Day 3: Waimea Canyon, Kayaking, Kauai Brewing Company and Poipu!

Two weeks ago, on our third day on Kauai, half of the family went to Waimea Canyon 10390081_674612564332_5700493052631368307_n10412015_10100902844559320_8382563195365078410_nand the other half went kayaking! 10303747_10100902844444550_6827554313630964218_nIMGP2083Waimea Canyon was pretty foggy when we went that morning so here are more spectacular photos of when Janie and Chris went a few days later.10401495_10100906543007600_6306974469898390201_n  10169303_10100906542952710_3657401592284776684_nMr. F and I were inspired by the kayaking and went paddle boarding down the river the next day! 10338893_10100902844504430_7759540895211776172_nIMGP2094 The family all met up at Kauai Brewing Company10371955_10152037755206020_8021598013755907236_n for lunch on the third day in paradise 1415477_10100902916435280_7096256911962517635_othen went to Poipu for the afternoon. 10401451_674594231072_308595388567909374_nPoipu has a great mix of beach for surfing,   IMGP2096  IMGP2104 IMGP2102snorkeling, swimming and boogie boarding!IMGP2105 IMGP2113 Chris was the only one brave enough to surf though! We had dinner at Red Salt down the beach in a glamourous hotel, Ko’a Kea.10409545_10100904939236570_4941031650644049345_n We loved the presentation and fresh fish so much that we forgot to take many pictures. 10371567_674612449562_4493067158904835887_nAfter dinner, Uncle Do did get some great group photos.10264184_10100902920836460_1915797330244929446_o 10288774_674612509442_3876198722353452201_nWe even met up with some friends from the plane too!

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