Our favorite snorkel spots on Maui!

1917408_764823211472_243581526805971777_n Our ultimate favorite snorkel spot on Maui is the Ahihi-Kinau Natural Area Reserve. It’s basically the end of the road after the gorgeous Wailea and Makena resorts.  644615_764822956982_4876008482502033955_n I was introduced to it by my biology and zoology teachers in high school on a school trip. My favorite launch point has a shallow entry that drops quickly to a sandy bottom and lots of coral. There’s now a parking lot a few minutes away between this spot and Dumps. 1526144_764820192522_8761385384739977754_n The first day we went snorkeling at Ahihi, we saw another honu and got more close ups. 1919026_764823041812_68554064804544243_n 12241241_764823071752_2370804821082451152_n (1)

For lunch, image we love going to Monkeypod in Wailea. 1557447_764869329052_2330843914151341_n We even went twice this trip. 8150_764869354002_4118961113282639745_n The Ahi taco appetizer is one of our favorite dishes. Apparently all the fish is caught the same day as they serve it! image The grass fed Maui beef is pretty tasty too!

In the afternoon of New Year’s Day, we also went to our other favorite snorkel spot, Dumps, and discovered Secret Beach about half a mile from Ahihi. 1147_764869972762_6056896200371495646_n10262013_764870371962_8676707995925868673_n

Secret Beach was mostly locals and very chill. 1003240_764870307092_4576518023680703189_n We enjoyed swimming and reading on the beach until dinner time. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA (We even saw a cute puppy frolicking in the waves!)

For dinner, we went to Migrant 1468506_764870731242_8916739448073059693_n (the sister restaurant of Star Noodle) 1474400_764870756192_4284804510083073795_n 10505523_764870761182_4657720729282235146_n and had the best meal of our entire trip. 580335_764870801102_8774663777356825558_n 735216_764870841022_6114500262386176924_n (1) We loved the extra hot garlic noodles, french onion noodles, and Ahi Avo. 10348605_764870796112_3367016298840102825_n The short ribs were great too.10881_764870836032_4119824822090114265_n The sunsets from the Migrant are pretty spectacular too! image Next time we visit Maui, I’d like to get a condo in Wailea or Makena for a few days, just so we’re closer to our favorite snorkeling, Monkeypod and the Migrant.

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