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Sunday in Paris

We had the most fun day ever in Paris starting with a tour of the Catacombs, walking through the Jardin de Luxembourg, playing with French ponies, eating fabulous French tapas, crepes, seeing sensational stained glass at Sainte Chappelle, and having a cute traditional French dinner.

 My college friend’s little daughter made the underground tunnels, filled with bones, less scary by looking for a bear around each corner. She kept saying, ‘come on’, ‘let’s go”! After the Catacombs, we took the bus to Jardin de Luxembourg. This stunning park has the imitation of the Pitti Palace from Florence, a huge pool with little sailboats floating, a big playground and pony rides! I couldn’t believe they let people take the ponies around the park for more than 15 minutes. Little Maeve was very serious and held on tight the whole time!  The ponies were so sweet and well trained. They were not startled by the children running around them and even stood still when they were not tied up!

For lunch, Mr F took me to a place he had been earlier in the week, called Les Avant Comptoirs par Yves CamdebordeIt’s a tapas bar with a French twist. We loved the blood sausage macaron. We also had delicious croquettes,  caramelized fennel, artichokes, pate, fresh bread and white Burgundy. After lunch, we remet up with Megan and her family for crepes! To walk off our wonderful lunch, we walked through the Latin Quarter to Ile Sainte-Louis.

We walked around the Notre Dame   and to Ile Saint-Louis for ice cream!  Berthillon is one of the best places in Paris to get ice cream! We avoided the long line by getting a table inside. I enjoyed both Megan’s sundae and my passionfruit sorbet!I’m so glad we got to go on a sunny day. The top floor of the small church was breathtaking with the most stained glass I’ve ever seen and sparkling rainbows on the ceiling. As a friend said, it was like standing in a jewelry box.  Megan and I also enjoyed all the fleur dis lis since we were Kappa sisters together! After Sainte Chapelle closed, Mr F and I walked along the Seine to the Au Petit Tonneau, near the Eiffel Tower for dinner.

Our dinner was in a small, charming little restaurant where we had French onion soup,    veal and lamb chops with amazing salted chocolate mousse for dessert! 

It was a wonderful end to our last full day in Paris!

A Wednesday and Thursday in Paris

This week’s kaizen conference was filled with tons of information, dynamic discussion and great food. I love that kaizen is Japanese for change for the better. My Wednesday and Thursday work days were long but filled with amazing food at our five star hotel. The breakfast buffet is phenomenal. I love having crepes everyday.    Plus, the conference lunches were three course affairs with delicious desserts and amazing presentation! 

On Wednesday, Mr F made a fun dinner reservation in the Le Marais neighborhood, at Cafe Breizh. It was a 50 minute walk so we took a cab instead. We did not realize that 7pm was Paris rush hour but fortunately our reservation wasn’t given away, even though we arrived 30 minutes late!

This wonderful creperie was recommended by college friends. I really enjoyed the savory crepe with eggs, bacon and lovely gruyere cheese. Mr F got a sausage crepe (turns out it was tripe so it was super smokey tasting) with salad on top. We both loved the crepe Suzette and ginger sweet crepes.  Thurday’s meeting was again over 10 hours straight, so I was so happy that we were able to grab a cab and see another part of Paris for dinner. This time we went to Montparnasse for traditional French food, at Josephine, Cafe Dumont.  We had boeuf bourguignon and also pigeon! We really enjoyed the soufflé for dessert too!! It was one of our most favorite meals in Paris!

Enjoying the summer weekend!

This weekend was jam-packed! We biked a couple hours and swam several times a day, ordered our new washer/dryer, and picked out a new bed frame and couches. We also packed up our kitchen and closets and started on other rooms as well. We dominated our task list!

We even made time to meet up with my cousin, Katy and her adorable son! 14040118_798659892492_2689889173033539547_n 13892147_798659872532_8477060862925169224_n 13912532_798659842592_7377028394046113295_n Mr. F and I had never been to Cooperleaf Restaurant and it was wonderful, especially since we had a table on the patio. It was perfect for George to run around while we caught up! He was fascinated with koi “fishies”!

This week, I’ll be traveling Monday through Friday, in Southern California for work. When I’m away from home and on the road, I try to schedule fun dinners and meet up with friends in different cities. I’m excited to see a work friend and her new baby when I fly into San Diego and later in the week, to catch up with a college friend and meet her toddlers for the first time!

Luckily, I won’t have any overnight work trips after this week until the first week of September. We still have lots more packing to do between now and the 1st!

In the last month…

In the last month, I started a new job, completed orientation, my little sister got engaged,1509276_705679705532_7876987127732053041_ncelebrated Thanksgiving with the family, 1655817_10101121031146650_2233594214674358365_o10408074_10205518199740146_7261028726146892731_nwent to a funeral of one of our best college friends,150713_705921615742_6820021658836084248_nwho will be missed severely,10731007_705920912152_698908552671452151_nstarted looking for a labradoodle puppy after meeting a really really cute one,10406712_707998129392_3203916938954129201_nread several amazing books (like the second and third Outlander books, Red Seas Under Red Skies, and Republic of Thieves), bought the majority of my Christmas presents on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and wrapped them, as well as setting up the tree. 10440923_707241954772_7426454819107115628_n    10805768_707177269402_7520573055612031062_n 10394089_707225487772_8106029255615772589_n  63457_705442111672_2026818322964496731_n x  10441028_707333082152_5917056602610517258_n We’ve had a few fun dinner parties at our house and Mr. F tried a new recipe of citrus, mint, hazelnuts and ricotta. We also had a phenomenal wine from Result of A Crush called Chistmas Cuvee! 10411301_707352568102_5850836480294007599_n We’ve also checked out a new restaurant called Manolin in the neighborhood and it’s pretty amazing.10805827_708270209142_4232267968195753175_nThe rockfish ceviche and cocktails are super delicious.  10850132_708268138292_951993845846791835_nYesterday, my sister, grandmother and I met up for mani/pedis and dinner too! 1535379_707998633382_2855232647952747756_nDecember’s pretty nice so far! Tomorrow I go to St Louis and next week, Denver and Spokane, WA for work then it’s CHRISTMAS!!

My favorite photos from sweet home Walla Walla

IMG_2229 On Friday we drove from Seattle to Walla Walla, stopping in Ellensburg for lunch at a fun restaurant called, The Red Horse Diner! We loved the burgers and neon signs. IMG_2247 We got nostalgic driving by the paper mill before Hwy 12. IMG_2259 One of our first stops was aMaurice. The lavender was blooming as we drove up the driveway and the sky was trying to become blue again.IMG_2262  For dinner, we went to the infamous Whitehouse-CrawfordIMG_2290 I went here for my 21st birthday and haven’t had the chance to go back. They still have the amazing blue velvet chairs. IMG_2293 We loved the tasting menu and were thrilled to find one of our classmates is the restaurant manager. Here are a few of my favorite courses, like chili shrimp with quinoa and pickled onionsIMG_2297 and the Pappardelle with chicken ragu and Pecorino Romano. IMG_2299 We also had Halibut with mushrooms, snap peas, and pureed potatoes IMG_2310 and a strawberry-rhubarb tart for dessert! IMG_2315 IMG_2319 On Saturday, we had a hearty breakfast of biscuits and gravy with eggs and hashbrowns at a new place (to us) called Bacon & Eggs. IMG_2321 IMG_2323 We also wandered around campus to walk off some of breakfast and paid a visit to Styx (the horse statue by Deborah Butterfield.) IMG_2349 IMG_2356 IMG_2385 Before lunch we stopped by Rasa Vineyards. We saw Walla Walla Sweet Onions growing next to the grapevines! IMG_2386 image For lunch, we went to our favorite place in Walla Walla, La Monarca taco truck! We love their tortas and Walla Walla Sweet Onion beef tacos. IMG_2417 After lunch we drove to the Doubleback release at McQueen Vineyard. IMG_2445 IMG_2449 Drew Bledsoe (the former NFL Quarterback for the New England Patriots) held the release party in his amazing vineyard and we got to try the new release, 2010 Cabernet Sauvignon and barrel samples for the Stolen Horse Syrah and the 2011 Cab.  IMG_2451 There was even a bonfire of wine barrel slats! IMG_2459 We loved the view of the Walla Walla Valley and all the blooming lavender surrounding the vineyard and separating them from the wheatfields. IMG_2461 IMG_2463 IMG_2495 Before dinner, we stopped at Beresan and saw the cutest winery dog! IMG_2499 For dinner, we went to Saffron Mediterranean  Kitchen, where we had fois gras with curried rhubarb, ribeye steak, and ravioli with oxtail and kale. IMG_2502 IMG_2503 IMG_2504 The best part was the olive oil semifreddo with raspberries and pistachios! IMG_2540 On our way home on Sunday, we listened to American Gods by Neil Gaiman which was helpful when we got stuck at the Snoqualmie Pass for an extra hour or more due to rockblasting.

Day 12 I miss…..

Day 12, Sunday: What do you miss? (a person, a thing, a place, a time of your life…)

I miss the ease of being 22, not worrying about taxes, hangovers, your metabolism, having to work out. I don’t miss being in college, but I do miss having your friends, down the hall, or down the street. 2428_512067206532_6737903_nSince our senior year of college, the girls in this photo have moved to Virginia, Chicago, Tacoma, Kirkland and as of the last few months, we’re all back in the Seattle area! Mandy, Megan, Julia and I all met our first week of college in Walla Walla, and Kelli came to visit so often, we count her as a Whittie. In addition to going to school with each other, the five of us all got married within a few years of each other. We were in each other’s weddings and celebrated each other at our bachelorette parties!35_503511387462_8252_n Kelli’s bachelorette party was in Portland in 2006. (This was also when I was working for Kelli’s mom at the dermatology clinic too!)104_503512969292_7523_n Mandy’s bachelorette party was in Vegas in 2007.104_503513283662_9783_nI was Mandy’s maid of honor when she got married, July 2007.  335_509366314142_5644_n335_509370909932_7911_n I got married in August 2008 and Mandy was my matron of honor.  1824_554072407550_7679_n Kelli had her first baby in 2009. Megan got married in Portland in 2009. It’s one of the weddings I regret missing the most! 8129_520899232082_2569598_n (This is us singing along to Beyonce’s All the Single Ladies song during Julia’s bachelorette party!) Julia got married in October 2010.16139_521236161872_5125467_n  Megan and Kelli were in her bridal party!

I also featured two of these lovely ladies the other day! imageBoth of them blog too! Hopefully, we’ll see each other more now that we all live within 45-60 minutes of each other!