This time last week: my grandmother’s 90th birthday party!

11954633_750383663442_783602741328615995_n My grandmother is one of the strongest and most inspirational women I know. She turned 90 last week 11219590_750383813142_5356907322000921333_n and had a big birthday bash in Ballard. 11947452_750383713342_4317362701674074697_n She’s always the life of the party with a great laugh. Can you tell we’re related? 11990390_750368643542_7521988514563427063_n (From the left, my mom, me, my sister, Janie, Tootie, and my sister, Katie, who’s getting married next weekend!!!)

When I was little, I couldn’t say Lola Ruthie and somehow I said Tootie, like Tutti Frutti. I think my personality is most like Tootie’s! 11953285_750383703362_8083437616937537121_n My mom went back to work when my little sister, Katie went to Kindergarten so Tootie would come over before and after school, to take care of us, while my parents were at work. She was a social worker and a music teacher before retiring early to take care of me and my sisters! 11988639_750383673422_8769510400549549944_n Not only is she a wonderful grandmother, vivacious and lovable, she has a huge family and soo many friends. There were nearly 60 people at her birthday party! 11209672_750383748272_322475011495779311_n We all love Tootie so much! It’s so wonderful to celebrate her!

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