Day 2 of our family vacation in Kauai: snorkeling at Tunnels

IMG_1902  On our first full day of vacation, we were all still on Seattle time and woke up at 6am Hawaii time (3 hours later than Pacific Standard Time)!IMG_1908 Mr. F and I went for a long swim in front of the condo imageand meet my parents drinking their coffee and looking for shells. IMG_1911_2 IMGP1888 We went to Tunnels for a morning snorkel and saw our first turtle IMGP1910 and a huge school of fish!IMGP1935 IMGP1955 IMGP1969 Mr. F, my sisters and I had lots of fun taking underwater photos! IMGP1982 IMGP1991 Janie took a great one of Mr. F and I! IMGP1992 She and Chris were hilarious underwater, IMGP1998 Travis and Katie looked like they were having fun too!IMGP2007 IMGP2047 My aunt, Tina was a good sport and swam through the shallow water to see the turtle too! IMGP2056 IMGP2068 Mom even went snorkeling with her kickboard! IMGP2072 IMGP2076 10257772_10203532384806260_611396450534347954_oIt started pouring while we were there, so eventually we went into Hanalei for lunch! imageAfter lunch, Mr F and I went back to the condos to rest and read but stopped by the lighthouse on the way back. IMGP2078My parents and sisters went on a wet hike on the North Side of the island.image 10382972_10100902842433580_3919533358919841976_nThey also stopped by the lighthouse 10256706_10100901644374500_7791843528805226546_o before we met up for burgers for dinner. Next up, Waimea Canyon, Kauai Brewing Company and Poipu!

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