Baby Gear Review: Gunapod® Bamboo Duvet Sack

Our baby loves to be swaddled and responds very well to the comfort of it around her. We’ve tried several options including multiple blankets, the Miracle Blanket, and the Snoo swaddle. Of course, I jumped at the chance to try this new Gunapod® Bamboo Duvet Sack for Gugu Guru from the Gunamuna company.

Per their website, “It’s super soft fabric made from eco-friendly hypoallergenic thermal regulating bamboo fibers, perfect for protecting sensitive skin. And then we filled it with premium fill to feel like a down comforter. The Gunapod® mimics your hug with all over channel-stitched soft pressure points, so baby feels ultra comfortable + sleeps longer. All of that with our WONDERZiP® technology for the easiest diaper changes and a temperature control zip to further customize the cozy. It’s like sleeping on a cloud.

My initial thoughts are, I love the soft material, the adorable pattern and that the Velcro is the non-sticky type so hair and clothes don’t immediately stick to it.  Little Mallary seems to love the comfort of the fabric and hold of the internal swaddle and sack too. We’re not sure if she sleeps longer in it, yet. but we’re hoping to test this more on our upcoming weekend trips.

 I love the options to have one, two or no arms out. The baby prefers both arms out, so far!  I like the idea that it’s easy to change the diaper but I’m also paranoid that it will get dirty unless I use a cloth diaper or burp cloth under her while changing her. I also like that the company was conscious of hip dyplasia prevention and that her legs are not restricted. 

Overall, we love this swaddle sack option and it helps with naps in the Pack n Play! We are looking forward to using this swaddle sack more when we travel, especially when we go to Walla Walla next month as our first overnight away from home!

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