We saw Taylor Swift in concert and it was AWESOME!

This was us all last week in anticipation of the Taylor Swift concert!11825010_10152928108801020_6330830291317562563_nI got to go with the most terrific group of ladies too! 11813435_10153515902980011_3483888713661305151_nMy sisters and two girlfriends went to the Taylor Swift on Saturday and it was sooo amazingly fabulous. Before the concert, we met at Bar Sajor in Pioneer Square for dinner. 11855638_10102965251214618_4019457092161404463_n Initially, Mr. F was our photographer but he didn’t stay for the concert. There were girls and women dressed like Taylor Swift11825015_10101414778843910_4332583493673753949_n all over Pioneer Square, some had t-shirts,or red lipstick,11049581_10102965250341368_714912254623637885_nor even tutus and signs with lights!11855885_746425790052_763669888694239905_n Tay Tay did not disappoint with her elevating and rotating stage, piano playing, guitar rocking and light show.11825082_746425750132_5219851439908268351_nThe entire show was highly entertaining even if we were some of the oldest people there! We may have been the age of most of the moms there! 11836632_746425844942_5906628668813608195_n  After the show, we walked to Pike Place to catch an uber! Yay for lots of fun music, dancing and walking through touristy locations when all the crowds are gone!  11888611_746880548712_7744619506843018487_o It was a wonderful weekend and great way to finish off a week of vacation!

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