My less than 30 hours in NYC!

Last week, when I was in New York City, it was sunny, around 40 degrees and now it’s 20 degrees colder with several inches of snow!

My first order of business when I arrived in New York City (after checking into my hotel) was going to the MoMA. I was lucky that the Hilton Midtown was across the street from the museum, so I was able to catch the last viewing of the Matisse exhibit for the day. Admission was also half off since the museum was only open another hour.  10390376_715946974842_217226768375760163_n Photos are not allowed but I snuck two of some of my favorite pieces, the Swimming Pool and10944935_715944629542_763894378902133763_n the Parakeet and the Mermaid10341963_716461508712_3031427850729619656_n Here’s the full version (not taken by me). tumblr_mijmxo5bW71s65wtxo1_500 It was found on tumblr. After the Matisse exhibit, I had just enough time to quickly walk through the main exhibits and even see a few pieces I recognized like the Andrew Wyeth.  10361972_715947079632_2550683230632992641_n 10383082_715946999792_3093841456895237848_n The gift stores were full of fun stuff and I picked up a few magnets of my favorite pieces including the Horse, the Rider and the Clown!  CRI_109616

Mr. F’s cousin Bethany, just moved to New York and we met up for a fantastic dinner the night I arrived in town. 10155938_716048206972_673747613635060677_n My friend Mohit had suggested Gotham Bar and Grill 10930517_716048192002_1009989143483989242_n and we loved it. Of course, we made sure to get the famous chocolate cake and the tuna tartare was absolutely delicious too. The cocktails were phenomenal too.

10933800_716048496392_7444697114012904956_nAfter my Thursday morning meetings, I met Bethany in her neighborhood and we took the subway to Chelsea Market and the High Line.10941018_716048631122_7689257121443882195_n We grabbed an iced tea in the market and wandered back into the sun. 10373957_716048930522_4793012681952195641_n It was a gorgeous day to walk along the High Line. 10940609_716048975432_7299807679003604906_n10931542_716049165052_4051182685837563237_n For a late lunch, early dinner, we went to the Spotted Pig10896837_716049654072_1752301784200339595_n This was our favorite suggestion of Mohit’s. 268542_716049424532_119392837978244809_n The interior was as charming as the exterior with adorable pig decorations and tiny tables. 10931237_716049444492_4546101551063709452_n10422418_716049524332_1909354474384181145_nWe loved our cocktails,10428657_716049459462_353576927942619566_nthe deviled eggs, 10584037_716049564252_4622421064092975651_n and the huge burger with Roquefort cheese and shoestring fries. 10544419_716049584212_7010878477925346287_n We demolished it together after our long walk! 10942639_716050028322_3259444329423928195_n There was a beautiful sunset as I left Manhattan as a perfect ending to a great work trip.

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