Congrats to new Mom, Andrea! Be Fearless #yogagirlchallenge day 13

Today’s #yogagirlchallenge is Be Fearless.

I think this an appropriate post to dedicate to my fearless best friend since middle school, Andrea. She always knew that she wanted to be a pilot, since I met her when we were 10 and 11. She joined the air force when she graduated high school and is now a C-130 pilot!imageimage

She went into labor last night and had an 8lb 20inch baby before midnight. I hope I get more details soon!

Mr F and I are very happy for your family!c7f0c793c5503a7c442bf17bd2703a2d

image ea35e9b37f12378b47ec50bc4ea09bb9These quotes and their illustrations can be found on one of my Pinterest boards, called Good to Remember!

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