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A fun foodie and outdoor adventure day!

Today was pretty awesome. It started with a 7am swim with Mr F. Sunrise swims are always gorgeous with the pastel colors over the Olympic mountains to the West. Since I didn’t take a picture, I highly recommend everyone go to Golden Gardens beach in Seattle when the sun is rising on a clear day, however sunset in the summer is even more glorious at Golden Gardens.

After we went swimming, we went to one of our favorite yoga classes, which is a great slow flow at the Yoga Tree.  We love going to this class, especially after a long week of work.

Mr. F had to work today, so after lunch, I met my friends for paddleboarding in Shilshole Bay. I rented my favorite displacement paddle board from Surf Ballard and we decided to paddle through the marina. I’m so glad that we did because we saw a baby harbor seal!! (I really wish I had brought my waterproof camera.) It was chasing a fish and circled our boards. It also popped up next to us, repeatedly, over the course of several minutes, super curious and adorable. It was only about two feet long! We almost thought it would climb onto our boards! We also saw my family friends on their boat, the Arkenstone as we paddled through the marina. Before we got to the North end of the marina, the wind came up, pushing us backwards, so it made it pretty easy to be blown/paddle back.  As if this wasn’t enough exercise, I went for another swim after, since it was nearly 90.

Mr. F came home for dinner and we got awesome barbecue at one of our favorite places, Bourbon and Bones. We love splitting a full rack of ribs there. We also got dessert at Cupcake Royale, specifically for the Blueberry Balsamic Goat Cheese ice cream. 14068465_799865805832_5280912603906593615_o The best part of this culinary adventure is, we know the goat cheese farmer!   13987441_799865077292_9053374230481843509_o Gothberg Farms makes the most amazing goat cheese and I HIGHLY recommend a trip to Bow to get cheese, or buying it at Metropolitan Market, or the Bellingham or Anacortes Farmer’s Markets.

That’s all for today! Tomorrow, I’ll prioritize packing more and hopefully get a few swims in, too!



A few fun wedding photos from last weekend

imageimageAs the matron of honor, I did not get a chance to take many photos from my best friend, Andy Mac’s wedding. imageimageHowever, thanks to Facebook, I have found tons of great photos from friends. image I’m so glad someone captured the awesome wooden prop as the wedding guest book and of the cupcake tower from Cupcake Royale. image image I’m so glad someone got this photo of the Father-Daughter dance too!image  Check out more of Tom Bass’ photos!

What I’ve been doing in the first two weeks of January…

Since Christmas, we’ve been trying to walk 10,000 steps a day. We were really great until I started traveling again.  It’s hard to walk for approximately 90 minutes a day. However, we’ve been walking to Ballard image and around Discovery Park imageenjoying the nice weather and getting more steps in! image  I’ve been on three work trips in the last two weeks to Penticton, B.C., imagespent the night at the Fairmont Hotel in the Vancouver airport when I missed a connection, then two visits to hospitals in Seattle and Tacoma. imageimage It’s wonderful to eat dinner with Mr. F every night. imageOverall, it’s been a nice change to stay in the Pacific Northwest while traveling for work. I wish all my work trips kept me in this region! Next week, I go to Fargo, ND and the last week of January, I go to Jefferson City, MO, then Idaho Falls, ID the first week of February!

Last weekend, I helped my best friend since middle school put together, close and address 175 invitations! We also went wedding dress shopping image and found the perfect dress and my potential bridesmaid dress at J. Crew!

Today, Mr. F and I went to a book signing for our college buddy’s new book, Badluck Wayimage image It was great to see him!imageWe also stopped at Cupcake Royale while we were on Queen Anne. I even hit 10,000 steps because we walked to lunch in Ballard! Today was awesome.


For perspective, on a lazy day I average 2,000-3,000 steps, when traveling/running airports I average around 6,000 steps, so I really have to work it to get 10,000 steps. Obviously, I’m not a runner. 😉

Skipping Blogtember today, I went swimming instead…

I’m going to skip Blogtember today and yes, it is because I’m intimidated by the topic.[Blogtember Day 12 – Creative writing day: write a (very short) fictional story that starts with this sentence: “To say I was dreading the dinner party would be the understatement of the century.”] I love dinner parties, so I can’t imagine dreading one!

Today after work, Mr. F and I went to the beach and swam in Puget Sound!image It was in the upper 70s but the water was still 55 degrees. Fortunately, it felt warmer after a lap! Mr. F swam for 40 minutes but 20 minutes was plenty for me.  image We both had super cold hands when we got out of the waterimage so to warm upimage we got burgers in Ballard at Lil’ Woody’s!  imageimageWe also got cupcakes next door at Cupcake Royale, imageincluding the new seasonal flavors Huckleberry Buckle, Pumpkin Maple, Peanut Butter Chocolate Pretzel and Chocolate hazelnut praline!

It’s so fun being back in Seattle. I always make the best of traveling for work, but it also makes me appreciate my town more! Mr. F and I love swimming in the Sound and will hopefully have a few more chances this fall!

It’s Our Five Year Wedding Anniversary!

just married Five years ago, I married my best friend. Yes, this may sound corny but he gets me. He reminds me to have stronger boundaries and not just say, “yes” to everything. He understands my family. (Best example, calving on the farm. Mr. F knew to stay far, far away, in a hammock and avoid the crazy. He and I were better for it.)

We got married on a perfect Seattle summer day, on Puget Sound, at the Shilshole Bay Beach Club. It was in the 70s and sunny. We were surrounded by all our favorite people.the bridal party Our bridal party was a mix of our great friends from college and our sisters. the trainI wore a lovely sample dress with a beaded bodice that looked like smiles.dress  Our photographer, Erin Schedler, was a friend from college, which made Mr. F much more comfortable but he was still embarrassed to take kissing photos.kiss   We agreed ahead of time not to smash cake in each others faces, cake cutting cupcake kiss but the Best Man, Bill, did not agree to this plan and pushed my hand into Mr. F’s face! cupcake smash We had an amazing time, especially dancing! To this day, we still think it was the best party that we’ve ever attended! dancingWho know weddings could be this fun? I don’t think I even appreciated, or liked going to weddings, until Mr. F and I got married.

Summer in Seattle!

IMGP1373 Last weekend, we went paddleboarding on the Puget Sound. It was amazing how much our balance has improved with going to yoga 2-4 times a week! IMGP1376 My cousin Katy had never been paddleboarding and she had a blast too.  IMGP1371 We saw a seal and a sea lion from far away, in addition to several jelly fish! IMGP0519 Hayes joined us too! IMGP0553 The four of us had a great time paddleboarding, IMGP0554 especially with our waterproof cameras. IMGP0557IMG_0009 This week, Mr. F and I have been eating healthier with dishes like King Salmon with blackberry sauce and fresh peas, and seared scallops with chives and macona almonds! IMG_0038 I’m very lucky to have my own personal chef! IMG_0043 IMG_0068 Yesterday, we went to the Ballard Seafood Fest! IMG_0057 We walked from our house, enjoying the sun and the scenery.  IMG_0061 I was very excited to get the Cupcake Royale cupcakes with Swedish fish on top, in honor of the occasion. IMG_0078 Yesterday afternoon, we met a few friends in Belltown and enjoyed their patio IMG_0089 with lots of sunscreen and big shady hats. IMG_0086IMG_0085 We met my parents, grandparents and uncle for an impromptu dinner just down the street!IMG_0103 IMG_0116 The outdoor patio was lovely and the weather was perfect to dine al fresco! IMG_0102IMG_0109 We had duck liver pate with rhubarb, lasagna, IMG_0110 salmon, porkchops, amazing wine from Waitsburg Cellars,IMG_0097 IMG_0121 and several amazing desserts. I loved them all! IMG_0124 IMG_0126 IMG_0123 IMG_0130   I’m so happy it’s summer!

Spring in Seattle

Spring has sprung in Seattle and it’s only the first week of March! image It’s so funny to me that Chicago could get up to a foot of snow tomorrow. Winter is not over in the Midwest! While there are certain things and people I miss in Chicago, we are very happy to be back in Seattle. I guess we should count ourselves fortunate that it only snows heavily in Chicago, when we don’t live there!

On Mr. F’s birthday, it was sunny and at least, 50 degrees.  We celebrated with a fun sushi lunch image image and a super fancy dinner at Canlis. Unfortunately those photos are on my camera and my laptop died, so I am only able to add photos from my phone currently.image Luckily, I take A LOT of photos.

Our recent outdoor adventures have been well documented with my iPhone camera. A little drizzle, on Friday, did not stop us from an afternoon hike in Carkeek Park.image I love wearing my Hunter boots and splashing in muddy puddles! image The path started as a trail winding through trees and opens up in several places for an orchard image, a few swampy areas, and a creek where salmon spawn.image We also saw snowdrops blooming in the moss as we walked to the beach.image It was pretty windy and the water was very cold, as I rinsed the mud off my boots, imagebut it was totally worth it for all the picture opportunities! (And after Chicago, Seattle’s wind is nothing.) image We even got a free cupcake at Cupcake Royale after our walk! They have a 1st of the month promotion, if you get a cup of coffee. For the month of March, it was lemon pistachio! imageOver the weekend, we ran through our old neighborhood in Queen Anne and went across the Ballard Locks.  imageWhile we did not see any salmon jumping (yet), we did take advantage of the nearby Car2go!  imageI love how the country station is always on when we get into a Car2go. Can you tell Mr. F loves the music too?  

Our new Sunday tradition is to get brunch/lunch near the Ballard Farmer’s Market. This weekend, we went to King’s Hardware for burgers and lemonade!image

Today was super sunny again!image Lily and Lyra loved all the sun spots in the house! Mr. F and I went to visit the beach where we got married for our lunch breaks! The tide was out and image imageso were the Olympic Mountains! Isn’t Seattle amazing?