Andy Mac’s and my first day in Oahu (babymooning?)

imageimageOn Tuesday, I went from Seattle to Honolulu in less than 6 hours! imageAndy Mac met me in the Honolulu airport where we got an awesome black Mustang convertible and got an amazing hotel room upgrade 10446483_681892205872_1082853140234744869_nto have an unobstructed view of Diamond Head on Waikiki Beach!10518982_681892265752_4279132542738304476_n 10464072_681892370542_7215743964418156988_nWe walked down the beach our first day in paradise and took a quick dip in the Pacific Ocean to cool down 10443498_681892350582_9071078491796745058_nbefore an amazing dinner at Sydney Bill’s!10446506_681892455372_3282427937106880777_n We had amazing hibiscus mocktails 10527794_681892435412_7061473131291221131_n with pork belly, watermelon, peanut, mint salad imageand delicious fresh fish in coconut curry with fresh local vegetables and yams! image After dinner, we walked back to our hotel on the beach, enjoying the warm night 10441333_681892560162_5029238919451474999_nand beautiful scenery!10460227_814985715192501_2966661090795422023_nHowever, we did go to bed relatively early due to the 3 hour time change (it was 3 hours later in Hawaii than in Seattle) and we both had to work in the morning!

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