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First weekend home in two weeks!

I’m back on my blog after two weeks of travel for work and play! The last week of August Mr. F and I flew to Milwaukee.11951098_748860805262_3133095971150194914_n We even got upgraded to first class on the way there! I had a work trip planned and my cousin Toby got married in Steven’s Point! 11891001_10101438276234950_220585036306728330_n It was wonderful to have a few days in Milwaukee to have dinner11951638_749266162922_7126319493112153813_o with my awesome Talbot cousins, meander along 11952973_749222225972_2740696984397313226_o the riverwalk and around the city,  11953310_749129731332_963405064344336743_o go to our favorite restaurant, Bavette, and11224025_749222345732_8982294926411412655_o even catch a waterskiing exhibition with my cousins in the park! 11942158_10101438914381100_51947815136281935_oWe were surprised that Milwaukee was colder than Seattle and even rained! We had brought tons of bug spray and sunscreen. 11895978_749253418462_3578484545626576330_n Fortunately, we indulged in plenty of comfort food to keep warm. I’m still dreaming of the biscuits, like the raspberry cream cheese ones at Benelux 11951607_749222056312_5336303381424748063_o plus cheese curds, and burgers in pretzel buns FullSizeRender (1) that we had at Cafe Hollander!  FullSizeRender

My cousin’s wedding reception was held on the Wisconsin River and the newlyweds arrived by boat!  11217956_749355997892_4335251733579863991_n 11950205_10101451275668980_5847731645561841864_o I loved their decorations, sunflowers, cupcakes 11960114_749355903082_889832569118193013_n and all the family photos from the evening. 11133644_10101451277430450_1313798983941517259_o We had photos with most of the girl cousins with Granny Kay. 11998815_750257241792_5212358242857433787_n Several photos with most of Granny Kay’s children with their families and 11900029_749458602272_4090790796245304183_n the cousins being silly! Aunt Kitchie is the oldest daughter and her grandson, Will was the life of the party. She’s pictured here 11951144_749356107672_3024449610181374973_n with her daughter, Sarah and her husband Bill! 11958287_10101451275943430_8441117044262430034_o My dad is the next oldest child, pictured with my mom and Janie. 11958108_10101451278328650_8822937188089627291_o Uncle Mike is the third child and he and Aunt Linda brought their beautiful hunting dogs. My cousin Jessie’s an OBGYN resident in Chicago! 11249097_10101451278478350_8779252885393999714_o Granny Kay loved see her family, especially her newest great-grandchild, Cora!  11705449_10101451276991330_7086056662117275728_o11224789_10101451279675950_3517860367943838329_o Uncle Joe and Aunt Mary Lou are some of Granny Kay’s youngest children. 11951707_10101451278633040_3493059429835523456_o  Toby and Virginia’s first dance song was played by my cousins Jason and Charlie. It was so romantic! 11958127_10101451277764780_3099864335315046167_o It was a fun night full of Talbot shenanigans 11958258_10101451280259780_1982540965875290139_o and lots of dancing! 11953071_749457843792_1429265052571225272_n11053862_10101451280070160_935775842210304844_o The parents of the groom looked so happy.

The morning after the wedding, we went to Aunt Mary and Uncle Larry’s Funny Farm for breakfast. 11053292_10101451281013270_5357930457647271084_o It was a nice way to see all the family again 11046287_10101451281751790_2903908515063154459_o before the flight home. Fortunately, I’ll see most of my Wisconsin 11954672_749512529202_5384607143170858556_n and Canadian cousins in two weeks for my sister’s wedding on Camano Island!!

Next I’ll post about this weekend and my grandmother’s 90th birthday celebration!

A few fun wedding photos from last weekend

imageimageAs the matron of honor, I did not get a chance to take many photos from my best friend, Andy Mac’s wedding. imageimageHowever, thanks to Facebook, I have found tons of great photos from friends. image I’m so glad someone captured the awesome wooden prop as the wedding guest book and of the cupcake tower from Cupcake Royale. image image I’m so glad someone got this photo of the Father-Daughter dance too!image  Check out more of Tom Bass’ photos!

What I’ve been doing in the first two weeks of January…

Since Christmas, we’ve been trying to walk 10,000 steps a day. We were really great until I started traveling again.  It’s hard to walk for approximately 90 minutes a day. However, we’ve been walking to Ballard image and around Discovery Park imageenjoying the nice weather and getting more steps in! image  I’ve been on three work trips in the last two weeks to Penticton, B.C., imagespent the night at the Fairmont Hotel in the Vancouver airport when I missed a connection, then two visits to hospitals in Seattle and Tacoma. imageimage It’s wonderful to eat dinner with Mr. F every night. imageOverall, it’s been a nice change to stay in the Pacific Northwest while traveling for work. I wish all my work trips kept me in this region! Next week, I go to Fargo, ND and the last week of January, I go to Jefferson City, MO, then Idaho Falls, ID the first week of February!

Last weekend, I helped my best friend since middle school put together, close and address 175 invitations! We also went wedding dress shopping image and found the perfect dress and my potential bridesmaid dress at J. Crew!

Today, Mr. F and I went to a book signing for our college buddy’s new book, Badluck Wayimage image It was great to see him!imageWe also stopped at Cupcake Royale while we were on Queen Anne. I even hit 10,000 steps because we walked to lunch in Ballard! Today was awesome.


For perspective, on a lazy day I average 2,000-3,000 steps, when traveling/running airports I average around 6,000 steps, so I really have to work it to get 10,000 steps. Obviously, I’m not a runner. 😉

A Fettbot Year in Review

imageOn New Year’s Day last year, we started our drive across the country image to move back to Seattle. One of the first things we did was go to Walrus & Carpenter. image Within the second week of January, 73300_610492266922_1250385297_nI went to a two week training for my new job in Raleigh, NC.  image Mr. F and I had our 30th birthdays IMG_0408 in February! IMG_0516image All spring, we enjoyed going back to our favorite spots, imagerestaurants, and adventures in Seattle. image IMG_0706We went to San Juan Island over Easter weekend.IMG_0985We love ferry rides. In April, we went to Berkeley to visit our friend Mohit376062_621922979682_926369652_n and go to Napa.IMG_118137054_621937560462_1308265316_nWe had lots of great food in Berkeley, San Francisco, St. Helena and Oakland! image imageIn May, we went to Discovery Park with our friend Hayes and her three legged dog. We also went sailing with Andrea in Elliott Bay.image image imageIMG_2100 We also went to Whidbey Island and met her boyfriend, Mike!imageWe went to visit our college town in May. IMG_2323We loved going to the Doubleback release party too.IMG_2459 IMGP0035  IMGP0019 IMGP00391000689_10200564699614790_1729905062_n In July, we went sailing with Andrea and her Dad to Blake Island. We had an amazing steak dinner aboard the Denouement too. 1045185_10201545855995129_1675493741_n We took Andrea to Walrus & Carpenter for her birthday too, image imageimage IMG_0096We went to the Washington Coast for the Fourth of of July with my cousin, Katy.IMGP1373 We went paddleboarding several times this summer and once with Katy and Hayes! IMGP0554  IMGP0519 IMG_0020I took a seaplane to Victoria for work a few times. IMG_0268IMG_0541We went to the Willows Inn on Lummi Island for our 5 year wedding anniversary!IMG_0602 We kayaked with dozens, possibly a hundred seals. IMG_0614 IMG_0663 IMG_0871 We saw local tribes netting salmon too.IMGP0893We flew to Chicago and drove to Michigan to see Mr. F’s parents. We got to see my cousin, Katy too.IMG_1025 IMG_1026We went to our first Sounder’s game with my sister, Katie. image imageIMG_1026_2 IMG_1062_2In September we celebrated my grandmother’s 88th birthday at Tilth.image I also went to Irvine for work and got to hang out with my work buddy, Marie. We got In N’ Out burgers with animal style fries,imageand went to Laguna Beach. imageIMGP1032 Mr. F and I went swimming in the Puget Sound several times in the late summer. IMG_1085_2My sister Katie’s birthday was at Gothberg Farms. IMG_11161294263_10100659540956690_1856282740_oWhile I was in Fargo for work, I met the rest of my family in Woodruff, WI for my cousin Jason’s wedding the first weekend in October. IMG_1542 Mr. F’s sister got married in Austin, Tx IMG_1668 the first weekend in November. image I loved seeing Mr. F’s cousins too. image image It was fun going to Allen’s boots too. IMG_2741 Thanksgiving was fun at 1475959_650400715072_1645204522_nKatie and Travis’ house. IMG_2746 IMG_2757  December has been pretty festive too! image image image image image11558107983_fb763353a9_b  11557982596_ea94bee27d_b Happy New Year!

Skipping Blogtember today, I went swimming instead…

I’m going to skip Blogtember today and yes, it is because I’m intimidated by the topic.[Blogtember Day 12 – Creative writing day: write a (very short) fictional story that starts with this sentence: “To say I was dreading the dinner party would be the understatement of the century.”] I love dinner parties, so I can’t imagine dreading one!

Today after work, Mr. F and I went to the beach and swam in Puget Sound!image It was in the upper 70s but the water was still 55 degrees. Fortunately, it felt warmer after a lap! Mr. F swam for 40 minutes but 20 minutes was plenty for me.  image We both had super cold hands when we got out of the waterimage so to warm upimage we got burgers in Ballard at Lil’ Woody’s!  imageimageWe also got cupcakes next door at Cupcake Royale, imageincluding the new seasonal flavors Huckleberry Buckle, Pumpkin Maple, Peanut Butter Chocolate Pretzel and Chocolate hazelnut praline!

It’s so fun being back in Seattle. I always make the best of traveling for work, but it also makes me appreciate my town more! Mr. F and I love swimming in the Sound and will hopefully have a few more chances this fall!

Seattle family, food, and fun in the last week of August

Since I returned from Houston last week, Mr. F has been cooking amazing meals nearly every night! Some highlights include, sweet pepper baked eggs, image and BBQ chicken with a pickled eggplant and cucumber salad!image We also have gone to yoga 7 times in the last 9 days! imageWe may have also indulged in  image fried green tomatoes and carrot ginger soup at Dot’s Delicatessen next to yoga.

Last weekend, Mr. F also made a delicious salmon image with a brown sugar soy glaze!  imageLast Sunday, we ran errands including picking up our freshly washed down pillows at Feathered Friends. We wanted to buy most of the items in the store, but we fortunately restrained ourselves!  imageSunday night, Mr. F and I went to our first Sounders soccer game with my sister and her boyfriend.imageIMG_1025IMG_1026imageWe scored Trophy Cupcakes as soon as we arrived! image They were awesome image and the Seattle Sounders beat Portland too! image On Monday, Mr. F made pork tenderloin and  grilled peppers with avocados, feta and a cherry tomato!  imageIMG_1037On Tuesday, my grandparents, Uncle and I went to lunch at the new Skillet Dinner in Ballard.  image It’s a gorgeous space imagewith a lot of the same entrees from the food truck, plus more! image  I got the Fried Chicken Sammy and it was divine. imageimageOn Wednesday night, Mr. F made a grilled chicken with a mustard rub along with a fresh summer salad of zucchini, cherry tomatoes and summer squash from our produce box. IMG_1047 Thursday night, we had a going away party for my cousin, who’s starting her sophomore year in college at Macalaster! It was at a lovely Italian restaurant in Ballard, called Ristorante Picolino’s. IMG_1069 IMG_1076 IMG_1080 I love dinners with my grandmother, Tootie, especially when it involves delicious ravioli! IMG_1081  IMG_1088We had the patio to ourselves too! Yesterday, we both got out of work early, so we went to our wedding beach for beach reading and swimming!IMGP0938 IMGP0941

It’s Our Five Year Wedding Anniversary!

just married Five years ago, I married my best friend. Yes, this may sound corny but he gets me. He reminds me to have stronger boundaries and not just say, “yes” to everything. He understands my family. (Best example, calving on the farm. Mr. F knew to stay far, far away, in a hammock and avoid the crazy. He and I were better for it.)

We got married on a perfect Seattle summer day, on Puget Sound, at the Shilshole Bay Beach Club. It was in the 70s and sunny. We were surrounded by all our favorite people.the bridal party Our bridal party was a mix of our great friends from college and our sisters. the trainI wore a lovely sample dress with a beaded bodice that looked like smiles.dress  Our photographer, Erin Schedler, was a friend from college, which made Mr. F much more comfortable but he was still embarrassed to take kissing photos.kiss   We agreed ahead of time not to smash cake in each others faces, cake cutting cupcake kiss but the Best Man, Bill, did not agree to this plan and pushed my hand into Mr. F’s face! cupcake smash We had an amazing time, especially dancing! To this day, we still think it was the best party that we’ve ever attended! dancingWho know weddings could be this fun? I don’t think I even appreciated, or liked going to weddings, until Mr. F and I got married.