I’m going to NYC for work! What shall I do?

I’m so excited to go to NYC for work! I haven’t been there in 10 years. While I’ll only be there a little over 24 hours, I have lots of ideas.

I’m hoping to meet up with an old childhood friend, perhaps go to the MoMA since it’s close to my hotel. The MoMA has a Matisse Cutouts exhibit that looks amazing! main_fit_300 I’ll have a little time in the afternoons, so if it’s still light out and not too cold, I’d love to visit the High Line or Central Park.

I have an awesome list of restaurant suggestions from a friend who loves food as much as I do.

Drink: Death & Co, PDT, Pegu Club,  Mayahuel

  • Jean George – 3 Michelin Star and amazing! $38 for 2 courses (not enough food so you will need to add more courses). It’s $20 for each additional. If you’d like to go cheaper, attached to Jean Georges is his more casual restaurant called Nougatine. They do a significantly cheaper tasting menu as well as a la carte. You may have to eat late at both of these. [Bonus: this is within walking distance of my hotel!]
  • Del Posto: Mario Batali restaurant which is really good (and really expensive for dinner) has a $39 3 course lunch. 
  • Babbo: Started serving lunch very recently. I’ve eaten dinner here a number of times and love it. $50 for a 4 courses. 
  • Gotham Bar and Grill: $30 threee course tasting menu. Really famous for their tuna tartare and their chocolate cake. 
If you’re just looking for something to grab and go and not sit down: Mamoun’s Falafel (they had this on Gossip Girl), Kathi Roll Company (Indian burritos that are delicious and super cheap).
You could also go to Eately (it’s a giant Italian market + restaurant that is really delicious). 
  • David Chang’s Momofuku Ssam Bar or Noodle Bar. Noodle bar doesn’t take reservations and there will be a wait. Ssam does take reservations and will be more expensive. Neither of these are really pricy though. Momofuku Ko is is flagship where he does tasting menus. You could also do Ssam Bar for lunch. He’s known for the famous “duck lunch”
  • Spotted Pig: Michelin starred bar. Best deviled eggs I’ve ever had. Also a great burger. Pretty casual and they have fun drinks. I saw Matthew Broderick there once. 
  • Gramercy Tavern: Great food. Good for both lunch and dinner. 
  • DBGB: Daniel Boulud’s burger bar. It’s casual and delicious. Bar Boulud is pretty great too. More expensive though. 

I’d love to get a Cronut but I don’t think I’ll get up at 5:30am to stand in line at Dominique Ansel Bakery. However, “February Cronut™: Cherry Cherry – Cherry Blossom Ganache and Sour Cherry Gelee (with citrus sugar)” does look phenomenol. 10931444_974240395939087_2985404499422547390_n (photo from the Dominique Ansel Bakery page on FacebookThe Pre-Orders are even full until February 1st.

I’m staying in Midtown and would appreciate any ideas before I go next week!

Please feel free to tell me real people read my blog and not just spammers comment! Cheers!