On the second day of KT’s bachelorette party

11891216_747499348632_4674674218877482620_n We didn’t party too hard Friday night but we did stay up late watching Magic Mike XXL, eating a lot of candy, and drinking cider. On Saturday morning, we went 11880437_747499308712_8379754591931721884_n to the Portland Saturday Market. image I loved that they had my favorite komucha brand on tap. My sister loved the bubble tea and 11898925_747359528832_1886387400552410831_nwe all loved the hand-painted signs. 11900038_747359543802_4840532845141202355_n (Since we really were like a small girly gang with our matching t-shirts!) Janie loved the flowers too. 11217164_747376045732_2240391048039450269_n After the market, we all went to get ice cream and the awesome Salt & Straw.  11880658_747377368082_6733373913837336897_n They had 5 phenomenal vegetable flavors image  including fennel & maple which I enjoyed with strawberry rhubarb pie. While my sister loved snickernoodle11896014_748287144882_6129733747194606224_n and someone else had the amazing carrot cake too. image I love my sisters and cousins! Our ice cream was perfect for the hot 80 degree day and shopping in the Pearl District! 11222466_747499667992_8753319076577294030_n For dinner, we went to the brilliant Andina image and all the supporting ladies wore black while the bride to be wore white! image The drinks were festive and Peruvian. 11863286_747395237272_5288413181235080704_n   11891185_747484149092_1898071248982446042_nThe scallops were also succulent. 11887986_747484159072_4729010383927760872_n I loved my grass fed lamb chops 11889548_747484194002_5546693274814192742_n and playing around with my cousin, Kiki. image Plus the desserts were out of this world!11896011_747499588152_2020092892256893206_nWe also got several great group photos after dinner too. image 11899875_747484318752_6561602959206251320_nOn our way back to the car, we were taking photos 11895986_747484398592_8481412500513341698_n and a bachelor party walked up behind the bride!  11905785_747484418552_2413333372731939755_n It was perfect timing! We had a wonderful night dancing to the Weeknd Song “Earned It” and to 90s music at Lola’s 11887898_747508011272_7120813460353994582_n where we knew all the words to the songs. It was so hilarious to sing along to Britney Spears, Hanson and Chumbawamba. We stopped by a few food trucks on the way home and fell asleep watching the original Magic Mike!


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