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A Friday whirlwind in Paris

My conference ended at 2pm on Friday so we packed the afternoon with a walk to and through the Louvre and the Notre Dame before dinner. It was an 8 mile loop!   My favorite paintings were the Botticelli and the Mona Lisa!    Mr F liked the Egyptian art.  It was a lot to take in, but I’m glad we were able to go when the crowds weren’t too bad. We might have stayed a little longer but the weather was sunny and nicer than it had been all week!  Walking towards the Norte Dame, we saw a cute cat gallery!   We arrived at the Notre Dame in time for the 5:45pm Friday mass so we got to hear gorgeous organ music and the choir, as we walked around inside the chapel.  Sunset on the Seine was majestic.    We rested our feet for a few moments in the Palais Royal prior to our dinner reservation at Verjus. The daffodils are just opening in Paris! The restaurant was suggested by Eater and it was in a cute corner, perfect for people watching.  The prix fix menu was innovative and intriguing.   I really enjoyed the beet puff pastry with pork three ways. The sunchoke ice cream with stewed apples was fun and different too! Overall, we wanted more stereotypical French food, so we prioritized this for our weekend meals!

Ketchbot wedding week: part 2

12039177_752173451692_155352677793575983_n A week ago, my parents threw a welcome wedding lunch at the family farm for the incoming Wisconsin family. My mom had many pies and cookies, as well as many other salads, bbq and cute veggie cups.  12009581_752173047502_780453673837505160_n Several aunts and uncles, and many cousins flew in at noon, so we all met at the farm before heading to Camano Island for the wedding. 12038124_10101463747605120_5405187896734117503_n  We ate in the pole barn with seating for 25 people! 12045722_10101463747769790_1677866216217679934_o Before the bride and groom arrived, we celebrated my dad’s big birthday early! 12038156_752172987622_600672653964592495_n We all loved the birthday apple pie and the train cookies! 12039332_10101463747390550_7729212636124963843_n 12004911_752172932732_3332431190697196105_n After lunch we went for a tour around the farm, some people went by golf cart,  12038169_10101463747420490_4499960471817184162_n12039296_752173282032_5134234348798110830_n  some collected apples for the horses, or danced with cows. 11951373_752173192212_1848255075063147440_n  We also celebrated Jason and Jeri’s upcoming baby, 12046801_752173017562_815353438290692861_n due in November! After our late lunch, we drove to our rental cabins on Camano Island. 12003295_752353006862_1610494125575036059_n They were stunning and more spectacular then the VRBO photos online. Each cabin had water views and beach access!  12027635_752174424742_6725251683763860271_n image image I love my Wisconsin family plus my cousins are hilarious “people of fun”! Can’t you tell?!?image image12039637_752209843762_3910010284561891300_n Friday morning, the bride, bridesmaids and Kiki, the most epic wedding organizer met for breakfast and to discuss logistics! An incredibly nice regular customer paid for our meals anonymously too!12019910_752209883682_2592743525893849174_n 11987071_752219135142_6014031982133573727_n    Friday afternoon, there was the wedding rehearsal at Center of Wooden Boats-Cama Beach. It was super windy but wonderfully not raining.imageimage12049466_752352817242_6656360168397400804_n My sister has cute dimples, right? image The Ketchbots are pretty cute together too.   image After the rehearsal dinner, we pampered ourselves with face masks and scaring Mr F.image Next up, the wedding!!!

Our last days of living in the Midwest!

Image 4In the last week, we’ve driven from Chicago to St. Louis and back,Image 25 and most recently to Appleton, WI to visit family for the holidays.

We celebrated the weekend before Christmas in St. Louis. Image 3  On Christmas Eve, we opened presents at Mr. F’s parents house. Mr. F loves his new Master Chef apron that I won on the Brave Apron blog by Anna Rossi, a season 3 contestant. We also made apple Image and pecan pies Image 24for the annual family dinner. IMG_0105 We had Christmas dinner at Aunt Cammi’s IMG_0096 with wild turkey. IMG_0097 (I love my new Frye boots too.) IMG_0089 The wild turkey is pretty amazing, especially with bacon braided on top. IMG_0119Mr. F’s cousin gave us a great photo of the Chicago skyline from Lake Michigan for Christmas, in anticipation of our move! IMG_0083We drove back to Chicago Christmas Day to pack up our apartment. The moving truck arrived on the morning of the 26th!Image 2Image 1 Lyra was sad to say goodbye to the Christmas tree.

Image 8 This weekend we drove up to Appleton, Wisconsin to visit my Granny Kay! We went out to dinner along the Fox River. Image 9 It seems all the snow we’ve missed in Chicago was in Image 10 WisconsinImage 11especially near Granny Kay’s house!

Today is my last day of work! We’re celebrating our last night in Chicago and New Year’s Eve with Katy and Rob. I can’t believe this time tomorrow we will start our drive to Seattle!

a Foodie vacation in Maui

Mr. F and I love food. One of our favorite things about vacation is going out to eat. While we’re on vacation, we never limit ourselves and diets do not exist. As we speak, Mr. F is cooking up something amazing in the kitchen, so I am inspired by the smells of bacon to write about the delicious food we had on Maui! 
Our first night in Maui, we had dinner at Mala, an Ocean Tavern at 7pm, just after sunset. We walked the length of Front Street in Lahaina, thinking 1.1 miles was easy. It was hot and I got several mosquito bites….in December!! It was worth it though, because the food was superb! We enjoyed the roasted beets, panko crusted goat cheese salad, Mahi Mahi ala Planca with Potato Puree, Mojo Verde & Grilled Pita with Romesco (pictured above), and I had the adult macaroni and cheese, with mushrooms and a touch of chili sauce. 
 Friday night was New Year’s Eve, so we celebrated with an amazing gourmet dinner at David Paul’s Island Grillrestaurants on maui - David Paul's Island Grill We had a delicious blue cheese, tomato and apple salad, with Ahi tartare to start. The Ahi was so buttery and mouthwatering, I wish I could eat it fresh like this everyday!  
 I had the Chilean Sea Bass on a bed of coconut fried rice, which was utterly divine. 
 Mr. F had pepper crusted Big Eye tuna loin seared rare and served with sautéed fingerling potatoes, Maui onions, artichokes, mushrooms, red wine essence!
 For dessert, we had Dark chocolate Bouchon mousse served in a marbled chocolate cup, with lilikoi cream, fresh raspberries and mint. It was beyond words! 
 We stayed at the Kula Lodge on Haleakala, on New Year’s Day.  My favorite dish at the restaurant was the Macademia Nut torte! 
 After watching the sunrise on the highest peak of Maui, we had a Papaya breakfast! I love fresh Papaya!
 A few days later in Napili, we went to Pineapple Grill at Kapalau Resort. I had the almond crusted Mahi Mahi with fingerling potatoes, brussels sprouts, and mushrooms!
 Mr. F had the most mouth-watering ahi and coconut rice with peanut sauce. It was tantalizing! 
 We had the chocolate banana bread pudding with eggnog ice cream for dessert. I had no idea that eggnog ice cream could be soo delicious!
 On January 4th, we went to our favorite breakfast place on the island, Gazebo! I had the short stack of Macadamia Nut and Pineapple pancakes. 
 Mr. F got fried rice!
 Later that day we went to the Sea House for lunch! I had awesome fish tacos! 
 On our last night in Maui, we went to Mala, an Ocean Tavern again! This time we got the Farmer’s Salad with Maple Dijon Vinaigrette, Kula Greens, Cucumber, Tomato, Maytag Bleu Cheese & Toasted Walnuts.
I had the Avalon seared sashimi, potato puree, Shiitake Mushroom Ginger Sauce.
Mr. F had the delicious Seafood pasta with crab, mussels, and scallops!
Guess what we had for dessert?
The drool-worthy Carmel Miranda! (Can you believe this is the half order?!)
For our last meal in Maui, on January 6th, we had pizza at Lahaina Pizza Company, formally known as BJ’s. We had a huge and doughy Hawaiian pizza. It was very filling…
I also had to get one last lava flow and shave ice! I got guava and passion fruit. Mr. F got Tiger’s Blood!
We had very full bellies when we got on the early evening plane back to Seattle. It was wonderful! 

Thoughtless Thursday-iPads

My husband just got an iPad! It’s so amazing, like a large iPhone or iTouch, but it also reminds me of a flatter, hardcover book. Last night, we had fun streaming videos from Netflix, reading the newspaper and Marvel comics, and downloading free books, like Winnie the Pooh and Treasure Island. I love slideshows of pictures on this screen, especially from Flickr and Kodak Gallery! Flickr and Netflix even have optimized sites specific to the iPad. We just need to find the ideal stand for the iPad now. Mr. F and I agree that a stand that can hold it in a portrait and landscape position would be best. It’s mind boggling how fast technology moves, iPhones only came out a few years ago, and here comes the iPad blowing touch screens out of the water! It’s so intuitive that even my Dad could enjoy using this computer!

Katie at Life in the Fulmer Lane reminded me it’s Thoughtless Thursday: Photobucket

Thus, enjoy more awesome iPad pictures that I love from the Apple website!

Doesn’t it look like the regular paper newspaper?!

This is what your bookshelf could look like! The Kindle app is also available on the iPad!
I highly suggest looking at the website or going to your local Apple, or computer store to check one out. They are simply revolutionary!