August for the Fettbots = travel, eating, swimming and reading

When I haven’t been traveling, Mr. F and I have been working from home during the day, biking to our wedding beach, swimming in the Sound imagethen reading on the beach to dry off and warm up from the 55-60 degree water. imageI’ve read so many great books in the last month, thanks to our good friend Mohit’s suggestions. I loved reading the Brilliance saga by Marcus Sakey which reminds me of X-Men and Atlas Shrugged in the best possible way. I tore through the first two books on the plane and beach within 2-3 days. I read the Breach trilogy by Patrick Lee next and finished that within 10 days. It’s also sci-fi and awesome. I think I’ve read more than 10 books in the last month including the Fifty Shades of Grey Trilogy. On a more serious note, I’ve started reading Wheat Belly and the Emperor of Maladies but they are not beach reading so it’s taking me longer to finish them.image I actually tried to be gluten-free since I was inspired by Wheat Belly. I do not like fad diets but I think the science regarding today’s genetic modified wheat and the rise of diabetes, inflammatory responses, etc. is fascinating. However, I really love humbaos, crossiants, pretzel buns, cupcakes, and many other forms of gluten. I only survived 2 weeks without gluten before succumbing to pressure and eating something totally worth it and deliciously bready. I don’t even like rice that much, except in sushi. image(This is taken at my favorite sushi place, Billy Beach in Ballard). At this point, I would like to eat healthier but I will settle for everything in moderation. Or lots of swimming…. We’ve been swimming 3-4 times a week and going to yoga 3-5 times a week too!image

We celebrated our 6 year wedding anniversary in Lummi Island, August 1st-3rd. imageThe tiny 25 car ferry is the first part of the awesome getaway.image It takes about 15 minutes from Bellingham to the island.imageWe stayed at the amazing Willows Inn on Legoe Bay, imagewhere our windows faced the reef netting salmon boats image and a zen garden on the other side! We had out of this world local food too!  image imageimageimageWe stopped by the farm for a fun family BBQ in Stanwood on the way homeimage from our anniversary trip.  image Mom had horse and imagecaboose cookies waiting for us too! image

The Fremont-Ballard neighborhoods (Frelard) have been graced with two new awesome burger restaurants. Mr. F and I checked out Giddy Up, Burgers and Greens when I got back from Spokane on Wednesday and it was awesome. It’s a cowboy themed, fast food, vintage styled restaurant. They have a cool patio with a lofted roof and a great beer selection. I really enjoyed the grass-fed beef burger while listening to Take Five. On Friday, we went to 8 oz Burger which also just opened in Ballard, this week, for comparison. imageThey have more gourmet burgers with cool ingredients like peanut butter, bacon, gruyere cheese and argula. It also has a huge beer selection. I think poor Pono Ranch and Little Woody’s are going to suffer from this competition.

My best friend from college just had her baby shower earlier this month! imageMandy is due in October. My best friend since Middle School, Andrea, is due TOMORROW!!! I’m excited to be an Auntie very soon!imageimage Also, the first sunflowers are starting to bloomimage in my backyard!!! The neighborhood has been bursting with sunflowers for the last month and it’s been gorgeous in summer imageeven in the rain,image which there has been very little this summer! We’ve had a lot of fun this monthimage with new restaurants, good books, friends, wine and even a few amazing home-cooked meals.  image

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