Pinterest wedding ideas for my little sister

10885600_10152470735266020_7818462084792515861_n Back in October, at my cousin Kiki’s wedding, TK told me he was going to propose to KT! He popped the question on a ferry boat, the week before Thanksgiving.

Now that my youngest sister is engaged, I really have to hold myself back from wanting to help plan, and overwhelming her with ideas. I’m a Type A planner and for the last several years, I have made several wedding pinboards with my sisters in mind. I love weddings and planning sooo much!!!

If KT and TK decide to get married in Seattle, I think they would love to have the ceremony on the water, like Golden Gardens, Daybreak Star or perhaps Rosario on Orcas: 75b78d04e99e9d230b47efdc22157081

Or in downtown Seattle, at Pike Place Market a1733997343e329e406140fea064e1eb or Sodo Park:e93b4889fe55d2b97e16b9ae806ad4df

Or perhaps on one of the family farms:

I think a sailing theme would be great for KT and TK: 27ad5c33990e8fb13e4ca0a0d94d4c6f

Obviously, I’m not the one getting married but I still can’t help being so excited for my little sis!

Just for fun, here’s my pinboard of Favorite Wedding Photos that all couple should try to have:


Keep checking the pinboards because I keep finding new cool pictures to add! All photos can be found on my Pinterest boards with their original links.

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