Fettbot travel health and fitness tips

My Aunt asked me this weekend about health and fitness suggestions, so I thought I’d share my travel health and fitness tips on my blog too!
I use the 12 Minute Athlete App  when I don’t have a lot of time or options to work out (http://www.12minuteathlete.com/app/). It’s a great core workout in a very short timeframe. It also gets my heart rate up and makes me sweat. Initially, I had a really hard time completing the 3 sets of 6-30 second exercises since they’re pretty intense, but after a few times they’ve become easier however not pleasant. If I’m feeling more like a yoga session at home or in the hotel room, like after a long flight, I use Yoga Studio App. It’s Hatha yoga with 15, 30 or 60 minute options (http://yogastudioapp.com/). I really like the 15 minute relaxation yoga class right before going to bed.
I generally eat pretty healthy at home, but I find it very difficult to avoid carbs entirely while traveling for work. Thus, I try to do yoga or the 12 Minute app every day on the road, especially if I’m not walking over 10,000 steps daily! (Side note, working from home makes it difficult to reach this goal, but running through airports and hospitals makes this a real possibility!)
Every morning, regardless if I’m on the road or at home, I try to drink Athletic Greens, as a healthy veggie and superfood start to my day (https://www.athleticgreens.com/v5). Mr. F and I first learned about it the Four Hour Body book which is also a fun read. This supplement also focuses on happiness, immunity and nutritional healthy ingredients, which is especially helpful when I’m trying to be healthy and there are not a lot of great food options at the hotel or nearby.
The Athletic Greens directions suggest you drink it when you first wake up (on an empty stomach) but wait 30 minutes before eating, so this is usually when I do the 12 Minute Athlete App.
If I’m home though, we typically make smoothies for breakfast after the Athletic Greens. Since I’m lactose intolerant, I use kefir (there are several brands and some are also organic). It’s available at most grocery stores in the milk section.
Here’s one of my favorite recipes! http://www.fettbot.com/2014/11/06/pumpkin-pie-smoothie-recipe/ You can see our awesome Vitamix in this post which we got at Costco. We love it and use it daily, sometimes twice a day!
When I’m at home, I’m very lucky that Mr. F makes nutritious meals mostly substituting carbs for another vegetable serving. For example, at lunch yesterday, he made a salad with poached eggs, shaved fennel, parmesan and pepper,10486205_722860370342_8790223008158232276_nand for dinner, we had pork chops, avocado, broccoli, a little salad and a side of sriracha, garlic and lime aioli. 10957014_722865779502_3064106855384998589_n While traveling, I try to look for gluten-free options and sometimes the best options on the go are EPIC bars (http://www.epicbar.com/) or a big salad with protein. However, there are long days that a burger is the best option.
To round everything out, I take a few vitamins including fish oil with high DHA and EPA, vitamin B and D. My doctor/naturopath suggested this combination to combat Seasonal Affected Disorder (or the lack of sun in Seattle!)
What are your healthy food and fitness tips while traveling?


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