Happy 3 week wedding anniversary to Kiki and Ryan!

jumping Kiki was such a gorgeous and happy bride! How cute is she jumping on the bed with her maid of honor and my sister? She also had super cute bridesmaids! bridesmaidsThey were all so nice and cute!download (5)The ceremony site was at the beautiful Lake Park on Lion’s Bridge and the weather was absolutely perfect.1911698_699730283222_8056299740257250488_nAll the Talbots were so happy to be there including my grandmother!  10376267_699730353082_5742520537533719574_n 1958403_699730477832_8342281216381478811_nThe bride’s brothers, my awesome cousins, played a few songs during the ceremony and made us all tear up. download (8) Yay for the #Werkbots!download (2) download (4) The bride’s parents, my Aunt and Uncle, danced back down the aisle they were so happy! My sisters and I got some great pictures too! download (9)Most of my dad’s family is in Wisconsindownload (6)and it was great to see all of them!  10325258_10101068877777420_1594598868985075021_nThe bridal party got on an adorable trolley to take pictures around Lake Michigan and downtown Milwaukee before going to the Reception site. download (3)My cousin, Kiki is amazing and Ryan is pretty cool too.download (10)The Milwaukee Art Museum was a wonderful background. download (11)Kiki and her brothers are so hilarious. I’m so glad they’re my cousins!download (12)download (1)The Pritzlaff Building had cobblestone walk away where we had cocktails before the reception! downloadMy sisters were wandering around 10700507_10101077912297170_5352014483813776388_o (1) and took some hilarious pictures of Mr. F, me, and Chris!10702049_10152311287946020_7250435638590328890_nThe bride and groom looked so in love and happy all throughout the day! My dad and his sisters were so happy1464628_10101070790484340_737922976247338299_nto see each other too! As if the food and family wasn’t already fabulous, 10733902_10101077913834090_3113631849610610757_othen my cousins played with their band, Saturday Night Gravy. Yeah, they’re total studs. 10644747_10101077915725300_3965890773252086281_o My favorite part was when Kiki got up and sang with her brothers, including, Taylor Swift’s “You Belong to Me”! 10698616_10100647209932904_7105508187161171297_nAlmost every female at the wedding sang along with the bridedownload (13)and it was EPIC….just like the Werkbots!1016476_699832977422_2490282498148008056_nHappy 3 week wedding anniversary, Kiki and Ryan!

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