Happy Birthday Andrea! (Second day on Oahu, First day of work in Honolulu)

We woke up to a beautiful view image of the Pacific Ocean and Diamond Head! image We saw gorgeous orchids in the hotel lobby.imageThe Marriott breakfast buffet even had fresh papaya and Portuguese sausage. imageI almost considering walking to the clinic that I was working at but it was already 80 degrees at 8am so I drove the 2 miles instead.image image My office view was phenomenal. I overlooked the Marina with sailboats going in and out all day!

After work, we jumped in the ocean IMG_0132at the less crowded Sand Island Coast Guard base beach. IMG_0134 It was so much more relaxing and only locals go there. IMG_0139There were very few people on the beachIMG_0138 and there were lots of neat rocks and old foundations to climb over. IMG_0140We also saw tons of cats on the island.IMG_0143 There was even a lady putting out cat food for all the kitties.IMG_0144

I decided to try being gluten free for this trip because of recent indigestion. Lactase is apparently not enough! image image My BFF Andrea helped and when we went out to Lucky Belly I was able to substitute daikon radish strands for ramen. It was delicious and healthy!! image I did miss the pork belly bao but I already have higher energy and feel less bloated! I went 4 plus days without gluten and then accidentally had some on Sunday which didn’t feel good. I’m fortunately not gluten intolerant but I’m definitely sensitive.

image Thank you, Andy Mac for supporting me and happy 30th birthday today!!

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