The Talbot shower by mail tradition

The terrific tradition of a Talbot family baby shower, by mail, was started when my mom was pregnant with me, 35 years ago! With seven brothers and sisters, my dad’s side of the family is spread across Washington, California, Utah, Colorado, Wisconsin, and Ontario, Canada! My Auntie Kitchie initially coordinated with her sisters and sisters in law to mail baby presents, three decades ago, so they could all celebrate from afar! Earlier this summer, my thoughtful cousin, Jeri, organized an e-invite for the Talbot women to coordinate presents arriving on July 29th from across North America! Jeri had her little boy over a year ago and was the previous Talbot mama to have the shower by mail!

This morning, our baby girl and I were the lucky recipients. The tradition is that the many family members send baby gifts from the comfort of their homes to the mama to be, who opens them all on the same day, in her home, with her feet up and a cup of tea. A few days ago, Jeri sent me a box brimming with tea options and some fun chocolate, too!

My amazing aunties sent me a Mallard dress for baby Mallary, a cute raincoat with butterflies and eco-friendly compostable diapers! My Granny Kay hand knit an adorable hat and “soakers”, too! My cousin, Jeri, also sent matching Goumikids mittens and booties with a great fish print! I really enjoyed all the sweet notes that accompanied the gifts too. I was so inspired that I immediately sent out thank you notes while I was still drinking tea!

As if that wasn’t generous enough, my cousins, Kiki, Jessie, and their moms sent us a super cute plush rocking horse too!! 

We are so set for our little girl, due in 3 weeks!!!!! We go in on Monday for our 37 week check up and to see if she’s still in breech position. Mr F and I are very curious to see if our talking to her, has encouraged her to move her head down, or if I’ll need to get a “version” to move her. I’m just happy that she’s healthy and that we’ll meet her soon!

Please feel free to tell me real people read my blog and not just spammers comment! Cheers!