_nMost of the girls went to pick up the wedding dress so Katie and I walked along the river to where we met for a pre-wedding rehearsal lunch.1901297_699536491582_3313913243380681862_n 10557157_699531187212_6594027684432695910_n10672091_699536212142_5128542195508775870_nCafe Benelux had a great Belgium, English and Luxembourg beer menu! When the bridesmaids left for the rehearsal,10151851_699536476612_4059361427850167363_n Katie, Travis and I continued along the River Walk to Lake Michigan 10387542_699672883252_2191367983834105952_nand the Milwaukee Art Museum. It was such a treat to spend an afternoon with these two, around Milwaukee, before 10615458_699537125312_393167996861522612_n 10613011_699536935692_1316797279545821642_n I went to get Mr F at the airport. Mr F had a second interview which ultimately lead to a new job the following week!!!

We met the Talbots for dinner and dancing at the Milwaukee Alehouse but first, the WSU vs Stanford football game. 10696194_699673766482_5230401763313185832_nMy sister and Travis are huge Coug fans. After 9, a cover band started and it was amazing. They even played on of my ultimate favorite songs, 10615512_10100646101219774_7682480735968150955_n“You Make Me Feel Like Dancing!”1962654_10100646101464284_411082598169488920_nThe bride is an awesome dancer and looked like she was having a great time too!

#Werkbot pre-wedding festivities in Milwaukee

It’s always amazing when my work trips coincide with family or friends. It was awesome to spend more time with my family celebrating Kiki and Ryan’s wedding in Milwaukee last week! 10626840_699422964092_6990840146967938857_nAnother one of my favorite things about Milwaukee (besides my cousins) is the river walk! 10410656_699220579672_1740634587591023450_nThe last 3 times I’ve been in town for work, my hotels have always been close to the Milwaukee River too. This city reminds me of all my favorite parts of Chicago! 10339769_699221532762_2188603275414710721_nLast Wednesday, I flew to Milwaukee for a work trip and had dinner with the bride and groom and my sister and her boyfriend, Travis, a few nights before the wedding!10685340_699251507692_1894179038156638768_n My cousin, Kiki and my sister, Katie are some of the most fun-loving, happiest ladies that I know and they are a blast to hang out with….Can you tell we like taking pictures together too?10685450_699258877922_8636301881594181878_n I wish we lived closer to Kiki!1904174_699258897882_9008371760691570722_n 10509740_699268768102_6164447136957116098_n She’s always laughing or dancing, and knows how to make others smile.

My sister, Janie flew in on Thursday, after I finished working for the day, so we all met up before dinner with more cousins! 10665224_699382969242_2863390546036448418_nYay for car selfies!1422485_699383128922_7254686816476634438_nCan you tell we’re related? The Talbot family met up at my cousin Jason’s house for appetizers and drinks before dinner. Jason and Jeri just got married last October!10704030_699405648792_5440147928289315037_n My cousin, Jessie drove up from Chicago, where’s she’s an OB resident! 10703521_699422115792_2049498266155585310_n Kiki also showed off her Epic Bachelorette photo book that I made from Shutterfly before we all went to dinner!1743675_699422155712_8393505231911657042_n There were nearly 20 Talbots at dinner on Thursday. My parents, Janie and her boyfriend Chris10441085_699422694632_5216973321162924771_n Jessie, Travis, Katie, 10704114_699422774472_3657866503267844283_n 10329218_699422849322_97776686174779953_n my cousin Charlie and his girlfriend, Lacey, Jason, Jeri, Aunt Kitchie, Uncle Bill, the bride’s parents, my Aunt Mary and Uncle Dave, plus a few friends! 10690025_699428258482_1486412143643332541_n1800385_699489236282_7718664533251020126_nWe also had to take pictures in the pumpkin patch10703508_699489111532_2372499306510150239_n across the street after dinner!10441228_699489181392_1408700475279746343_n We Talbots have alot of fun together!

A few fun wedding photos from last weekend

imageimageAs the matron of honor, I did not get a chance to take many photos from my best friend, Andy Mac’s wedding. imageimageHowever, thanks to Facebook, I have found tons of great photos from friends. image I’m so glad someone captured the awesome wooden prop as the wedding guest book and of the cupcake tower from Cupcake Royale. image image I’m so glad someone got this photo of the Father-Daughter dance too!image  Check out more of Tom Bass’ photos!