Warning for Alaska Airlines travelers: don’t order the Tom Douglas special

The Tom Douglas Alaska Airlines entree was a severe disappointment. I had been looking forward to ordering it since I first read about it on Eater.com over a month ago. imageI neglected to take a picture of what it actually looks like because I was so uninspired. The dish was bland, there were very few pieces of cubed, brownish pieces of meat and even the blacked chili barely tasted like much. There were no beans seen in the chili but a few chucks of tomato.

As I handed my barely eaten bowl back to the flight attendant, I warned her it was quite full and she asked what I thought of it. I hesitated and she said, ‘that’s okay I’ve yet to hear of anyone liking it.’ We both agreed that we expected more from Tom Douglas and that he should be embarrassed to have his name on it. We love his food otherwise. The kind flight attendant offered me a fruit and cheese plate instead, no charge and I was instantly happier. She even recommended I write up a review of Tom Douglas’ Brisket Chili.

In short, don’t waste your $8. The potatoes are the biggest portion of the bowl and that’s not what you’re expecting or want. The rest of the dish is a bland mixture of cheese, tomatoes and a few pieces of beef, a bean or two, topped with a blackened chili that barely registers as a mild spice. I think I’ll continue skipping airplane food unless I’m starving.

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