Planning our Italian adventure vacation!

We planned our Italian adventure vacation five month ago and I’m so excited that we leave for Italy on Friday!! It’s kind of crazy timing with our new house and Mr. F switching jobs, but we’re both really looking forward to vacation and a week off of work. We maximized our weekends and leave after work on Friday and return Sunday, nine days later, so we’re only taking five business days off. Five days like Cinque Terre “five towns”.

On the way there, we fly from Seattle through London to Pisa. Here’s hoping we sleep on our nine hour flight to London! We have a few hour layover before flying to Pisa to explore Heathrow, and/or go through customs. We’ll stay our first full night in Pisa and explore the city on Sunday, before taking a train to Manarola, one of the five towns of Cinque Terre! Once we’re in Manarola, I haven’t planned our days so we can relax and wander the picturesque trails above the Ligurian Sea and the windy cobblestone streets.

After two nights in Manarola, eating lots of fresh anchovies, focaccia, and pesto, and swimming a lot since it’s known for the best deep water swimming, we’ll stay in Vernazza for three nights. My college room mate, Emily, recently stayed at RooMartina in Vernazza and the view looked phenomenal. She’s one of the reasons I was inspired to go to this region. Vernazza is supposed to have the best views of Cinque Terre! We may check out all five towns as well as potentially hike to the neighboring towns, like Porto Venere, too.

After Vernazza, we’ll take the train to Lucca and spend a night there at a cute bed and breakfast, before flying to London. We have an overnight layover so we’re looking forward to going to a Gordon Ramsey restaurant while we’re there for the evening, before flying home.

I can’t wait to see where we hike, in addition to the views and the food in Cinque Terre! Hopefully we’ll take lots of amazing photos to document our romantic getaway.




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