The Day before Kiki’s #Werkbot wedding

10474729_699597788742_635397156170368832_n  The day before Kiki’s wedding was filled with lots of exercise and pampering! My sisters and I went with our cousins and a few other friends to Polished for mani/pedis, or as Uncle Dave calls it “finger and toe things”! 10365897_699523253112_6625614690646846083_nAuntie Mary and Kiki got adorable little details like French tips, little hearts and shellac and I was happy to find a new favorite color that’s a brilliant cobalt or lapis lazuli blue. My toes are soo pretty!10672407_699504795102_7796098481135324070_n 10704104_699504690312_1404738865949159109_n10403332_699531032522_1208701226936951143_nMost of the girls went to pick up the wedding dress so Katie and I walked along the river to where we met for a pre-wedding rehearsal lunch.1901297_699536491582_3313913243380681862_n 10557157_699531187212_6594027684432695910_n10672091_699536212142_5128542195508775870_nCafe Benelux had a great Belgium, English and Luxembourg beer menu! When the bridesmaids left for the rehearsal,10151851_699536476612_4059361427850167363_n Katie, Travis and I continued along the River Walk to Lake Michigan 10387542_699672883252_2191367983834105952_nand the Milwaukee Art Museum. It was such a treat to spend an afternoon with these two, around Milwaukee, before 10615458_699537125312_393167996861522612_n 10613011_699536935692_1316797279545821642_n I went to get Mr F at the airport. Mr F had a second interview which ultimately lead to a new job the following week!!!

We met the Talbots for dinner and dancing at the Milwaukee Alehouse but first, the WSU vs Stanford football game. 10696194_699673766482_5230401763313185832_nMy sister and Travis are huge Coug fans. After 9, a cover band started and it was amazing. They even played on of my ultimate favorite songs, 10615512_10100646101219774_7682480735968150955_n“You Make Me Feel Like Dancing!”1962654_10100646101464284_411082598169488920_nThe bride is an awesome dancer and looked like she was having a great time too!

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