Baby Gear Review: Doodle & co pacifier

I really wanted to like this Doddle & co pacifier. [The Pop®, the cleaner pacifier, from Doddle & Co. Made from 100% silicone, the nipple pops back into its own self-protective bubble when it drops.] The germaphobe in me instantly gravitated towards this cleaner pacifier option. However, my baby doesn’t keep it in her mouth. It may be because she’s not always into pacifiers, or perhaps that it’s because it needs suction to be engaged. I also wonder if she’ll like it more as she gets older, so we’ll keep it in the rotation.

Here is my quick review of the product and a few pictures of her face when we try it.

Pros: Cleaner than other pacifiers

Easy to clean (directions to sterilize are 5 minutes in boiling water)

Fun colors

BPA free since it’s silicone

Cons: Baby doesn’t know to suck harder to keep it in their mouth

Static cling

Spit collector

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