#Werkbot pre-wedding festivities in Milwaukee

It’s always amazing when my work trips coincide with family or friends. It was awesome to spend more time with my family celebrating Kiki and Ryan’s wedding in Milwaukee last week! 10626840_699422964092_6990840146967938857_nAnother one of my favorite things about Milwaukee (besides my cousins) is the river walk! 10410656_699220579672_1740634587591023450_nThe last 3 times I’ve been in town for work, my hotels have always been close to the Milwaukee River too. This city reminds me of all my favorite parts of Chicago! 10339769_699221532762_2188603275414710721_nLast Wednesday, I flew to Milwaukee for a work trip and had dinner with the bride and groom and my sister and her boyfriend, Travis, a few nights before the wedding!10685340_699251507692_1894179038156638768_n My cousin, Kiki and my sister, Katie are some of the most fun-loving, happiest ladies that I know and they are a blast to hang out with….Can you tell we like taking pictures together too?10685450_699258877922_8636301881594181878_n I wish we lived closer to Kiki!1904174_699258897882_9008371760691570722_n 10509740_699268768102_6164447136957116098_n She’s always laughing or dancing, and knows how to make others smile.

My sister, Janie flew in on Thursday, after I finished working for the day, so we all met up before dinner with more cousins! 10665224_699382969242_2863390546036448418_nYay for car selfies!1422485_699383128922_7254686816476634438_nCan you tell we’re related? The Talbot family met up at my cousin Jason’s house for appetizers and drinks before dinner. Jason and Jeri just got married last October!10704030_699405648792_5440147928289315037_n My cousin, Jessie drove up from Chicago, where’s she’s an OB resident! 10703521_699422115792_2049498266155585310_n Kiki also showed off her Epic Bachelorette photo book that I made from Shutterfly before we all went to dinner!1743675_699422155712_8393505231911657042_n There were nearly 20 Talbots at dinner on Thursday. My parents, Janie and her boyfriend Chris10441085_699422694632_5216973321162924771_n Jessie, Travis, Katie, 10704114_699422774472_3657866503267844283_n 10329218_699422849322_97776686174779953_n my cousin Charlie and his girlfriend, Lacey, Jason, Jeri, Aunt Kitchie, Uncle Bill, the bride’s parents, my Aunt Mary and Uncle Dave, plus a few friends! 10690025_699428258482_1486412143643332541_n1800385_699489236282_7718664533251020126_nWe also had to take pictures in the pumpkin patch10703508_699489111532_2372499306510150239_n across the street after dinner!10441228_699489181392_1408700475279746343_n We Talbots have alot of fun together!

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