On balancing travel and staying healthy on the road and at home

I’ve been reading about finding balance recently, especially through yoga and Tara Stiles inspired me this today: “In the spirit of Monday morning and getting it all done, I encourage you to soften yourself today. Perform your tasks with a sense of ease. Approach your conversations to listen first, carrying your objective in your back pocket. Allow conflict to exist without getting emotionally consumed. Allow yourself space to breathe. Take a big deep inhale. Exhale a little longer. Repeat during the day.

Stress and tension exist. It’s a part of life. Practicing ease through yoga and the rest of your life isn’t to erase or block out tension, it’s to work with it, let it roll through you, not get stuck on you, so you can get more done with a lot less effort.”

When I’m traveling for work, I try to make at least 15 minutes for a quick yoga session, walk as much as possible and/or check out the hotel pool for laps every day. I found a new article called, “A business travel workout crafted by a professional mountain climber“. I’m looking forward to trying this routine:

The workout

Find a location that has an optimum running path and an adjacent park.

1.) 5-minute run / skip / walk warm-up / shake out

2.) Open and close your hand repeatedly

Basic routine:

1.) 10 stretches to touch your toes

2.) 10 shoulder, elbow, wrist, finger rotations, in each direction (the centrifugal force that moves blood to your hands is a good tip to move blood to your hands when it is cold out)

3.) 20 lunges (step forward with one leg and bend down to create a 90-degree angle)

4.) 10 stand-ups (lay on your back with knees bent and feet flat on ground; roll forward to upright standing position; reverse to return to original position)

5.) 5 to 20 push-ups (75% capacity)

6.) 1 minute of a fixed line hip stretch: Clasp your hands and bring your elbows down to your knees, in a squat, to extend hips

7.) 4 x 4 plank: Hold a plank position (like a push-up, but with forearms flat against the ground) for one minute each facing down (both arms), left (one arm), down (both arms), right (one arm) using your core to support your body and keeping arms and legs immobile.

8.) 1 minute each side: Stand and balance on one leg, raising the other in front of you; stand and balance on one leg, pulling the other behind you by grabbing the ankle.

This foundation for fitness takes between 10 and 15 minutes and can be repeated or as a daily goal.

I hope these thoughts and tips are helpful. I’ve been stressing out unnecessarily for example, I’ve meant to write about Lihue, Kauai and our favorite fish market but I’ve been traveling more for work and recently got back from Walla Walla, our old college stomping grounds, which I’d also love to write more about, soon. I leave today for Fargo, ND so I’m going to try soften and find some time on the on the road this week for both this new workout and blog catch up!

This is one of the first work weeks that I’ll be gone Monday through Friday. I’ll miss Mr. F as I’m traveling through the Midwest and visiting my cousin, Colleen in Boulder after a work trip to Colorado Springs!

Next week, I’ll be home in Seattle more with only one work trip to Boise and then it’s the Fourth of July weekend!!! This will be a nice time to go to yoga regularly and sleep more!

Please feel free to tell me real people read my blog and not just spammers comment! Cheers!