I’m back and it was Katie’s birthday party today!

My sister, Katie, turned 27 yesterday 14317500_803473056872_4159216176668624715_n and we celebrated her birthday today! 14344976_803477193582_101154089755975350_n Katie’s awesome in laws own Gothberg Farms and hosted a phenomenal pizza party with their wood fire oven, 14311252_803492942022_2900117019425985146_o goat cheese, 14344837_803537333062_4187092386291517777_n and fresh garden ingredients! Mr. F and I enjoyed learning how to make pizza and creating some of the best thin crust pizzas that we’ve ever had! He also liked making several different flavor profiles, like freestyling jazz. He found it relaxing yet mindful while tending the oven.  14344264_803488016892_4392358943362671790_n There was fun teamwork, the ingredients were all fresh from Rhonda’s garden, the weather was amazing, and everyone loved the pizza. 14317482_803492827252_6563541826687119159_n My favorite pizza was the Gothberg Farms chevre, fresh pears and balsamic vinaigrette. 14316960_803487907112_9071651410132953048_n Rhonda was a great teacher too. She took us through prep, execution and delicious eating. 14344747_803492862182_5040789463414807269_n This was extra special since we rarely eat gluten anymore and thin crust is our favorite kind of pizza. We loved it all today! 14225382_803492981942_4479279108010037733_n I really enjoyed spending time with my sisters too! 14322645_803488031862_299552667230697999_n 14238168_803531869012_101508536118304891_n Katie’s carrot cake was super sweet and delicious. 14324681_803531908932_8105479228524887306_o Janie brought her energetic puppy, Daphne, or as Roy (Katie’s father-in-law) affectionately called her, “DJ”. 14333661_803537372982_7627268645182463821_n 14222108_803537338052_8203851451404619469_n13726629_803488096732_4700653166960371297_n  Surprisingly, we all wore blue today, with wavy hair so we looked even more like triplets than usual! I love my sissies!

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