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A break from Hawaii for a Colorado picture post!!

IMG_0108I found more pictures of Colorado on my camera and had to share them. My cousin Colleen’s house is phenomenal. She just moved in over Memorial Day Weekend, so I was one of the first family members to visit her in late June! IMG_0110 She has a spectacular view IMG_0111of the Continental Divide from Boulder Heights IMG_0112and her lovely house is filled to the brim with gorgeous succulent plants, local flowers and adorable dogs and image cats.IMG_0115 (Maybe even a direwolf!) IMG_0116  Also, delicious food is made here!IMG_0119 Colleen even made my favorite, IMG_0130Strawberry Rhubarb pie! After dinner with more cousins, Colleen and I star gazed from the hot tub! IMG_0121I hope I have another work excuse to go back to Colorado and visit Colleen in Boulder again this summer! We have so much fun together. I wish we lived closer! image

Our third day in Honolulu

image Can you believe this was our view? You didn’t even have to get out of bed to look at Diamond Head! For our second breakfast in Honolulu, we went to a cool local place downtown, called Goofy’s! I wish I could go back there for more tasty and healthy meals!image imageThey had locally sourced kale and taro root bread. It made being gluten free so easy and delicious! We also met one of Andrea’s family friends for breakfast too! I loved my kale eggs and avocado. IMG_0147 image IMG_0148 My work view was nothing short of spectacular again and as I reviewed charts I saw Lazers and Bytes racing! imageIMG_0150 image  imageI was able to leave work at 4pm so we could go snorkeling at Hanauma Bay in the late afternoon. The Mustang convertible or Andrea’s good luck got us a great parking spot and since we arrived close to 5pm we didn’t have to pay to get into the Nature Preserve!image image image We did have to watch a short video basically reminding us to “look and not touch” the wildlife. IMG_0153 IMG_0155 I was amazed how large the fish were and I even saw a Honu! However, I was horrified how many tourists did not follow common sense (or the video) and were stepping all over the coral!!!imageAt 6:30 they had everyone get out of the water (Andrea says the sharks come out at sunset)! We didn’t mind though because we were hungry and also thought this was a great place for first time snorkelers. We’ve been spoiled by other Hawaiian snorkeling spots!IMG_0157 IMG_0159 On our walk back up from snorkeling we saw a mongoose run by and more local cats!IMG_0160image I bet a mongoose would be great eating for a Hawaiian cat! IMG_0165 IMG_0166 IMG_0167 We decided to take several more pictures before the park closed at 7 and enjoyed our gorgeous drive back down Diamond Head before dinner. IMG_0170 IMG_0172imageimageI really enjoyed the convertible! You never need a towel!imageimageimageWe went to a local farm to table restaurant called Town! It was my favorite restaurant of the trip!imageOur salads were phenomenal with fresh ingredients like papaya, pineapple and organic local greens. Almost everything we are was from the island except the Pacific NW mussels that Andrea ordered!imageimageI loved the opa, farro and green onions!imageimageimageAfter dinner we went back to the hotel and wandered down Waikiki Beach. There were free cookie samples in our hotel too!

Happy Birthday Andrea! (Second day on Oahu, First day of work in Honolulu)

We woke up to a beautiful view image of the Pacific Ocean and Diamond Head! image We saw gorgeous orchids in the hotel lobby.imageThe Marriott breakfast buffet even had fresh papaya and Portuguese sausage. imageI almost considering walking to the clinic that I was working at but it was already 80 degrees at 8am so I drove the 2 miles instead.image image My office view was phenomenal. I overlooked the Marina with sailboats going in and out all day!

After work, we jumped in the ocean IMG_0132at the less crowded Sand Island Coast Guard base beach. IMG_0134 It was so much more relaxing and only locals go there. IMG_0139There were very few people on the beachIMG_0138 and there were lots of neat rocks and old foundations to climb over. IMG_0140We also saw tons of cats on the island.IMG_0143 There was even a lady putting out cat food for all the kitties.IMG_0144

I decided to try being gluten free for this trip because of recent indigestion. Lactase is apparently not enough! image image My BFF Andrea helped and when we went out to Lucky Belly I was able to substitute daikon radish strands for ramen. It was delicious and healthy!! image I did miss the pork belly bao but I already have higher energy and feel less bloated! I went 4 plus days without gluten and then accidentally had some on Sunday which didn’t feel good. I’m fortunately not gluten intolerant but I’m definitely sensitive.

image Thank you, Andy Mac for supporting me and happy 30th birthday today!!

Andy Mac’s and my first day in Oahu (babymooning?)

imageimageOn Tuesday, I went from Seattle to Honolulu in less than 6 hours! imageAndy Mac met me in the Honolulu airport where we got an awesome black Mustang convertible and got an amazing hotel room upgrade 10446483_681892205872_1082853140234744869_nto have an unobstructed view of Diamond Head on Waikiki Beach!10518982_681892265752_4279132542738304476_n 10464072_681892370542_7215743964418156988_nWe walked down the beach our first day in paradise and took a quick dip in the Pacific Ocean to cool down 10443498_681892350582_9071078491796745058_nbefore an amazing dinner at Sydney Bill’s!10446506_681892455372_3282427937106880777_n We had amazing hibiscus mocktails 10527794_681892435412_7061473131291221131_n with pork belly, watermelon, peanut, mint salad imageand delicious fresh fish in coconut curry with fresh local vegetables and yams! image After dinner, we walked back to our hotel on the beach, enjoying the warm night 10441333_681892560162_5029238919451474999_nand beautiful scenery!10460227_814985715192501_2966661090795422023_nHowever, we did go to bed relatively early due to the 3 hour time change (it was 3 hours later in Hawaii than in Seattle) and we both had to work in the morning!

July Jubilee

It was my middle sister, Janie’s 28th birthdayimage on July 5th and we celebrated 2 weeks ago at imageBuca di Beppo’s! The next day, I had a work trip to Boise where I saw one of my best buddies from college! imageimageMr F and I had a quiet Fourth of July and watched the Lake Union fireworks from our balcony. It was awesome and relaxing. We also biked in the rain, imagepaddleboarded and went on a nice walk through Carkeek Park over the 3 day weekend.image

A week ago, we went to a favorite neighborhood restaurant called Brimmer and Heeltap, where we sat on the patio image and had an amazing salmon with morel mushrooms. image The dessert was also phenomenal.imageOn Monday, I had a site visit in Seattle then we walked to Ballard for fancy fish and chips at Ethan Stowell’s new restaurant, Chippy’s! Yes, we love food! imageimage

Then on Tuesday, I flew to Honolulu for work!    image  I’ll post more about Oahu soon!