Monterusso is a must!

Wow, Monterosso is our favorite Cinque Terre town and we wish we had visited it sooner! We took the water taxi from Vernazza to Monterusso OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAfor the day and it was so much fun. We walked through the markets, windy cobblestone streets that were surprising not has steep as the other Cinque Terre towns,  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA and got pizza before going to the West side of town and renting an umbrella and chairs. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA It was totally worth paying for the space because there were very few people and a spectacular view. The warm was perfect and we could swim along the shoreline for 40 minutes end to end without obstruction! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA We highly recommend that anyone wanting to vacation in Cinque Terre get a room in this town, especially if they’re interested in beach time!


This is the perfect beach setting and the weather was equally as nice!

On the South end of the beach, there was a World War II bunk in the rocks OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA that also had a great view, especially from the top!

We didn’t want our amazing beach day to end, but when we ran out of water, we decided to go back to Vernazza, to change for dinner.


On the water taxi back from Monterusso

img_7635 Before dinner, Mr. F and I had fun taking pictures of the main piazza of Vernazza from our room! It was like playing, Where’s Waldo?

My college room mate, Emily, recommended this place!

For dinner, we returned to the lovely Ristorante di Castello for a great table and excellent service. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA This time we tried the pesto lasagna and the frutti di mare! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA My absolute favorite things on the menu is the dessert. We had the tiramisu last time as well as the pistachio mousse, so this time we got the coffee cake and the mousse again! This is one of top favorite desserts of the trip! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


Dinner at Ristorante di Castello one more time!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Our last sunset in Vernazza was beautiful and we couldn’t be happier!

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