Christmas time with the family and friends

10802025_712113167822_7025102799591146801_nChristmas Eve was spent at my Grandparents and Uncle’s house for the White Elephant Exchange. 10625042_712113312532_8062429934124491936_nTootie is always the life of the party and is full of laughter. She even loves selfies with the family. 10806317_712114340472_6107366440520767763_n 10392278_712114325502_5763378556352072477_n   1610840_10101146729616710_750216991358699932_n Christmas morning was at my parent’s house. The tree was filled with lots of vintage ornaments and great memories. 10854489_10205718653311360_8472377558158044253_o Christmas dinner was at Urbane with the Vega-Nortons, Grime, Menard, Ketchum, Gothbergs, Talbots and Fettes. 10882349_712310811742_3356631743989912597_n It was fun affair.

Yesterday, the day after Christmas, Mr. F and I both had to work but we were able to meet old friends for yoga. I loved see my high school buddies!10882162_10101652330124253_5954432324928538530_n We had a great time at the Golden Beetle in Ballard.

Sadly, I woke up today with a cough, body aches, and super low energy. We went to yoga but decided to have a lazy afternoon and evening. So we’re enjoying Chinese food while watching the Interview.

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