This time last week, I was in Snowmass!

A little over a week ago, Mr. F and I flew through 11035610_721272183082_8261391819720239380_n San Francisco to Snowmass, CO to go skiing with his parents. It was sunny with great snow and we took tons of fun pictures.  10352261_721421184482_8363729509592683360_n Our first day of skiing was the coldest and with the best snow. We had fantastic views and had a marvelous time skiing. It was also our first time on the sloops in several years! 11044553_721421927992_5150495600727477_n Our favorite view was the Maroon Bells, which looked phenomenal from the top of the Cirque lift!10982175_721421848152_6314933059662350028_n

11054805_721559242812_6268431524852666512_n The second full day we were in Colorado we went for an easy hike along the Rio Grande Trail10258264_721559327642_4488028997290428827_nwith a lovely bridge for photos! 10987472_721559078142_6906618335931482700_nWe also walked along the Wood Road neighborhood to walk more than 10,000 steps! 10994057_721682420962_6006606703894456200_n Isn’t the family house door knocker majestic? 11058380_721682505792_6672946445289006095_n The inside of the Machek house is equally charming and full of family heirlooms too! 11013121_721755449612_3657190147809635913_n Mr. F and his mom had fun in the kitchen together, too! 10988319_721682939922_7682354683789026290_n Over the weekend, we skied in warmer weather11029483_721823223792_4044878421175373513_n and less layers!  11046483_721826162902_7735054974146081642_n We had an amazing time skiing11043042_721825783662_710132177965742570_n and we were so happy that yoga had helped so much with our conditioning! All the vinyasa flow has really paid off with all of the long Snowmass runs! Thank you, Claudette and Jessica, for making us do so many extended lunges and chair pose!

On our last day in Snowmass, we decided not to ski three days in a row and walk around Snowmass Village and Aspen instead.  11044642_721955882942_8440256674718619942_n There was a nice trail from the village to the highway that is also parallel to the snowshoeing trail along the golf course.  11052537_721956571562_1632135810090202350_n Our flight home was also a wonderful send off with a stunning flyover of Snowmass!18290_722054515282_5727325685031671108_n   11026056_722054535242_3350305989264785325_n

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