This time last week….

11856383_10101424934965960_1061795646477786599_o This time last week, my sisters, cousins, and my sister’s maid of honor made the time-honored, bachelorette tradition of obtaining Voodoo donuts.11916082_747508674942_3500886529578524806_n11825103_747508784722_7287296732739314768_n We waited in line for about 45 minutes Sunday morning for 2 dozen donuts. It was worth it, and we ate nearly a dozen 11891050_747508694902_1215800600854705334_n on the 6 hour drive home to Seattle. We nicknamed our 11057240_747508824642_5180266772406655636_n SUV, Channing Tatum and you can see it in the background with our donuts! On the way back to Seattle, we noted the terrible traffic on I-5 so we drove through Morton towards Mount Rainer for the scenic tour and took small highways all the way to Seattle.11889698_747550765592_7383175769830044303_n It was a great way to catch up on the way home! image After dropping off Channing, we met Mr. F and my parents for dinner and gave them some of the donuts. Apparently our eyes were bigger than our stomaches, or perhaps our sweet tooths!

I can’t believe my sister’s getting married in less than a month!!!!!

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